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I cry everyday,, is this right?
I hurt myslf aswell

ohk so i can relate to ya
i dont hurt myself which u shld not do
but i cry a lot and for no reson
anytthing can make me cry
i feel so sorry for myself
that i really cry
i used to cry the whole day but now i have it a bit undetr the wraps the best thing u can do is to do the things which make u happy and make u forget the things coz of which u r crying

i ahve strted spending more time with my family listening to music gng for walks sendng time wih my bf and dancing doing wt i like
stop feeling sorry for urself

Hiya, just to let you know, you are not alone, I used to go through exactly the same thing - well - last cut about a week ago - maybe a week and a half and that was after 6 months so I understand how hard it is. I suggest you speak to some one - anybody - talk to your parents or some one you trust at school or whereever you study, if you do study that is. Here is a really good website for people going through the same things as you:


I'm not sure about the crying but that might suggest you be depressed or prone to depression - if so - I suggest you go and see your doctor/GP as he/she will help you get out of the moods your experiencing . Good luck x

No, its not right. You poor soul.

You should speak to your GP and get some help.

Don't feel embarrassed, theyve seen and heard it all before.

In the meantime, keep strong and speak to a family member or a very close friend.

Good luck hun.

Well you have probably already asked yourself why..... but Why?
Are you unwell, concerned about yourself or someone else, trouble at work/school....... its not normal behaviour especially if you are trying to hurt yourself as well. There is no problem that cant be solved, if you need help you have only got to ask but keeping problems or anxiety bottled up will only make it worse. If its something personal then there are organisations & people who are trained & ready to listen, but you have to let them know,,,, they wont come looking for you. The first move is to see your GP, who aren't just there for coughs and colds they can put you in touch with the right people. Take it a step at a time ....Good luck

No this is not right. You need to see a doctor right away, especially if you are hurting yourself. Take care!

Depression is a serious situation and needs treatment for both you and the first answerer. See a psychiatrist for evaluation right away. This is common in adolescence, and has to be watched and treated vigorously. I am sure you do not want to feel this way.

you should seek help i think

You need a friend right now.
i'm on IM

Crying is good as an act, healty and absolutely normal as well, but you have to discover the reason that makes you cry.

Paul Lee
I'd answer but I don't want to make you cry.

Just get some help, honey. Maybe a therapist or trusted friend.

oh chick no it isn't you really need to talk to someone a family member go to your Dr he can help

sOuL dOcToR
AURUM MET 200C once before going to bed and PULSATILLA 30C thrice a day half hour before meals will cure you of what you are complaining of without any side effects or complications. Both are Homeopathic Remedies.
Take care and God Bless you !

You sound very depressed, I'm so sorry for you. You really must talk to a kind doctor who will refer you to some much needed help. Good Luck and please be aware that there is light at the end of the tunnel just waiting for you.

I don't think it's a good thing to be crying every night or even hurting yourself.

Everyone else here is going to tell you to talk to a counsellor.

Try going 24-hours without crying or hurting yourself first. You are strong enough to control your emotions and actions.

ok pal!! u are totally depressed and feel that no one likes u.
am i right!!

to cry everyday is not goood

so just go out and relax.....

listen to some happy music

its not right, you should get therapy, you might have depression, though if you wanna save your money just call HOPELINE so yeah 1-800-HOPE i think thats it anyways i hope you'll stop hurting yourself, since your body is precious you can only have it once and have one :)

No, it isn't. Get help now!

Good luck!

Why do you do it? Is there something wrong? How old are you?

If you are old enough, you need to leave the situation that you are in. If you are still living at home, then you need to speak to your parents about that. Or find someone you can talk to about your situation if you can't talk to your folks. Do it now.

purple diamond
this is really sad. i am so sorry. please do not hurt yourself
find someone to talk to about your problems.
It will help
it is not normal to cry all the time
good luck

i know, i don't cry everyday but i've been feeling really low lately and even thought about commiting suicide. It's hard, but try your hardest to go on

No it isn't right to cry everyday or to harm yourself either, you poor thing, haven't you anyone to confide in about how you feel about yourself, please go to the doctors as soon as possible, make an appointment in the morning and if they say they have none at the moment then ask for an emergency appointment, you need some help and sooner rather than later, there are specialist people out there to help you through this, you have nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about, you are not on your own either, lots of people have the same thing going on right now, please get some help and that way you are half way there to helping yourself on the road to recovery, very good luck.

According to the reading I have done regarding hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), the brain, when it senses that blood sugar is low, will do sometimes strange things to get the blood sugar (glucose) out of storage and into the blood stream. Adrenaline is one sure way to do this. If the crying and the hurting yourself causes you to get an adrenaline spurt (and I know crying does), then low blood sugar is probably the cause.

Suggestion? Every time you feel the need to cry or hurt, go to the kitchen and get some protein, meat, a can of tuna (salmon is better) or whatever, and eat it. Also have some carbohydrate, like a handful of chips, an apple, or some carrots/celery, and also some nuts or peanut butter. Eat at least 2 ounces of the protein. Then drink a glass of water and do something mildly active for 30 minutes. Singing is a good one. You may find your need to cry has lessened a bit.

Chronic low blood sugar can also cause self-esteem problems, anger management problems and a whole bunch of other physical and mental nasties. You may want to check out the symptoms link on www.hufa.org, and see how you check out.

life sucks at times
Im sorry to hear this, i really am because i do it to. I cry about anything and always end up making myself feel bad both physically and mentally. Hope this question helps you, me and others in the similar situation.

I will be thinking of you...

a good old cry never done anyone any harm but dont go hurting urself

I wont say its right or wrong because i know in my life i had to go through some times when I cried every day for up to six months, but only people who go through this type of thing will understand it.
I would say the most important thing is that you take care of your self and find someone who you can trust and share what it is you are feeling and why you think you have to hurt yourself, find a person you can just open up with . Dont you know that you are special and that there are things about you that nobody else has, thats why you are special and please dont hurt yourself.

I think that you should seek professional help.When you said you cry everynight i was thinking that maybe your depressed about something.When you said you hurt yourself that is more serious.I don't think that is right and you should get help before you really end up doing serious harm to yourself and maybe even others.Find a mental health clinic and make an appointment asap.

Some people cry because they are angry and sometimes because they are sad, and hurting yourself gives you control as i assume that you think you have no control over your life and that life is sh*t.

Do you have a close friend that will not judge you and what you do?
If you do then talk to them, its the first step in the right direction, once you have achieved this then see how you feel about yourself.
If you still feel the same then go to the GP they are much more sympathetic than you realise about this subject.
Or you can get info from the Internet, there are chat rooms that you can visit that deal with these issues.
Please don't dispare you are not alone although you may feel like this.
Good Luck and Take care!

Maybe because you are on alots of stress,or a beginning of a depression.
Those kind of problem should be seeing by a doctor,cause he can help you better.

Just the fact that you are here asking questions tells me that you are desperate. Please see your doctor, or if you are embarassed, contact your local department of health. They can refer you to counseling services, sometimes free of charge. Don't wait! There are any number of issues you may have that good therapy (or in some extreme cases, medication) may fix.

Stay safe!

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. THERE ARE MANY PEOPLE WHO GO THROUGH THIS, THEY JUST DONT TALK ABOUT IT. Mostly, young girls, women and little girls too. If you cut yourself, know that it will not be easy to stop yourself from doing it without professional help. Depression is the other side of anger. You are taking this anger inwards and punishing yourself in order to deal with your intense feelings. Your anxiety levels may be high and when you hurt yourself you get a psychological relief from the emotional pain. Also, your emotional pain right now is so, so high that you may be resorting to physical pain to distract your brain from one pain to another type of pain. Actually, when you physically hurt yourself, it might not even hurt so much or at all. And the behavior becomes "addictive". I would not be surprised if you are also drinking or smoking a lot or engaging in some other self-destructive behavior ( wrong relationships, financial mess...) Please ask your docotr to refer you to a psychologist or psychaetrist. You can over come this but you need help.

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