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How much paracetamol do you need to take to kill yourself?

Additional Details
Ok thanks for all the useless answers. Dont worry about it. Already taken 3000mg plus 6 prozacs probably too late then.

A fatal overdose of paracetamol, no matter how large, is unlikely to bring about death in under five days, at least some of which are likely to be spent in hospital. Alcohol does not contribute to death.

It doesn't take that many - that's why chemists will only sell you a maximum of 30 over the counter.
Still, as you're probably dead by now, you won't be bothered now, will you.
Oh, by the way, see you tomorrow down the pub as usual?

None as I don't need to kill myself


This is a really crazy question to be asking! For one thing, I don't think that anyone who survived killing themselves this way can tell you. On the other hand, who are you thinking about killing? Yourself? Another? What?

more than 5 gram per day can lead to liver damage, but there is an antidote in the form of acetylcysteine

There's no point... don't do it!

barry bucknell
Hey life is a journey not a destination,Stop this malarkey about taking tablets they will only make you feel ill...

are you stupid? Why would any body tell you that?

xXx Orange Breezer xXx
I hope the reason your asking this is not cause you wanna kill yourself

i learned at school that it takes as little as 8 to kill yourself. dunno whether thats true though, and if this is a joke its really not funny.

Paracetamol death is very slow and painful, Your liver stops working and you will die from being poisoned by blood and urine. If you would like to do it, open an artery in the inside of the top of your thigh. 20 seconds max on this Earth if you go out that way.

Two pills. dont take more than that, you'll become close to immortallaty.

16 plus and you dont die straight away you die one week later (when you think how lucky you were to survive and you wont do it again)of acute liver failure a long painfull death that cannot be reversed

is this a suitable question to be asking? I think this question is inappropriate on this web site. I'm gonna complain and get it taken off.

The BudMiester
A lot, and believe it or not it`s a VERY painful death. It starts to destroy your liver and it can`t be repaired after a certain dose, never mind an overdose. I know someone who died like this and when the police found him they though he`d been beaten up. With the pain of the overdose he`d thrown himself around the room causing muliple injuries. Not very nice.

Lisa W
o dont be thinking of that, especially paracetamol. i have done that before, it was worst mistake ever, you drown in your own blood!! get some help. abd why would you be asking that on here, i think you mucking bout mate sorry

What a morbid question. You're not thinking of trying it, are you? Don't. Suicide is not the answer.

So how did that work out for you?

what did you expect. Not many people would want to assist you in your suicide. Call 999

You shouldn't need to know...

Overdosing doesnt usually work... I was in a mental hospital with a guy who took 200 tranqulizers and still lived... Then a friend of mine took only 30 pills of something and her liver crashed and now she is deaf.... Not a good idea at all if i may say so....

P.S. Charcoal and getting your stomach pumped isnt fun times.

Slimy Si
Quite a Few. less with alcohol. but you would be better off thinking of another why to kill your self because it'll take a long time to die.

I can't tell you that but I do know that it damages your liver, so that it doesn't kill you but leaves you in agony with a knackered liver for life. Not a good idea.

Get help immediately! If you're just gunning for attention, you can get lots at a Mental Health Resource Center. If you're wanting to kill yourself, and you do, how will you ever know if that was the best thing to do? Suicide is for cowards. Living is for the brave.

Luv Thy Neighbour!
You do know that it takes over 2 weeks
for you to die from it,
and it's a long 2 weeks
as your organs strat failing.

it is torture!
there are far better ways,
but i'll let u find them out on your own...

This is going to end up in the news I can feel it...

Sir Sidney Snot
Paracetamol suicide is slow and painful with your organs bleeding and so forth so I've heard. Not a good plan

Add me and speak to me please -
joy_hardyman2003 (yahoo)

I took 30 and it didn't work, some people take 100 and it doesn't work. It depends on how huge you are etc.

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