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How to get rid of past painful thoughts?

When you ask God through Jesus, to forgive the person...he will take the pain out of your heart...funny how it works out that way..and the Lord will bless you for calling on Him....try it, you will be surprized,..and ask for mercy for those that hurt you...

the only thing you control is the present. Live the best you can everyday. That way you wont do anything you will regreat and wont have to worry about the past. Be responsible some things you can't control.

I love you as i'm responsible for all of us as i'm part of all of us.
and all of us is part of me my love is for all of us.
I'm sorry that I created those thoughts for you.
I'm sorry, I love you.

if you seek help out of the ordinary please check.
I can highly recommend Alfons Ven

Sometimes you cannot get rid of them but you can USE them to be a stronger person. For example if you are angry with someone and you have all that anger energy...you can use it to clean your house really fast and hard...and then feel better and you did not hurt yourself or anyone else. Also, sometimes it helps to write them down. Then look at them and see if it is something you really can do anything about. If not then make a choice to not let that conquer you. You do have a choice. Good luck! :)

thoughts are mere vibes of our subconscious
they do bother us unless u overcome them
best solution is to start watching them,they are not u!!!!!!!!
Imagine u had a dream,now the dream is gone but u are after it like the child wanting the toy he saw in his dream
cannot happen, right
a good solutoin is meditation
go to www.meditationunlimited.net

Firstly, you should know that yesterday is a past and nothing will change if you recalled past thoughts...

Secondly, look ahead....for tomorrow, how to have a better and pleasant day...? .

Thirdly, Avoid any thing might help in recalling these painful thoughts, and keep your mind busy with tomorrow, make good plans to enjoy every second.

Fourthly, get closer to God, ask His help...you will feel satisfied inside of yourself.

Good Luck.

I learned alot from some family members, There is a class that my X husband and my two kids took...because I am in contact and am loving the fact I have that back with my kids... After they took the class they all contatcted me and apologized for what happened back in the day, I want to take this class...It's called the Landmark Forum it's 4:50:00$ and The calls I recieved from all three of them at different times apologizing for things that they blamed me for they told me it was their perseption of what they saw and pecieved at the time...and asked for my forgiveness...So anyway. I still want to take the class...I believe that is the key to dealing with a healthy future...Anyway check out the landmark forum... It sounds like a few days of intence I'm not sure...thats whats scary...I hope this answer, altho long may have helped...

you need to face them,to try and get rid of them will just be pushing them aside and gradully but surely they wil creep up and your find they will start playing a part of your life,the way you are and your views on life ect.you wiont be able to forget them but would be needing to learning to deal with them by talking them through with a councilor or other health profesion,dont try and hide the thoughts,you need to face your demonds and then you will be able to start living a life with no past troubles.all the best

rajiv b
Keep your awareness on your breath, and each and every breath for as long as you can. While your attention is on your breath you will not be able to think anything else not even your painful thoughts and so they will not bother you.
But the mind will not be able to stay on your breath for long. So keep on getting it back to the breath as often as necessary. Of course it'll become easier if you clean up your mind of it's past negative conditionings (or karma's). The best & only way that I'm aware of doing that is Vipassana meditation. Please check the site http://www.dhamma.org for that & be happy!


healer 2
never sit idle and alwaws remain busy

Visualizations work for me. It is too complex to explain how, but I am sure there are books available to tell you how to use your imagination to visualize. Also, self-forgiveness helps too.

doctor asho
you should know that yesterday is a past and nothing will change if you recalled past thoughts...

2, look ahead....for tomorrow, how to have a better and pleasant day...? .

3, Avoid any thing might help in recalling these painful thoughts, and keep your mind busy with tomorrow, make good plans to enjoy every second.

4 get closer to God, ask His help...you will feel satisfied inside of yourself.

revisit those thoughts, no matter how painful it might be to look back at the time.. I know from personal experience that that is the only way......but unfortunatley you'll never get rid of those thoughts forever...its llike theyve been encrypted into your memory......but dealing with the pain and what might have caused it eases you. It makes you feel more at peace with it as if you dont.

ask me..
maybe by meditation.

Mickey S
Find someone that will Love you and take care of you the right way and if it is the right person all of your painful thoughts should go away. I know mine did

ramesh sharma
Through yoga and pranayam or deep breathing.
Eat/drink milk,pulses,beet root,fruits salad or juice,veg salad or soup,
Discontinue Liquor,Non Veg,Chillies,Sour,Cold drinks,Heavy undigestible food.smoking
sometimes fasting is also important
You have to regular in prayer,yoga,meditation,swimming,any suitable exercise,
You should make one doctor friend for regular advise
Avoid drugs as far as possible bcoz of side effect
laughter is the best medicine
i am from mumbaicity INDIA come to mumbai get solved all your problems
work smart and hard for success

William G
I think the best way is to deal with them head on, don't ignore them. This way they won't become repressed, where even though you are not aware of them, they will plague you.

by working on the present to keep off the past and to make u're tommorow beautiful

Thomas S
Time. Read a book, go for a walk look around you and see why there is so much to live for. Watch the news and see people who have it much worse then you. Life does go on and someday you will look back at this time and wonder why you were so upset. Life does go on even after you hit rock bottom. Hell, there is only one way to go after that and that is up. Hang in there and live life, even with all it's ups and downs it is always a precious gift. Good luck.

work on them...n give ur present more focus....soon u find past hardly hurts...

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