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I need to cry but I can't. help?
I have not really cried since i can't remember when. it's like there's a mental blcok. it's not like there is anything sopecific going on, just a pent up feeling that a good cry would help, but it's like there is a mental block. i have seen all the movies, heard the songs, read the poems, my eyes will get moist, but barely enough to wet the lashes and this lump gets lodged in my throat, but i can't cry. it's like something just shuts off. like there is a defense mechanism and i don't know how or when or why it appeared.

any idea how to turn it back on? how do i break down that wall and just get it out fo my system.
Additional Details
just to clarify to all you matcho guys who keep commenting i am not man, i am a 21 year olf woman.

Terry T
real men dont cry, they work out. remember that slim

big boys dont cry anyway ,
we used to get beaten if we cried at school.
so count yourself lucky

â™ B-Radâ™ 
stick your hand down your throat but try not to puke and your eyes will water but don't get worried

i wouldn't sweat the little stuff!

Ok, You may not really need to cry. We all show our emotions differently. When it is your time to cry you will. The Bible says, there is a time to laugh and a time to cry. Happy or sad tears, either way it will come. In time!

Golden Ivy
Something inside you prevents you from crying. Yeah that is fine, it sounds like you are a very strong and optimistic. God bless you! :)

why do you want to cry? Maybe you are just a happy person.
ok you want to cry over a movie go watch "PAY It Forward"
you are going to cry.

you have a strong personality that makes you not cry... your problems are not worth crying for..

watch a sad movie like you said...

peel an onion and put it up to your face...

think of something that makes you want to ball your eyes out...

and if all else fails punch yourself really hard in the arm.

not sure but maybe if you feel frustrayted you should find other vents for letting off steam. pucnh a boxing bag or somehting. do whatever it is that will let off huge amounts of energy. maybe talk to some one you trust or a counsellor ti figure it out if you think the problem is deeper.

Brenda Soooooooooooooooooooooooo
I know how you feel went through a divorce, I cried so much that I was cried out...When some people die I cannot cry..I hurt but the tears wont come...But if someone tries to hurt me verbal or what ever the tears come...Maybe your sub concience is afraid to open like a scab over a sore..If it is picked it will bleed...I am not answering your question but I know how you fee..................

You say that there isn't anything going on, but what went on in the past that left you jaded and dry in the eye? Chances are, if you figure that out and face it head on, you'll be back to bawling in no time.

Maybe you feel like you need to put on a strong, stony face for the world--or you unknowingly perceive it as weakness or something. I don't know. If it bothers you too badly, it wouldn't hurt to go to therapy.

Full Moon
I agree with Julie.

Have you watched The Notebook or a movie like your pain?
Have you thought about whatever is upsetting you while listening to a song that is suggestive of the same?

You might not need to cry; everyone expresses pain differently. It's all right to cry, though. It's just pain leaving the body. In my teenage years, I had been so afraid of letting my emotions show, but I have become more comfortable with weeping.

If you want to cry, I would suggest imagine something bad happening to somebody that you love.

Sobs are produced in the same way as laughter, except that your feelings are different.

well when ever i have this problem i think about something horrible happening to my parents and i know this may sound bad but if you really play it out in your mind you will cry.

Julie Z
fall in love and have that person rip ur heart out.

THAT'LL do it.

stop being afraid to let it out and stop holding it in even if you think your not you are. Think deep inside the sadest thing to ever happen and just let it flow.

Seems to me that you're too happy to cry. Save tears for sad things like death. The sad stuff will come soon enough, don't push it by trying to make yourself cry.

let yourself go. dont think aobut making yourself cry. just wait. it will come when you least expect it and it will be good.

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