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I don't like myself and feel very depressed?
I've experiencing deep depression for the past 5 yrs now and i can't solve the problem what so ever. I've done everything i can eg. went to psychologist,taken pills, tried to exercise etc. But i feel when i wake up every day i feel very depressed and unconfident.I sleep very bad at night and never really felt like i slept at all when i wake up the next day.

I don't like myself at all and i feel everyone is against me and trying to harm me.I don't have any friends in life from childhood to now and this is 100% real, so don't ask.I find making friends the hardest and feel very depressed when i see others doing what i can't do.At work i feel like an outcast since no one talks to me and i find it had to talk to them. I hate myself and wish i can be somewhere else where there is no pressure or unhapiness.

What should i do or can any of you help me?

Something you may want to try is getting a pet, like a dog, or cat, or fish. there companionship should help you.

Leprechaun of Jupiter
i have same problems sometimes prozac helps me a bit try and find root cause mine stems from being fired wo cause yrs ago that set off chain of events resulting in a series of low paying unstatisfactory jobs and the failed attempts to gamble my way out of it. I will be ur friend

try to talk more. i mean if you can't talk personally, try to chat here in the internet. in that sense you can release your depression and anxieties. just be yourself. have some time for pleasure. go on a vacation sometimes. or go out with your family. don't think of negative things coz it will push you down harder and harder until you can't stand up anymore. try to think positively. erase to your mind all the negative things. remember our mind is the upper most part of our body. don't let your feeling of being down or upset ruin your entire life. put into your head almost all of the positive things, values, etcetera. just all positive! if you are sometimes thinking that everyone is against you, try to think of something positive behind that... like you know... if you want a food or place that is so memorable to you... think of it :) it's just a matter of focusing into other more positive things in life :) you can do it! :) good luck. i hope somehow i've helped you with this :)

Start by looking for one thing that you like, your hair, teeth, the way you walk etc. When you are feeling down always remember that there is always someone worse off than yourself. Set yourself small goals and celebrate when you have achieved them. Watch your work mates and see how they interact with each other. Try smiling at someone you don't know. Go to bed when you are tired, and if you can't get to sleep within the first 30 minutes get up, read a book do a puzzle and go back to bed when you are weary buy a new pillow or blanket, get a cat so they can curl up at your feet. Anyway good luck think positive tomorrow is a new day and can bring new challenges.

I suffered from depression for many years, I finally realised
that I had to stop feeling sorry for myself and instead of
asking myself "why me" I had to get on with living, it hasn't
been easy, but I am not as depressed as I was, I have good
days, even weeks, where I can be reasonably content with
my lot in life, I also realised that very few people are happy
all of the time, and that to be able to appreciate the "good
times", I had to experience the "bad times". I don't know if
this attitude works for anyone else, but what have you got to lose? try it, you never know, it might work for you

Yes the answer is you can help yourself. Since you have not mentioned why you don't like your self i suggest you to do a yes+ course with "Art of Living" it will help you 100%. If you need further assistance feel free to ask.

I don't know you, but there is someone out there that cares enough about you, that forwarded your question to me. She went to high school where I did, and although she was in a grade below me we did have some classes together. I have not seen her, in the flesh for over 35 years. That's how long I have been out of high school. She found me on classmates.com, not by my real name (she couldn't remember my 1st name, because everyone called me by my nickname, "Meaner") Now I do have to say that I could and can be mean when the need arises, but I have always tried to be a positive person & a positive role model. I did a lot of things in high school that I don't even remember doing, just because some one dared me, or just to get attention. I was always the jokester of the school. What most people don't know is why I became the jokester that I was. You don't say how old you are, but believe me when I tell you that I have been through some very difficult and painful situations in my life, both physically, mentally & emotionally. My friend, who found me on classmates.com didn't think there was a chance in h_ll that she would find me by typing in "Meaner", but I knew that most people called me that, so I included it in my profile when I registered for classmates.com. We have talked almost every day since she found me. I love to talk, so that's not a problem. haha Let me say this. I got the nickname of Meaner when I was 3 years old, by my much older siblings & their friends. Most of my teachers called me Meaner. But I was never mean to anyone, unless I felt threatened by them. My older brother taught me how to take up for myself & I never lost a fight, to a male or a female & I fought with more male than I ever did females. To this very day I have grown men to tell me that I was the only thing or person that they were ever scared of. When I ask them why they were scared of me, it's usually because I was "Meaner". So my nickname got me into a lot of trouble that I shouldn't have ever been in. Haha I was small framed, although I was very tall for a girl. I was 6 ft. tall by the time I was in the 7th grade & I weighed in at about 110 lbs. Talk about skinny. I didn't have an eating disorder. Back then they made fun of skinny people more than they did overweight people. I ate all of the time, but my metabolism was such that it burned calories faster than I could eat. I was very active. I was use to getting attention from the age of 3 because I, along with my family sang in a gospel group & I was usually the star of the show. When I went to Jr. High, it was in a school where Jr. & Sr. High was all in one school. (grades 7-12) I came from one of the 6 or 7 feeder grammer schools, so I didn't know everyone like I did in grammer school, so I had a hard time adjusting to people I didn't know. Kids can be the most cruel people of all. That's really when people started making fun of me, for being sooo skinny. But, me being who and what I am, I had to find a positive way to turn things around to my advantage. So, I decided to start making jokes about myself, before anyone else had a chance to & before I knew it I had numerous friends. Well, I won't say friends, because I'm older now & I know the difference between friends and just acquaintances. But people started to like being around me because I was always joking or doing something to make them laugh. Now you have to realize that I came from a very unhappy homelife. My dad was a violent alcolholic when he did drink & my mom was a devout Christian who did not approve of any drinking at all. She would fuss at him & he would hit her & on and on and on. But, when I was away from home, I was bound and determined that I was gonna be having a good time, one way or another. I didn't have to have alcohol or drugs. I was on a natural high of a love for life. I don't have enough time or space to tell you of all the things that have happened to me since I left high school 35 years ago. I have lost all of my family members, except the one brother that tought me how to fight, I still have one son, but I lost 2, I have married and divorced 3 times. I lost a step-daughter to drugs, therefore losing her little 18 month old girl who I had helped raise, to her daddy. She is now 4 & her daddy doesn't let me see her, although he promised he would never keep her from me. I am the only Maw maw she knows & the last time I saw her, she said to me, "Maw Maw, my daddy won't let me come to see you". That absolutely broke my heart. My son and his wife have given me another grand daughter who is now 2. She is the light of my life. And don't think for one minute that I didn't have my times of depression, 'cause Lord knows I did & still do. But I know that things can get better. It doesn't just fall into your lap. You have to make it happen. You, just like I have to go out there, with a positive outlook, if needed take our meds, go to places where there are other people your age, who like to have fun & if being yourself is just sitting there like a knot on a log, then you need to look inside yourself & make some changes in who you are. I'm not saying not to be yourself. I am trying to say look way, way down inside & be the person that is way down in there, just waiting to come out. I already know that that person is in there. If he/she wasn't then this question would never have been asked by you. You have another person inside that is the real you & that person is wanting to come out and shine. So my advice to you is to let this person out & see what marvelous thing occur. You are going to be surprised at how much happier you will be. I know for a fact that you will be, because I have already been where you are at, time and time again, but it's always worth the climb back out, because there is soosoo much fun to be had, if you will only let you inner self come out. To h_ll with what anyone else thinks. You won't be sorry. And if any of what I have said helps you in any way, then you have Mouth of the South to thank for it, because she is the one who forwarded your question to me. And she is the one who found me on classmates. I don't know what it was that I did to impress her in high school, but something must have stood out for her to remember me & love me as much as she does. God Bless you & if you do ever want to talk to me, then by all means, give me a shout. If you will let all of the negativity go, and just do whatever you want to do (without it being a crime) & embrace the attitude that you don't give a rats _ss what anyone thinks about you other than yourself, I promise you that you will have more friends, or least acquaintances, than you could ever imagine. Sending this with Love, Sweet Meaner

Please try and feel a little happier.You say you have no friends.If people do not care we would not be answering your question.Please try and think positive about yourself and try and talk to some one about the way you are feeling at this time.We are all human so nobody is any better then you .Take care.WE are all the same .

Look here my friend. If you're really depressed because nobody to befriend you, try me.

keep going to the doctors. my friend did acting classes. it sounds random but it really helped him build his confidence and learn to talk to people. it will be a massive challenge, but imagine how great ul feel if u succeed, it will be more than worth it.
if you have any ambitions, do them. like sky diving or learning to dance?? they'll give you great confidence and cheer you up. good luck x

What is it that makes you unhappy? There was a time when you were happy. What happened between the time you were happy up till you became depressed? You need to first find what caused you to be in the state you are in. Do some deep deep thinking. What are some good things you love about yourself? Read pastors Rick Warren book.

Mouth of the South
You love yourself. You just haven't figured out the difference between you and depression. You do have a friend. I'm here. I might not be from your past but I can be a part of your future. Look into classmates.com you'll really be surprised at what you will find to connect to and get a response. You might have just missed a reunion. No one can help you unless you want to help yourself. I'm here I'm your friend. I understand your feelings. I've been there before but i realized I love myself. It's not my fault for not being happy. I've learned how to make myself happy. I don't care about people. My life is I, myself, and me. When the three of us is happy the world can kiss my ***. I ain't changing for nobody. Accept as I am, God will. Contact me I would love to be your friend. We have alot in common, except I love myself and I can teach you how to love yourself too.

Jeff S
Wow man, this is pretty heavy. All of experience depression in some way shape or form. It sounds to me like you need a change of pace, job or location.
Doubt about yourself and worth is healthy in some respects as it gives oneself room or reason for self examination and improvement. Although it sounds to me as if your past the tipping point, chill out and take some time for introspection and don't be so hard on yourself. All of us on this planet have quirky idiosyncrasies, they are not character flaws, they are what makes us who we are.
You are going in the right direction by seeking input, it shows you care about yourself and that is a step towards self healing.
I am NOT a psych anything, just an average joe who suffers from empathy. Take care of yourself.

try brainwave synchronization .. its nice . it worked for me ..
it takes a lot of work though. keep that in mind . try the free trial in this link http://www.centerpointe.com/centerpointe/?gclid=CKCdqr-ptJACFR49TAoddX_f4g

i dont know, ive had ths issue in the past and a change of scenery helped me. i still dont have friends and stuff, but i feel happier. i moved a state over and started over. sometimes u need to explore life to find out who u really are, not who u been made into being because of ur depression.
im just gettin off effexor xr for depression and found that they didnt work. i had more side effects than anything

Sorry to hear how you are feeling x I cannot make you feel any better but would like to assure you that you are not alone on how you are feeling. I too have been on anti-depressants for about 11 years on the outside the world thinks I am fine but there are days when i don't want to get dressed or open the curtains (like today). I wish you a wonderful christmas and hope the new year brings you a health and happiness. On the days you feel good go with it and embrace it on the days you feel bad don't feel bad for feeling bad x

Joe M
There's only one answer ... buy a bible and get to know the Lord, trust me, your problems will all go away.

Proverbs twenty7 7teen
You obviously haven't found the right doctor. You must find one who will help you. We ALL have feelings of inadequacies from time to time, but most people don't live there as you do. Do you have any family? Have you tried finding a church? Sometimes we don't feel like even God will like us. But that is just not true. Begin to seek Him. He, through His Son Jesus will love on you in a way that you have never sensed before. He created you to have a relationship with you. Get a Bible that is easy to read (not a King James version) and begin reading the 4th book of the New Testament, the book of John. There God will reveal His Son Jesus to you. Pray for understanding and wisdom and you will receive it. This will begin the greatest journey of your life. A journey where you will find the real reason you were created.

Jett Black
See a doctor and get some meds. I'm serious. Many people don't like the idea of medicating emotional/mental problems but I'm telling you, it works.

If you were a diabetic, you'd take insulin. If you were nearsighted, you'd wear glasses. If you need meds, take them and be done with it.

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