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I am really unhappy what should I do???
I am 33 jobless on disability pension freindless and oh so lonely any suggestions?

Talk to your doc about a referal to a counselor. It sounds like you are in a viscious circle -- lonely, sad, not up to making friends, therefore lonely and feeling trapped. That's a tough one to get out of on your own. A therapist is a good place to start. With a good one, you can vent the stuff you need to vent and s/he will help you use what's inside to regain your confidences and sense of healthy being. As that happens, it'll be easier to find some group activities and being around more ppl while you're feeling better will lead to friends and relationships. It all starts with you. Good luck.

See a doctor for possible medication. Talk to a friend or therapist.

go 2 the clubs and party!!!!!!! mabey u'll meet sumone that'll change ur life!!!!

Try a website such as:

PenPal.com (Friend)

E-Harmony.com (Girlfriend/Boyfriend)

Hope This Helps

See this page about being happier with info from top psychologists and religion.


aww well do some odd jobs for people you know , and make friends online and try making an e harmony profile , and get a date

read books, buy a dog cuz he's "MANS BEST FRIEND" do something creative but never ever lose hope and fu** it up cuz it ain't worthit

old man
Volunteer for a worthy cause you believe in. or hook up with a church and you will find friends, and maybe who knows a career opportunity.

Anyone would get depressed after being sequestered in the house for a certain amount of time. I don't know the extent of your disability, but there must be something you can do to feel useful and a part of the larger community. Take classes? Volunteer? Join a support group? You have to find a way to connect outside of the home, or things will remain the same - lonely. Chin up and best of luck to you.

I agree with the volunteer thing, or joining an organization. Life has dealt you a tough hand, but no one likes a self-pitying grouch (those are the exact words my mom told me). Not that you are a grouch or self-pitying, but do you get what I mean? You have to demonstrate to others that yes, you are differently abled, but you aren't going to let it get you down. Find your best qualities and emphasize those. Do you have a big smile? A great laugh? Are you funny, kind, a good listener? Everyone is good at something, or several somethings.

And don't be hard on yourself.

IBecome a catholic priest.

Wishes of an Angel
Figure out why you are unhappy... So you can take care of it...If its because of what you stated you know, you can find many friends online as well as off. Be creative. Do things that make you happy.

You may want to search Yahoo!Answers for this topic unhappiness, as it is asked regularly, and has gotten some decent answers.

It could be that your unhappiness has its roots in low blood sugar - something that happens to everybody every day, but for some it can hang around. For basic information on hypoglycemia, check out www.hufa.org. For information on its precursor condition – hyperinsulinemia – check out www.mayoclinic.com/health/hyperinsulinem...

try to get involved in your community maybe voluntering in something u believe in

been there but now going to school. hey join a church. why don't you try going back to school? if you wanna talk let's talk. i'm on disability and i'm still struggling to make close friends. oh try nolongerlonely.com. it's a website dedicated to the lonely mentally ill.

get happy

try to think of the positive things in your life. spend time with your family. be a friend to someone else. what do you like to do? find out and do it. tell your doctor, maybe you need an antidepressant. your choices are endless. pick one to start with and go from there. life is what you make it.

Dr. Education
what's the extent of your disability? I have a friend who is disabled but can get around, he and I, attend Toastmasters on a weekly basis. Join a club, create a book club that could meet at your house. Start a home business to supplement your income.

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