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I keep having suicidal feelings why do i feel this way how do i get it to stop an leave me alone forever?

there no easy answer ,but why are you feeling suicidal,there are kids staving to death now as i type this response,peoples mothers and farther dieing,others having whole family's wash away by some giant wave get things into perspective,things cant be that bad!!!can they.

Your not going to solve anything by killing yourself. Think positive. I'm sure you have family and friends that love you very much and wouldn't want to see you hurt yourself in anyway.


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john s
talk to someone in person tell them how you feel and think there is always someone worse off

This will help you. Call your local health food store and ask if they carry the brand Solaray. If they do carry Solaray, ask if they carry "B-1". B-1 is the nutrient thiamin. If they do carry Solaray B-1, ask them to hold a bottle for you, and run out and buy it. It's a bottle of 100 capsules of 100mg of thiamin mononitrate. If you look on the label of a loaf of bread you'll see the same form of thiamin, "thiamin mononitrate". Solaray is the only brand I know of that makes a supplement of thiamin mononitrate. Take one capsule. You might get a little diarreha the first time or to. Don't worry about it -it's just part of straightening out your body. If you want to buy it online type in B-1 at a shopping search engine and then look for the Solaray brand. Suicide is a symptom of thiamin deficiency. Most likely you'll need only one capsule a day. Food allergies is often the cause of a severe thiamin deficiency. If you have anymore questions ask on Yahoo.

Ashley T
go to the doctor and talk to your mom and dad you might feel this way because you are lonely or wish you had more. Sorry not to be mean but one of my friends had this problem

You need to get help from your doctor,straight away.

you need to go to your doctor immediately and tell them how you are feeling, this can be a sign of depression amongst other things and it will not get any easier until you tell someone. i was recently diagnosed with depression so i know a little of how you are feeling. Get help now do not wait.

The Oak
A lot of young people have these feelings because childhood has certainty and adulthood has uncertainty.
But things definitely get better because as you get older you develop new certainty.

I used to be depressed for years. Now I just won't tolerate it.
You DO become stronger.

mike 9999999
i dont know you so i cant tell you why you get these feelings. however i would say that when i have had those feelings in the past, its been rooted in loneliness or dettaching myself from people. do you feel alone? if so, really put some effort into spending time with people.. and try to love a lot, not necessarily to be loved, but to love. thats what ive found has helped me. a therapist may also be good for you - some one who would listen and care. i hope you stop feeling bad. if you ever want to talk you can email me.

Go to the doctor asap, you need medical help, he can give it to you, just go, and tell him exactly how you feel, it can be helped. I hope you feel a lot better soon x

Your writing in to this and the multiple questions that I've seen that you've asked are you crying for help. But you're doing it on this because it's safe - no one knows you and so you can say anything.

You really need to speak to a counselor regarding your depression. You also need to speak to an adult that you trust or someone to help you look for help.

Best of luck and I hope things look up for you soon....

La diva R
What it sound like to me is that you dont want to kill youself but keep haveing the feeling and the thoughts thats a form of ocd and obsessional thinking.
If you want the thought to go away take a few deep long breaths and relax try relaxation cd's they should help and speak to your doctor, he can recommend cognitive therepy.
Hope this helps.

Andreja K
That is how do I feel every single day, and there's nothing I can't do... cause people don't have even just a little love for me, and I'm keep on helping them even they treat me like a trush... You have to get use to that kind of feelings. Cause you'll see that suicide altough is NOT the solution to your problems...

At the moment you are probably needing some medication.

But I would ask that you would get yourself alone, and just ask Christ to help you, to reveal himself to you, when you feel this suicidal feeling coming on you, just say Jesus help.

You can utterly trust Him, he is Faithful and True, His desire is NOT for you to suffer this, He is here to deliver you. He is only a word away, the power is in His Name.

you are loved of Him, He alone is your hope.

take care

Mrs. Kevin Jonas‚ô•
You need to talk to someone. Think about all the things that you can accomplish in your life, and think about those who care about you. Your feeling this way because you are confused, and you dont know what is gonna make your life any better. Therefore, you feel that the only way to solve your problems is to kill your self.

Slim Tim
you are not alone. millions of people feel this every second of every day. your best chance of tackling the way you feel is to share your feelings and help others with the same problem. admitting it to yourself and others is the first step.
And smile. And cry. And get angry if you have to.

mom of 4
you really need to see a dr asap , or call a help line , i have seen suicide victims as well as their families and friends that are heart broken , i also know 3 who attempted suicide and got help and they are now glad they lived thru it , so please get some help , and may God be with you

Kim T
Did you start doing something different that started making you feel this way? I never felt suicidal but I did get really depressed when I started taking birth control pills and as soon as I stopped taking them I felt better withing 2 or 3 days. Maybe you started doing something differently that your body is reacting to?

If you don't know why, it means that you have serious depression. You need to act- contact your GP or the Samaritans-talk to someone about it, preferably with professional experience. I think it is very brave of you to come on here and admit these feelings, that's at least a step! Good luck, take care!

Well if you are feeling this way you should be on the phone calling your local crisis line, or police, and they can get you help, or even go to the closes hospital and tell them what is going on in your mind. They can get someone in right away to help too. If you do not seek the professional help you need then this is just going to keep going on, so why wait, make that call and get hooked up with a therapist, but to stay safe for now, call the crisis line, or hospital, or police, so they can make sure you stay safe for now, till you get the help that you need.

The suicidal feelings are warnings to get professional help. Dial 911 and tell the operator what is happening. You should get some kind of referral to an agency that can help you with these feelings. If you are having suicidal ideation, that is, you are imagining how you might do away with yourself, call immediately.

Ms. Newlywed
Talk to a doctor immediately before something serious happens!

Amy R
Go to the doctors and tell them how your feeling. They will be able to help you but only if you are honest with them. And up until your appointment, try and keep yourself busy. Also try this site www.healthyplace.com . They have chatrooms and forums and everything.

sarah k
im sorry to hear that...im no professional.. I suggest u tell an adult..and if u are one than i suggest u see a doctor...I really hope that u can overcome these feelings. U can always talk to a friend that u really trust! Good luck! :)

Go to your Doctor ASAP and discuss your problem with him/her. There are medications that can help you feel better. WHY is not as important today, as how to get in under control. Good luck!

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