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Christine W
How much do alcoholics spend on drinking on average a year?

Charlie Choo Choo
Put it this way, they drink it and piss it off! $$$$$ down the drain!

It acutally depends on how much money they have. But if they don't have a job not much!

Id guess 10,000 and up.


yahoo fan
rich alcoholics spend hundreds of times more than poor alcoholics. there is an ocean of difference. many variables and, therefore, unless you define your terms more clearly, i sure cannot suggest any answer but 100,000 pounds. crazy answer for crazy question.

I think as much as 6,000 and more if they like expensive brands

why, in my prime i was spending as much as $100 a week on beer, but im sure theres people worse than me.

I think about $643,000 a year...

Sean G
Probably about 6000 dollars!

Hello Kitti
As much as they have

a HELL of alot .. thousands

a lot!

in the thousands, easily

Apparao V
no alcoholir can be able to tell, as he never bothers only you and i bother.

Gynnie D
A lot! I'm not an alcoholic, but at 47 years old do enjoy going out once a month. When I go out on a night in town, I spent anywhere from $100 to $200.00. Usually, I have a nice dinner and drink the night away. I spent about $30 on car fare.

Sure I can hang around the bar with one drink and hope some fool will drown me in alcohol, but that's not me. I like to go out and socialize by meeting people, have a couple of laughs and then go home to my man.

He does not like to socialize that way so I have to do it by myself, or be stuck at home all the time.

I would not have that, and he knows it, so he does object to me going out. I invite him but he declines, so off I am by myself.

I always enjoy myself and the next day I wake up with a big smile, because I had a great time. Even if I have to go to work the next day I alway make it on time.

What I am saying if I did that every day, I would be homeless and poor.

My man drinks bottle of wine almost every night and a bottle sell for about $10 bucks, you figure it out!

Hic' up --- where's my drink?
Oh--what was the question?

hmmmm a 13 dlls bottle of whiskey...maybe last 1/2 a day... so round it to 20 bucks a day...140 dlls a week....600 dlls a month.....7,200 dlls a year.... plus your friends and family...

as much as they can. and they pay with more than just money - they pay with their family, friends, jobs, health - you get the idea.

it depends on the body conditions of everyone and surely how much is already the alcohoic degree... the more it is, the less he(she) stands for drinking

Each case is quite different.
what is the frequency of the drinking? (you don't have to drink all day everyday to be an alcoholic)

What is the drink of choice?

Drink at home, in a Bar, or both?

How many drinks per session?

unless you can answer all of those questions you can not come up with an even somewhat accurate #.

Guess it depends on how much and what kind of stuff they drink. If they're buying gallons of fortified jug wine, probably only a few hundred dollars a year, but that may be all they have.

Higher-functioning alcoholics who still have jobs probably spend a few hundred a month, so call it several thousand dollars a year.

And rich eccentrics, well, who knows? 10 thousand? more.

The smallest actual figure I could come up with for one year was $3,650.00. That figure would be for someone who drinks "well" booze, not "call" liquor. Call would be a good name brand such as Absolut, Well would be a name like Dubar Vodka. Thousands per year is well within the realm of possibility.

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