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I get mad and cry easily. why?
Everytime I get into an argument with someone I get very mad very quick and can't help but yell and curse. Then afterwards I cry because I'm so angry and I hate it. I hate gettting mad so easily and crying so easily. What can I do to stop this?
Additional Details
I really need some good advice because sometimes I say and do things I regret afterwards.

You have T*ts, thats all that matters.

because your a girl

women and some men LOL

Buck up man.

David K
The main thing is to forgive each other and then forget it happened.

You're a girl.

funny why do u think this thing is a mental thing ur just emotional not becuz ur a grl but just emotional
whenever ur angery just count to 10 n drink a glass of water that helps ive heard hope that helps

you need to recognise the feeling of when you're getting mad take a deep breathe relax and talk calmly it's so much easier to argue with a ranting nutcase but remember this nobody and i mean nobody ever wins an arguement

paul h
try counting backwards instead of exploding at someone!!!!

pin ball
i do too. it drives me mad because anything confrontational makes me cry. so my answer is to back off. then i get crapped on. i hope someone can help you cos i need help too

Its because crying and laughing/hate,are so close to each other emotionally.

I would definitely see a therapist. It sounds like you're struggling with some depression which is very common. If therapy is too pricy call someone under the mental health section of your phone book (or the suicide prevention # can redirect you to some resources..I know you don't need that in particular).There are many facilities that offer sliding scales based on what you can afford. Life is too short. Why should you have to live like this?Please get help. You may also need meds. :) Good luck.You'll get out of your funk. Don't worry.

I think that happens if a lot of unresolved issues from the past bother u and sometimes you don't realize it until the next outburst it is also I think a control issue if we lose control or we think we do over things that mean something to us and are belittled . Well the only advice I can give is start talking about what bothers you to people you love and trust

Dante it is...
...one follows the other when you think like that...change ur thinking by letting go of an idea about something...you can't always be right or wrong.

Its because your emotional - nothing wrong with that hun, I am :) Sometimes I just feel so strongly i'm right about something, that'll i'll do anything to prove it, but sometimes it better to just let it go.

Your birth sign could be that of an Aries person (guess). The crying part is the guilt you feel for getting into the state you do for for trivial things when you could have simply walked away.

Advice try this, before you get angry start counting up to five slowly before you react to anybody in future.

If you get mad that easily you should talk to someone that knows a hell of a lot more about it than you're going to find here. Violent mood swings (not mood swings that result in violence, but ones that result in a hugely different mood in a very short time) are often symptomatic problems that are chemical, hormonal, and/or glandular.

Although, if you just want a few people to tell you not to worry, that you're normal, then you've come to the right place. However, if you're concerned enough to even ask the question, then you should realize that you need to ask the right people.

im done
i do it too. there is nothing wrong with u. u just get into ur emotions thats all.

idk but ur not the only one i do it to

We all do and say things that we regret and wish we hadnt however i understand what you mean!...
It slips out right?...and then you feel so horrible about it afterwards!...
The key thing is to notice when its going to happen!...and then either remove yourself from the situation or count to ten in your head!...remind yourself of the consequences and hopefully this should help you to control it!...
Feel free to email me if you want to chat!...
Take care...

May I ask you how old you are? I am exactly like you, but over the years I found that it became less. I am 30, by the way.

When I'm angry, I curse more than I would otherwise.

When I'm really angry and frustrated, I have a tendency to cry, too.

Part of it could also be PMS.

peter o
before you get in to a argument.take a little time and think is the argument worth the hassel.and has long has you know your right thats all that matters.

You are just an emotional person....I'm the same way, but I don't really get mad, I just get sad. I would try maybe some yoga, or running more often to ease the stress off your shoulders a bit, because anger is a form of built up stress that you most likely take out on other people.....Eating healthier could also help your body and give you more "good mood" endorphins.....

It's very common!! You need to stop this before it starts, when I used to feel the 'temper' coming I would always say very calmly 'I've listened to what you have to say, let me think about it and I will come back to you' and walk away. My temper would then subside and I was usually left thinking what was I so upset about!! It usually starts because you may feel that you' aren't being listened to - try saying 'right you say what you tthink and then let me respond' if the person doesn't let you then walk away!

Your a Girl/Woman, they all do it, its not an exclusive club.

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