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Please suggest some ideas to control our feelings(happy/sad) to keep our mind in balance.


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You obviously don't know my mother....

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 Poll: Which do you prefer Soap or Body Wash ... ?

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(I switch on and off - or i use soap for the 1st time over and body wash for the second - lavender for relaxation )...

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 How do you go through the emotions of clearing your Mum's house when she has just died? I'm not coping at all.

 What is wrong with me? I dont like people?
Ive been told by my boyfriend that i dont seem to like anyone.. what is wrong with me?

Ok i dont tollerate people that lie or say really stupid stuff things that make them appear they ...

 Depressed because not taking pills?
I have chemical medium depression, about 3 months ago I was held in a mental hospital for 8 days for suicide attempt. For the first time I was put on medication and it's changed many times. S...

 Why are u so opinioned on suicide?
why everyone so opinionated on suicide. suicide is about the INDIVIDUAL. suicide is not homocide, because suicide is VOLUNTARY and only kills the person who decides to do it. therefore, suicide is ...

I am scared to shower! help?
ok like its really stupid but i am terrified of showering because when i close my eyes to shampoo i think that some one or something is going to pop up and like stab me or sumthing.how do i stop
Additional Details
thanks you guys helped me alott..
well but then i think i ghost is gunna pop up lol and scare me to but the radio thing is reall going to help me..tanx

Darren G

Johnny `
get a radio or something, play some music, lock your doors, try not to think of that, or just keep peeking around the curtin?

have someone sit in bathroom and talk 2 u

Get some professional help.

Lock the door.
Shower only when someone else is there with you.

You are probably afraid of the dark too, huh?

It is something you are going to have to eventually overcome. It may just happen with time or you could try a hypnotherapist.
I have had phases where I have had odd thoughts and fears, and I would just calm myself by breathing and talking to myself and rationalizing things to realize how unecessary my fears are.

OMG rainbows!
Look the door so none can come in.

Jamie M
LOL that happens to me all the time. Just take deep breaths and realise it's just your mind playing tricks on you.

Then don't close your eyes. Just lean your head back as far as you can, and rinse your hair that way.

Remember that their just isn't, it WONT happen, think of all the people who have REAL issues to be scared of, and it wont seem so bad :D Good luck & take care!

Michael B
Curious that nobody has thought of the obvious - wear a pair of close fitting swim goggles.

You just have to relise that it's not going to happen.

I can guarantee to you, 100% that no one is going to stab you whilst you are in the shower. Seriously.

Also, you can lock the door of your bathroom, or if you can't do that, put something infront of it to either block it, or make a noise if it opens :)

But really, no one's going to hurt you whilst you're showering.

that used to happen to me too. if your absoultly scared just make sure you like the door before you shower and have confidence that nothing will happen. if your still worried than maybe taking baths? i know it sounds stupid but i mean you can always see whats going on and stuff so you know that nothings going to happen
i hope i could help.

a radio on top of the counter playing your favorite songs should help you relax or just leave the bathroom door open when you shower so you can look out for the intruder or just lock your damn doors before you take a shower. if you don't shower strong body odors wil emerge and you will start to get bugs hiding all over your body

B Rad8908
keep your eyes open then

Old Fart
Hey come on, don't think about negative things like that it will ruin your life. Think positive thoughts instead, it will open a whole new world to you.

Take baths,you aren't alone in this feeling.I wash my hair then take bath.

stop watching movies

Lock your door, make sure you examine the bathroom and find out if any Bates family members are hiding...

Seriously, if this is an issue, seek treatment with a Behavioral therapist. They can help you develop techniques that will get you through your morning routine.

Post someone on the other side of the shower curtain with a butcher knife and keep checking to see if they are there. If you keep checking and they don't kill you, this will help to desensitize you. One thing, be sure it's someone who likes you and isn't mad at you.

olympics junkie
It's not exactly stupid, but it probably is pretty unrealistic. I used to be afraid to sit on the toilet for fear a rat would come up from the sewer!! Finally I realized that if it hadn't happened in over 30 years, it probably wouldn't happen any time soon. The suggestion to get a radio is good-- I have an in-shower radio, & it totally gets your mind off these goofy ideas. They aren't expensive--maybe $20.

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