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I'm always unhappy no matter what I do...help?
Hi, I'm a 14-year-old girl that is always depressed no matter what happens. If something good happens, I don't feel anything....I have an anxiety disorder...I cry every night for at least 2 hours...why is this? help please !
Additional Details

2LT Lucas
go to a doctor they can prescribe somethoing. mood stabilizeras will help with the random crying

follow the 9
its because you ran out of weed

get out more and definately make more friends, it happens to lots of people your age its often times just another growing stage...counseling at the local mental health will get you on some good antidepressants and they wont tell anyone and it only costs like 2 dollars and they will get you the medicine free. also if you can find something you really enjoy, maybe as simple as playing with puppies or painting...but i have a really strong feeling that youd be very good at writing poetry. how about writing a poem and posting here so we can all enjoy it. Write it about one happy memory or one great fantasy or dream!

~Cheta K.~
yeah i have the same problem let me know what u do so i can do it too

What you should do is immediately talk to a trusted and responsible adult. I repeat talk to a trusted and responsible adult. You will also need to talk with your regular doctor and possibly a psychiatrist.
Please know that things will get better. I was the same way for along time and when things started to get worse I woke up and did something about it. I now do “Light Therapy” 20 minutes first thing every morning. And it has turned my life around plus I have time to read, write or draw while I do it. I don’t even need drugs!
Everyone is different though so please talk with someone and know it will get better, and that there are people who care about you. Like me.

Eric S
Talk with a professional therapist. They are trained to help you get through the tough times of being a teenager.

You can also try keeping a diary. Every so often, write about what makes you sad and why you're crying. If one problem keeps coming up, maybe find someone that can help you with that issue.

Please remember that there is nothing wrong with needing a helping hand!

Hope this helps!

you need to see a doctor.. it is not you fault that you feel this way, at you age i would suggest that it is just a chemical imbalance in you brain that is not being controlled properly. it may also be you hormones as well! hope you feel better soon!! it wont last for ever, i suffered from depression and anxiety when i was young but it is easy to overcome with treatment and therapy! good luck and all the best!

Josh E.
maybe a change in outlook would help. although this might sound corny...try thinking more positively about things

(the way the world "seems" to you... is because of "you"
if you want to view it as an uninteresting, depressing place you can...
if you want to view as a entertaining world with unknown things around every corner... you can...

the mind has quite a bit of power over itself...more than you might know.

and shu...two hours... (i hate to say it but that kinda seems like a waste of time....you could find something better to do with your time...in fact i kinda recommend it.)

(think of all the things you could do....
go explore the mall and it's random shops.
(take pictures of random things), play video games, meet/make new friends, ask your parents to get a trampoline and learn how to do a triple sideway spin, paint, draw, learn how to play music on an instrument...just go find something to do...and if it makes you happy then good.


Your profile says "heart broken". I'm guessing either this is the problem? Or if your anxiety had something to do with the breakup, maybe your ex can provide you with some insight ("I'm not trying to get back together with you, I'm just trying to get myself less messed up"). If he was the problem to the relationship, ignore that last sentence.

Ya gotta talk to someone. You're talking to us. Obviously, you want to talk to someone.

If we're talking chemical imbalance, that'll need to go thru a doctor.

drum dude
becuz ur lost... accept jesus christ as ur savior and i SWEAR ON MY LIFE ull wont feel sad anymore... ull feel loved... becuz God loves u... go getta bible. become a christian!

(ps. im 14 too and my life with God is very happy)

Your going threw hormonal changes, on top of your disorder. Talk to your doctor or parents about this IMMEDIATELY. Its so important that they know what your dealing with. They can help, if your on meds...this is of the utmost IMPORTANCE..tell someone tonight about this, your meds may have an effect on some of these out of control emotions....ask yourself, why are you crying, if you don't feel anything??

Please dont wait, talk to your parents right away.

Kate L
actually im 14 too, and i've been having the same problem, but for other reasons. i am unhappy with my life, and i want to move to live with my dad.

perhaps you're unhappy with your life, and it feels meaningless and unfufilled. maybe you could work at an animal shelter or hospital or do some community service. or join a club for something you really like, so you can find new people that could maybe fufill you.

another thing that is highly probable is that you have depression. depression is like the symptoms you described. look up depression on webMD. it is common not to have any emotions with depression. there is no known cause for it, but there are medicines you can take. 1st, look it up and see if you think it applies to your situation. also, you can see a doctor.

The smart guy (Not Perfect)
You need to see a psychiatrist.

Siera S
I'm 16 now, but when i was 14, it was the same for me. i even attempted suicide. but at least you can admit how you feel and realize you need help through this. i never told anyone how i felt and even my own family thought i was the happiest girl on the planet. i eventually wore nothing but black and wanted ot become a satanist (not that there is anything wrong with that. but those weren't my beliefs,i just felt so dark). it want until after i moved out from living with my mom to move in with my dad (they live 18 hours apart) did i ever change. so, first i would do as everyone else suggested- TALK about it, no matter how hard. also, if you do drugs, STOP. it only makes it worse

Binky :-)
i cannot tell you whats arong with you but what you should do is seek out for help, talk to someone how you feel and what your going through.

common, go out side, hang out with friends, remember life is too short to be sad

You should go to your school counselor. Talking can be amazing therapy.

It's good that you are able to cry and express yourself instead of balling it up inside (i do this and have anxiety too). Have you told your parents how you feel? friends? You should try and talk to them and see if they can help you or take you to therapy sessions to find out what's causing it. I hope you feel better

Shanna M
Do stuff that you enjoy.
talk to someone about it or what you are feeling...
there has to be a reason your feeling that way.

you won't believe this, but it's part of you growing up and deep inside you probably don't know whats expected of you in the future. is your daily food intake varied? you'll be very surprised at how different you'd feel if you ate different stuff. also try avoiding tv and read a book as stuff like eastenders and the like really bring some people down too.
hope this helps!!!
* remember things will get better. *

Part of this is your age. Everything is changing in your life. You are becoming a young woman and your body is changing. Everyone goes through this period and it is an awkward time. But if you feel you are like this all the time talk to your mother or father and explain it to them how you feel. You also need to find simple things to do to keep you occupied and I mean good things and be careful of the friends you keep. They can lead to feel this way by their actions. So try and do some positive things. Do you read?
Do you do fun activities? It is important to keep busy. I hope this helps some but please talk to someone.

please please please talk to your parent or gaurdian about this. depression in teens is very common and can be so easily helped. it could be anything causing it. a learning disability for instance is pretty common cause for depression in teens. you may not feel a learning disability per se but just the overwhelming struggles in the work load can do it. a loved one of mine went thru this at 15. after taking her to the doctor they discovered this heavy burden on her after reducing her schedule she is now a very happy teen. good luck hon. it can and will get better.
oh and as far as aracknid goes. forget about his reply. kids do have real problems and it is the real world they are living in. i am 46 and i truely believe kids have it alot rougher than we did. real kids real world real problems

Pets are the best!
Being a teenager is tough!!!!!!!!!! Go talk to a cousler or a psycyatrist to get some help and advice. Remember, it's completely normal!

Please do yourself a favor and talk to a Counselor or trusted adult AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

I'd say you need Jesus is what you need! posessions and earthly things cannot make you happy.

There are a few ways to think about this this.

One is that you're a teen with hormones making your brain go bonkers. I would normally expect some happiness, though.

Another is lifestyle choices. If you're using some kind of mood altering chemical or herbs, you might want to cut that out and see how it works for you.

If you're having serious problems in your life (parents going through a divorce, lost a good friend in a car crash, suddenly find yourself living under a bridge), this may be perfectly normal and will pass as you adjust to your changed life.

Another way would be from a medical angle. It sounds like you're on the downside of a bi-polar swing. If you never swing back up, you may be suffering from depression. I'd say you should get a referral to a mental health professional. Even if they don't see anything wrong, they may be able to help you with therapy, exercise, diet, or medication. This is not a quick fix, in most cases. It can take weeks, months, or even years. Even then, some people never manage to live a normal life.

I wish you luck from the bottom of my heart and will keep you in my thoughts.

it sounds like you might be bi-bolar.you need to see a doctor check.your family background see if there is any depression.in your family history.im bi bolar .depression is nothing to play with.

Hey honey... I am 23 and have an anxiety disorder too... so as my doc said... it isnt that you are actually depressed... but not being able to deal with your anxiety well or the root of it can result in feeling depressed.

These are some things that really helped me.
1-Love yourself. Tell yourself everyday something great about yourself. That you are smart, beautiful, nice... etc. It will begin to rub off... if you hear something for so long you'll begin to believe it ;)

2-Cry it out! Dont hold it in! That can make it worse. Understand 14 is a very difficult age... its a huge transition with hormones, getting older, finding yourself and being comfortable with it...

3-A good therapist. My therapist was fab. He really helped me get in touch with the root of my anxiety, and while it isnt totally gone and will be something I deal with my whole life... I can have a better handle on things now :) Sometimes it takes a whilet to find the right/perfect therapist... I never got on medicine for it bc I dont like that idea... so I went to a therapist really into holistic healing and spiritual and dream work... You'd be surprised how much a GOOD one can help

Things always get better in time, so remain positive :)

You are a teenager. Welcome to being a teenager! What you should see is see a counselor and they can help you work through it. Do not listen to Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson, no matter how much you relate to them, because it just makes you even more depressed.

Hello,,hey there girl, have you been outside lately? when was the last time you went for a walk ? have you thought about looking up at the stars on a clear night? I bet you didn't know there was a comet out there flying by, you need to get some sunshine on your face and some exercise by walking will help your depression. If you know what triggers your crying , try to replace that special thing with reading a book or drawing something. You are not alone with this problem but the rest of the world hides it from others .

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