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Sam D
I'm 55 years old, and I feel like I've tried everything there is to try, have experieced more pain than
happiness in my life, have suffered a lot of losses, cried a lot of tears, endured many hardships, and I just don't want to do it any more. Anything wrong with just bowing out of life now? i really don't care about whom it may hurt...my family or friends. i just want to be put out of my pain and misery. I am the one whose hurting.

Sounds sad to me....but do not be selfish.. God does not promise us happy days everyday. Live for the good days and concentrate on those. Check yourself into a hospital. Get some help. God decides when is our time, not you.

Sam.. I don't know really what to say.. but at any age we all feel like that at some point.. I think you are looking at your past a lot.. you are the only one who can change things even tho it seems hard but 55 is not old.. you could start a whole career, family, study.. anything at that age.. you have only half lived. What helped me was going on a working holiday.. Hey.. my favorite saying is "that there is always someone else worse off than you.. what ever happens!" Email me if you want. I can share you some of my stories that have been really hard but i got through*

you say you don't care who you hurt, you should talk with your Friends and family then you will see that they care and you will start filling better about things. please go to any church of any kind and just talk, your pain will go away.

Go ahead. Beware, it's not difficult to make the decision to want to die, but the act of suicide is not that easy to go through with, so good luck!

Dr. C
Hypnotherapy is a wonderful way to relax, combat stress and to get good quality sleep.
You can be taught self hypnosis by going to see a Hypnotherapist or buy a self help CD (or download)
The benefits can be enormous, Good luck.



i am so sorry how you feel.have a word with your doctor.

Please dont think you are alone, depression is a horrible illness but that is what it is. Talk to your doctor at once.

It would be very selfish to hurt the people who love you by bowing out and believe me you are not suffering alone

please dont....whats the rush? youll be gone one day soon enough...we havent got long here might aswell stick it out and try to look on the bright side of life! do the things that you enjoy most and dont worry about money or the material things...just enjoy it

every body hurts sometimes

~Oh who are you trying to kid! You wouldn't be posting this question if you didn't want folks to share your pity party. "Anything wrong with just bowing out of life." Oh, boo hoo. And are you getting off on all the kind folks with their sympathetic and concerned answers?

Life is a bytch when you are consumed with the thought that the world revolves around you. Life is what you make it -- deal with it.

please try some thing eles first dont give up.....

I am 19 years old, and many many times i have felt the same.

What i have learnt and what we all know is that you CANNOT change the past. No matter what you do.

You can choose to live in the past, beat yourself up about it and let it affect you, or you can choose NOT to.

You CAN change the future!!

The fact that you have been through, and got through so much, proves just how strong you are.

Life throws many surprise at us, and life has been unkind to every one of us, some more than others, but look at how many people have survived it - and are still going strong.

To a certain extent, life is what you make it.

Yes, there are a lot of things that we are forced to go through, and things we have no control over, but there is also a huge part of our lives that we do have control over. And that is the part we need to focus on.

You need to really think about what is making you un-happy, because until you realise just what it is, nothing will change.

It's learning how to turn those negative thoughts into more positive ones - 'flipping the coin'.

If you cannot change it, make the most out of it. remember, something good always comes out of something bad!!

I feel for you, because i have been there more times i can tell you. But it gets to a point where there is only so much s*** you can take, and you will REFUSE to let it win !!!

YES, it IS possible. You CAN do it. Your life is YOUR life, no-one elses !!!

You know what is making you un-happy. And i think you know how to beat it.

No-one can do it for you. It is up to you to change, if you want to change.

Good Luck, please try and please do not think so low of yourself because there ARE people who care. I am one.


:-) X :-)

Why don't you devote the rest of your life to a good cause instead of bowing out?
This way you'll be remembered for something good

Maybe things can only get better & the bad things are behind you now
55 is young

George P
Dear Sam.....we share a similar story. My life spiraled out of control. I decided to end it and came up with a very sophisticated plan. My story can be found on Yahoo search under "The Last Temptation of George Petrie". My plan failed and I am very thankful today that it did. I was hospitalized (against my will) and started taking anti-depressants. After a month of hospitalization I was released and felt stronger than I had ever in my life. I fought back with renewed vigor and was able to recover almost everything I had lost including my home, my car, and my family. Prior to my hospitalization I refused to take medication for my anxiety and depression. I was certain that I could beat it on my own but it almost devoured me. I lost my wife and young daughter to a drunk driver. My son developed behavior problems and was jailed for acting out in anger. I lost my job because I was unable to function acceptably. I alienated all of my friends and
ended up homeless with everything I had left in a paper bag. What almost killed me was not necessarily the depression but my stubbor attitude about taking anti-depressant medications. Anyway....today I am stronger than ever. My proudest achievement is that I went to court and fought to get my things back and won. I got help for my son and he graduated from FIU with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. My 'true" friends came back and rallied around me for support. I found a new job that was so much better than the first one. I still have situations in my life that are challenging but I am able to face them like "normal" people. Please give yourself one last chance. Try finding a therapist who will find the appropriate medication for you and the correct therapeutic dosage. You owe yourself this chance. If this doesn't work then you can make your plans accordingly. best wishes to you.....

If you're got kids who depend on you then it's not fair.

If not, sell up, travel the world and die with a smile on your face.

Howdy Sam
It doesn't sound as though you have a question today but i do hear you saying that you are not happy and feel that 55 Y.O. has something to do with it.
I can guess all day, but don't know nearly enough about you to presume that Yahoo Answers can make a difference in your life.
I was 55 , six years ago and , yes, it sure seems like the world is changing: Not as much left for us "old timers" as there used to be ................NO RESPECT !!!!!
BUT there are some things that are imperative that you may want to do to face each day and maybe, just maybe, turn each shovel full of crap around and make it into something good or at least, hold potential for something good in your life (something Sam wants !!)1. Stay rested: get ample sleep and stay away from stimulants that will provoke anxiety (the precursor of depression) 2; Stay/get healthy: Am completely blind here but at 55, lots of things start to rust: Exercise (even if you don't want to); Work with your provider (maybe a nurse practioner) to optimize your health: You will get to feel a whole lot better about yourself ( If no one else respects us, WE MUST) 3. Understand that you are not alone : There are support groups galore: Likely because we boomers just aren't in the driver's seat anymore.4. If your kids are crapping all over you ( YA, THEY DO) Just turn them loose; You know that they will always come back : Look out for Sam for a change !!
Now think about what might make Sam happy and come back and ask us !!
That one small step, towards making Sam happy, may be very foriegn, scary, or seem like it's overwhelming...take it anyway...You realy don't have any choice.

BUT - in your sadness aren't you also being very selfish in not taking into account the people closest to you - your family and friends - suicide is the cowards way out - your strength is in realising that which you have overcome and you are still here.

True courage and strength comes from within and beating that which wants to take you down. That is your goal.

Counselling will help - but you must be prepared to talk like never before.

Annie M
We all feel like this at one time or another. But there others far worse off in life than you, my parents always told me that when I complained that I didnt have the latest clothing or pair of trainers.

Try to help out people less fortunate than you. I was in London on Saturday and walked by so many homeless people all very young, it made me think how lucky I was to have a home to go to.

Do you have a doctor? I would suggest calling them immediatley. Please call a doctor right away. You're not thinking clearly and I am getting the sense that you are very very depressed. Making a decision such as ending your life is something that needs to be thought through in a clear and present mind. If you are seriously depressed, which I feel you are (why else would you think of suicide), then please see a doctor, call a friend, something, you can't make such a decision right now.

I've had someone close to me take their own life. You're not the only victim there. You leave a trail of sad, confused people who blame themselves in some way for the rest of their lives. I beg of you not to do that to your loved ones.

Miss Behavin
I am so sorry you feel this way, and do sympathise. Hard as it is to understand right now, you are depressed - this is something that many of us go through, but once it becomes chronic depression, you cannot lift yourself out of it because the illness distorts your focus. It is as simple as brain chemistry. You have an imbalance of serotonin in your brain and consequently things seem worse than they are - believe me, i have suffered from depression, i am not talking without experience. You must trust in looking after yourself, and getting medical advice. If you can't see it now, trust me, killing yourself is one dumb move. You have plenty more years left to do soemthing with your life that you want - irrespective of whatever you have been through in the past. You do not have the right to hurt those who love you, no matter how you feel right now. If you kill yourself you are spreading this illness - trust me, there are those who will be depressed as a result of this. You might say that is not your problem - but instead of having a bad snowball effect, believe that you can have a positive snowball eeffect -good things can come to you and your loved ones too. Just take it slowly, and get some help rRIGHT NOW. Ring the samaritans if you are in the UK. See your doctor. Take what he or she prescribes and do one small thing a day for yourself. Sounds obvious, but you must start small. Good luck. There is so much more to live for.

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