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How to remove fear from our mind?

Always engage yourself in somework or listen to your favorite music.Roam around and mingle with frnds.

Jai Singh
I think that to remove fear from mind,imagine the situation that one has to face if that fear turns into real. Think of the situations that one has to face.Think for what kind of mental state & emotional feelings one will be going through.Think over and over again and then there will be the state where no fear will ever come in the mind .I think thats the only way to remove but the success really depends on the person's personality, and their level of motivation.

better u consult a pshycologist

Ramya R
by trying to be confident.......

get love to humanity
take deep breathing IN & OUT and seriously do the meditation. I am sure benefit you.

Don't think about anything that you are scared about. Divert your mind to something which you will feel happy and relaxed. Make your will power strong and say to your self you are not scared of (which ever you fear for). Try to be strong. If you are not pretend to be no one will make the difference.

tee e
My Dear Friend mind works on that what u fed it ,if you feel that certain things u fear then u fear and f u think take it easy and natural with gratitude that it will not let u to fear anymore and more over if you want your mind to work on ur command do have yoga and meditation thinking positively that things are under control and you are positive to life not fearing anything anymore,That will help u more for that u have to learn yogasan and meditiation slowly and gradually 100% you will forget to fear anything.thank u

Elephant Box.
confront what is bothering you. Ask God to help you conquer your fears. God bless.

Start to confront the little things that you are afraid of and progressively become fearless as you face your biggest fears. Make the state of fearlessness constantly present in your mind by imagining yourself facing your fears with ease... Of course, make sure that facing your fears does not affect anyone negatively. Hope that helps :)

Is it a logical fear? Something preventable? Or is it irrational. Just try to do your best to prevent unwanted things from happening. Try to keep your mind occupied so you won't be so scared.

I don't know if you are open to Christianity, I am a Christian and I believe that God's perfect love is able to cast out all fear. I believe that God gives me power, love and a sound mind. As His servant I only have to receive what He gives to me and He does not give me a spirit of fear. I choose to receive His peace that passes all understanding, His joy to be my strength and His grace to be sufficent. Jesus tells us to cast down imaginations and bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. I can take authority over my mind and choose to think on good things. Replace the bad thoughts with the Word of God which is so powerful. It brings life to me.

Fear in normal levels is a good emotion;Or else we would happily jump off a cliff. But if you think any of your fears is irrational, face it head on. There are many techniques that help you conquer such fears - Neuro Linguistic Programming is one among them. Take small steps towards it with re-inforcements through techniques like cue cards.

There are only 2 ways to remove fear from our minds. One is to distract ourselves from thinking about what's fearful...and the other is to face it head on over and over again. Which way will be a success really depends on the person's personality, and their level of motivation.

neela m
Learn an instrumental music or vocal music. This helps a lot

suresh k
Hi there !
The different methods are :

immuno diffusion

best wishes !

Timothy G
A good doctor or psychiatrist can help. I guess a natural reaction is to wish the fear will go away, which gets you thinking about fear and thus creates more. Try I wish I could feel amazingly happy, and trust yourself. Some people seek to blame or convert fear to hate, they too attract more of the same. So the only way to remove fear is with love.
Therefore as Eisnstien states "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
if you are at -5 and you want to get to 0 then you add+5. Adding 10 may be even more beneficial :)

Hhhmmm...Good question. What works for me is if I can change what I fear, I do it. If I can't change it, I accept it.

Artist Wanna Be
depends on your fears.... try not to think about them. to get rid of them, try to figure out why you fear them..... I am getting more and more scared and fear driving. I was hit by a semi last night. I have been in the ditch too many times to count some because of snow and icy roads... but I have to drive or else get someone to drive for me, and that would be a pain, or I stay at home, and never leave. But I have to get back out there once I get the car repaired, and cleaned up for all the broken glass.

Is the fear justifiable? I fear snakes but I have never been bitten by one or anything like that... they just scare me....

so find out the root of the fear and go from there

Don't look at my avatar.

Good question though .

ahmed k
Say by words in your mind and by pronouncement REMOVED FEAR.
Take a white paper write as fear removed.
Hereafter no need of worrying about fear.

Jesus said to keep your mind on him and you will have a sound mind. Pray a lot....Ask God to give you peace and walk unafraid with him in this life......We are only to fear God and nothing else.....

The Enlightened
Well if you get so close to death yourself all fears are removed.I know,it happened to me and I have seen so much death that I realized very soon after,whats there to fear,we will all end up dieing,why live in fear,we should live our lives to the fullest and without fear.Trust me your life gets better without fear,atleast mine did.

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