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I have asked it before, but I need help!?
I'm really depressed, and I have really bad anxiety...I think I'm fat and ugly...and people get mad because they don't see how I could think that...I get really nervous around people...and I cut. It's getting worse and worse..and it's scaring me...I know you will tell me to see professional help...but I can't. I've tried it before..and it didn't work out at all!
I am constantly worrying about my weight or how I look and I cut to keep myself not nervous...and it's like my way to relieve stress...does anyone know what's wrong with me...or how I could get help...any answers appreciated....I'm thinkin about suicide...i just don't know what to do!

What you need is something healthy you can do to realive your stress without professional help since you've mentioned that it obviously didn't help. You should get involved int oa sport like Lacross, Hockey, Basketball, or Football. These sports can really help you relieves stress and/or anger. I really recommend you trying this out, you never know maybe it'll help you out and keep your mind off the cutting. Professional help doesn't work for everybody. Good luck!

Jack C
i know i don't know you, but nothing is worth your life. this is going to sound stupid, but there is someone out there who is going to like you for what you are. not what you think you should be . be happy with yourself and move on with your life. things will get better, i promise.

I think that you should start working out. Do you have a boyfriend? if not look for someone to keep you happier.

Look you are not ugly or fat and please what ever you do don't kill yourself PRAY it always helps he is always there for you he even said that he will not leave us nor forsake us if you need some one to talk to go to some one that you can trust like a preacher but please don't kill yourself Jesus loves you

Wise ol' owl
Get help.

So you are scaring yourself, but you are thinking of suicide?
Get a grip or top yourself.

Sweetie, we are here for you!! Just stay calm and keep talking to us. I know that it's hard. We've all had moments where we feel we are at the bottom. I don't know what wrong with you but I will listen to you if you want to talk. Can you tell me your email? Is there someone you trust who you could confide in? I don't know if you're religious or not, but maybe a priest can help. You are better than this and I know that you will be fine. Stay strong!

suzie D
Suicide hotlines in 50 states - for suicide prevention ... 1-800-SUICIDE* 1-800-273-TALK. 1-800-799-4TTY (4889) Deaf Hotline. PLEASE HELP SAVE 1-800-SUICIDE ! ...suicidehotlines.com - 25k


here is some web site that might help you I will pray for you . Check these out before you harm yourself. I like you I feel sometime that I too fat but I have a husband that is there for me. Do you go to church if so have you talk to your preacher or priest. They usually can help you.

Here is some bible scriptures that might help you
Isaiah 26:3-4,Phillipians 4:6-7,
second cor. 12:8-10,Hebrews 12:3-13,
Read these maybe that will help you and pray to God he there for you. love suzie.......

Check out www.hufa.org, especially the article on low blood sugar. Your symptoms could be due to that (including the nervousness and possible weight problem).

I know you may not want to trust the advice of a faceless person on the internet, but a lot of my problems were due to low blood sugar.

Try this - for the next 3 days make sure you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner - and a snack in between each (including after dinner).

Make sure each meal has at least 3 ounces (90 grams) of protein - either meat or vege. Have 1/2 cup of white vegetable and 1 cup of green vegetable (count peas as a white vegetable) and cook the meat in olive oil (extra light is almost tasteless).

For your snacks - have about one ounce of meat or protein (an egg is about 1 ounce of protein) and a handful of almonds or peanuts.

Like I said, try this for only 3 days - and if you start feeling better, keep it up for 2 weeks, and if you start really feeling better, keep it up. I think you will be surprised how much effect food has on our emotions and thoughts.

Best wishes.

You need to know that in Gods eyes you are very special. He loves you very much and does not want you to hurt yourself. You are Gods little Girl and he loves you and holds you at high esteem. Seek him out and ask for deliverance from this. Know that beauty comes from within. There are some really good medications out there that can help. I would suggest that you find someone who you can talk to about this even if its just a friend or family member. Always remember that God does love you no matter what you have done. He forgives it all this I know for sure. He is reaching out for you. All you have to do is ask and he will be there to help you. You can talk to him like you talk to a friend. Please email me if you need to talk fourkids7431@earthlink.net

Never give up.
Just because one professional did not help, doesn't mean no one can. Look for someone else.
Do you consume a lot of caffeine? It can definitely make you more nervous than you already are, it can cause crying jags, mood swings and anger.
Perhaps you should start taking the drug Zoloft. It is a anti-depressant, anti-stress, anti-anxiety prescription medicine. You have to take it for a couple of weeks before it starts to work. Taking a pill to relieve all the symptoms you mentioned is better than cutting yourself.
Exercise is a good way to relieve your symptoms as well. Walking is good or fast paced walking. Join a workout place or enroll in a self defense class to make yourself feel better.
Try to always think positive. Every time a negative thought comes to mind, tell yourself, NO, I will be happy, so think happy thoughts.
It is all mind over matter. Listen to uplifting music. There is a band called Mercy Me who sings a song called I Can Only Imagine. Or music by Sarah McLauchlan and John Mellencamp. Watch funny movies. Find a hobby. Keep yourself busy. Do you enjoy reading? Janet Oak is a good author of happy stories.
Attending a good church is a place to seek help thru the mighty power of prayer.
Now you know what to do. It is all up to you.
Go be happy. Wear flowers in your hair. Run through a water puddle. Jump for joy and know many people are praying just for you.

amy dawn
There's never too many times to ask for help, ask a second time a third or a one hundredth, we wont care. You sound like a very beautiful lady, but if you so strongly be live otherwise then you will see otherwise. But Hun, its the depression that is making you have low self esteem, which in turn makes you think you are, as you put it, "fat and ugly". No one can make you go get professional help, that is your decision. I do wonder though, are you trying therapy or have you been to the hospital. Because in the hospital you will see a psychiatrist and s/he will put you on some medicines and regulate them until you get used to them. They wil also keep you from any harm, and you feel safe. And from personal experience I know it helps. I hope things work out for you.

try moving in with a close freind and lock all the sharp objects up were u don'y no th ecomblation to help u stop cuting also every night in the miro tell yourself all the good things about ur self no bad!!!

you really need to try professional help again, or talk to a family member or a friend.

First of all, it sounds like you need to talk to someone that has experience with helping people with disorders like yours. Maybe you need to get busy helping others. Doing volunteer work makes you feel good inside, and makes you love yourself. Sometimes it takes helping out another human to make a difference in helping yourself.

I know what you mean--professional help can be discouragely ineffective. One thing that helps me is to think of what things make me feel capable, peaceful and strong, and then try and do it every day. I feel that way when I run, so every morning I run. That way even if I lose it during the day and feel like I am a horrible/fat/ugly person, or start going down a bad spiral, I always have my run the next morning to regroup and try again.

My best friend goes through this too, you do not have to listen to me but I always tell her that she has so much to live for. Shes beautiful and you are too stop worrying about what other people think of you. Even if you dont know it your friends are always behind you making sure you dont fall. Talk to them and a specialist if you need to. If you talk, they will listen. Instead of cutting yourself (as my friend used to do also) just go out and have a good time with friends at a party or out to dinner. Im not saying go get wasted but if you're having a good time then whatever maybe stressing you will drift off of your mind and good thoughts will come.

girl get help, it is that easy. go to the e.r. and tell them before you ruin your whole life. life is to short to not be happy and to make it so difficult.

Maybe a real good venting session regularly will help. Im here as Ive been there before (in a different way). Msn IM is aliraj if you wanna chat.


talk to your parents.... talk to family... just talk... afterawhile, you''ll realize that what u saying is really extreme and u my be able to see things more clearly... i went through it... stay alive... u don't seem to have external problem, which means you fighting with yourself... if you cant see a proffessional help, just find someone to listen... even though they know how to handle things like these vwery well. Whatever you do though, stay alive... you'lll be greatful for it someday soon

Appreciate and amplify your natural attractiveness. Your beauty is most apparent when you are happy and satisfied. We are all attractive in our own unique way. Part of self esteem is appreciating how wonderful you truly are. Never, put yourself down in any way! Think loving thoughts about your body, face, hair, weight, and every inch of your physical body. Invest time and money in services that make you feel wonderful, such as massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, soaking in a tub, or getting a new hairstyle. Spend time in meaningful ways that make you feel joyous and you will glow with the attractiveness of a truly happy person.

The Lord can honestly help you, i dealt with thoughts of suicide in the past and depression, it was horrible, but now the slate is clean. I bet you are a wonderful beautiful person that has so much life, you have the world at your feet and have the ability to help others, you have so much worth in this world, but with the world today, its all about being skinning and looking good, you probably have a great personality as well, I will pray for you, I also recommend going to the doctor you might have bi-polarism, Take Care :-)

YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!!! Now quit playin and take your a** to the doctor.

neo-liberal ultra conservative
See a Homeopath in your area asap. They are not in the psyche. field. And if you are not going to seek any help and you think that it won't work why are you asking for help to begin with?

Even though you have tried therapy, have you tried medication for anxiety? When you're stressed and don't have anything else to do, try meditation.

Funny how you don't want to seek professional help but you will ask for amateur help on the Internet. Well, at least you recognize that you do have a problem and are trying to do something about it. I know it's going to sound stupid but I really think you should enroll in a martial arts program in your town. Your problem seems to be rooted in self-esteem. A good martial arts program will teach you mastery of your own body. You will gain confidence, flexibility, strength, and will be able to get your stress out in a more positive way. You should also look for a trusted friend who can check on you to make sure you're not cutting.

Silly chick
There's nothing you can do on your own except for realize the problem, which you have. You really do have to seek professional help. If for nothing else, you must talk to someone until you feel better. You need to talk about stuff, even if it doesn't solve the problem.

I would also try looking in the mirror naked and looking for PRETTY parts of you. People don't see the ugly when they look at you. You should see the pretty parts of you.

Don't cut yourself anymore. If you realize that you are cutting because you have a problem, then you also have the power to make yourself go and do something ELSE with your time. Try going outside and doing something in the yard or taking a walk and thinking about things you're going to do to make your life better.

Try exercising too. That can help with stress.

I'm nervous around people too but I have to meet some people so I smile and do the best I can. I think the reason you feel nervous is because you are not PRACTICING. You need to be around people regularly and it sounds like you are sheltering yourself. I know it's hard, but you must get out in public MORE if you feel uncomfortable.

Fat and ugly? Really. Stand in front of a full-length mirror NAKED and make yourself look into the mirror for 10 minutes a day. Every day, you will start to feel more comfortable with your own body and see the beauty of your body. You need to really see what makes you beautiful.

jess m
If you feel that bad you should go to the doctor, that is the best solution.

just remember that there are people who love you and who will miss you terribly if you're gone. even if you think there is no one in the world who will miss you, you are wrong! there is always someone.

try a doctor who will prescribe you medication, and also a person who will talk to you about why you think these things. if it didn't work out for you before, try someone new. if the medication didn't work before, try something different. don't give up - then you're just letting the mental illness win! you can do it!!

my friend goes through the exact same thing you do - she cuts and has bad anxiety, and she's one of the strongest people i know because she is overcoming her illness! you can do it too!!!

Well, to be honest , i am so sorry to hear that but think about this, u r lucky to see ur real friends who r there for you for WHO You are not for what YOU r. U know what i ve been down that road when i was younger. I was obese for 5 11 with 365 lbs, do the manth. I never had a younghood girl friend coz ppl were looking down on me just bcoz of my obesity and I thought about suicide at times. But then, all of a sudden i met a girl who loved me for who i was and with her support i lost loads of weight and now I am 6 2 with 184lbs. Plus, we obese people r under attack of lots of skinny kinda people and the stupidity that they cant see is we r more sensitive than they r. I know you are such a sensitive girl with great heart, i believe. And I also believe that with the help of a doctor u will work it out in time. Coz it happened to me. I know how it feels so very well. But the first thing you should do is to quit the thought of commiting suicide. It is not a relief trust me. You have a purpose in life now to lose that weight and become whatever you want. If i were your boyfriend I wouldnt let you lose your weight for me but for your health and obese or skinny i would still continue loving you and would feel extremely happy and grateful to God becoz HE give this gift to me. I am quite sure I am not alone in this league and there are many people out there to love you and want your friendship. And for the once who r looking down on you, I have one thing to say "SHAME ON THEM, THEIR IGNORANCE and THEIR BLINDNESS" coz they r losing such a sweetheart over there. Regards ,Hon...

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