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 Do you think its a safe practise to use yahoo answers to self diagnose mental illness and life advice?
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Ive been really depresed latley....

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I cant ...

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I am always tired
Ive gotten lazier
Ive lost interest in things I used tolove
I like to sit around and eat more (im ...

 Should I kill myself?
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 Verbal vs. physical abuse...which is worse?
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what does it do to you..and how can you hep heal someones who's verbally ...

 What can i do?
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 What is the best way to deal with sadness and depression?

 How do you cope with stress and feelings of total despair?
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I'm ...

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 I have depression and my counsellor say she can not do anymore help.?
I was having counselling with a really good person who helped me a lot when I relocated and had to find a new one. The new one uses the same counselling system (human givens) but now says she can not ...

what emotions are you feeling right now?
i feel confused.......

 I'm going to be 25 in June and feel sooo OLD?
I'm starting to feel old already! Does anyone my age (for whatever reason) feel the same way? It seems like just yesterday I was a nieve 16 year old girl. Life is crazy.....

 Are you afraid of death?

 How do you cry blood instead of tears?
I know this question is quite stupid and pointless but I've always wondered how it would happen. And of course, I will not do it. Just curious....

I hypnotised my lil brother and i don't know how to wake him up. and how can you tell if they are awake?
yeha i was playing around and i told my lil bro to relax and he did then i told him to sit up. he did. then i aksed him what his name was. and he said he couldn't remeber, and he is actin really weird and i don't know what to do.

oh no you really done it now wait till mom finds out you are in so much trouble and no he will never wake up or be right again your going to really get it now

ROTFLMAO...maybe he hypnotized YOUR dumb ***!

He's faking.


if he knows your playing with him, he in turn, did the same to you, hypnotism is not going to happen if your not train to do it.

One of you is not being truthful.

Hi y´all !
If you are asking a serious question: Don't worry!
Hypnotic sleep does not last more than 15 minutes, when not repeatedly reinforced.
In any case I seriously doubt you really hypnotized him, so if he is acting weird, maybe you should take him to a doctor.

Starry Eyes
just leave him alone-he's messing with you

I think your little brother has either fallen asleep... or he is totally screwing with you.

Either way... he is funny, and smart and you are not...and just a bit on the slow side...

make him cluck like a chicken first....then tell him to wake when you snap fingers...then snap fingers.....clucking is most important

Don't worry. Hypnotized people know thier name. He's just playing.

kenny d
hes faking

cold water on his face

* Kittles *
Say "i'm going to count to three, when I snap my fingers you will wake up and won't remember a thing"

go to the er

Pour cold water on him and he'll regain back to his old self naturally

Canadian Goose
he's having a little bit of fun with you!

john b
Hey Zues, you are dreaming again...count to three, and on my command, you will wake up and be your brothers sister.

He's acting weird because you're a weirdo

Nicca Pls
Poke Him With A Needle.

1st of all u cant hipnotize nobody . u probly nocked him out

If he is faking, then try to outplay him. Either way, take him to see a doctor. Tell him that you're going to send him to a doctor and tell your parents too.

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