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heidi the ghosthunter
How low do you have to feel before suicide seems like a good idea?
my husband dont love me
i'm a drug addict
and i'm a cra p mum who wouldnt make it on my own
have tried to get help but my husband just took the pi ss!
please advice me

if you wanna go, just go, and don't bring us into the equasion.

try getting help if you really want to.

sounds to me like you want some sympathy - call the samaritans. their number is in the phone book or simply call 118118.

you've got use of a computer. use it!

jeff k
I think you need a f**king good shake, get your chin up and shoulders back and don't let the b@stards grind you down.

When you start feeling that those you care about would be "better off without you" you are on the launchpad to suicide. Often the only thing that holds people back from suicide is the fear of how it will affect others, so when you find a way to think that the effect on others will be good, then suicide seems like an all round good idea. Bear in mind that this idea is certainly wrong.

If you know you are a "cra p mum", then you also know what you should do better. Start doing it, or get help to do it.

If other people are generally better off without you, killing yourself is the worst way to do it. Those who care about you, and even those who did not care about you, will be haunted by the event.

It sounds like your husband does not support you, at the very least, and may even be emotionally abusive to you, if he mocks your attempts to get help. Alternatively, you may be depressed and misinterpreting his response.

Carry on getting help.

Geeza Sooka Yerlips
Is it your husband who is suicidal?

extremly low, but dont doit life is for living many people are termanally ill and want to live think of the good things in life get yourself into rehab do volentary work to help people worse of than yourself and yes there's plenty around good luck

Look on the bright side.........Celebrity Big Brother starts tonight!!


You need help, ask all the people you can for help. Go to or phone the citizens advice burro, and ask them. 'Phone the Samaritans, they can give you 'phone No's and addresses of people who will help. At this stage you probably just want it all to stop, but get the help you need and things will get better day by day. Take one day at a time. I know of a number of people who have had drug related problems, once they found help they were able to start turning their life around. Give it a try, good luck.

Suicide is never the answer, no matter how low you are feeling at the moment.

It sounds to me like you need to get rid of your husband if he is not going to even try and help you.

Get some councelling, get on a drug rehab programme cos taking drugs can make you feel low, so try your hardest to get yourself clean for you and your childrens life.

Without the drugs and with the help that is out there you can make it on your own with your kids and live a full and happy life. You can find out about help that you need through your doctor, who should be able to refer you to a councellor and drug rehab centre.

Good luck and all the best.

get on ur knees and ask GOD too guide and help u there is no better high then too drop too ur knees and call upon the lord reach out too him ...he will not let u down but u have to ask for his help he wont jus do it for it ..I been there done that so I know its all in ur mind u controll ur mind not anyone else u have to want to get better and change the neg things in ur life and if u can rid the neg then the positive will appear..it jus takes time get off the dope and start living turn ur life over to jesus christ i promise u wont be sorry...u can do this jus believe in ur self and ask GOD too help u he knows our hearts if u truly want this he will truly help u....good luck and I will pray for u

You only get one chance in life, don't waste it. What's the point of living if you don't live for someone else.

If you are suffering from depression it is not uncommon to consider suicide as a good idea.
Please consider going to a doctor or contacting a support group or counsellor or so such.
Anyone who has these thoughts needs to consider this suicide is an easy way out and will leave many people hurting long after you are gone. And will leave other with questions that can never be answered leaving your child/children scared for life.
Depression is common and help is out there.

dear, suicide is never a good idea. All lives are precious and given by God... also imagine the hurts caused to those who love you, like your husband (deep down he probably does love you), your children, your relatives, and your friends. The only time suicide may seem the inevitable is when someone is in so much pain and is going to die anyway (like from cancer at the last stage), that suicide may be considered... I still would not call it a "good idea". All situations and environments are actually for us to gain God, we should be encouraged, that God is always there for us, if only we would take His hand.

About you thinking you are a crap mum... You are the mum to your child/children! It's not as if they could have a "better" mum. I'm sure you love them aplenty, and from what you said I can tell you care deeply about them, and those qualities alone already qualifies you as a good mum. You are seeking help here, and that shows you want to be a better mum, that's really good.

What Stargazer said is very true. Jesus loves you, no matter how bad you think you are. I hope you would let the Lord be your encouragement. I have prayed for you, and will remember you in my prayers also.

You just know....

nope. look at things positively. heh you live once only. tink twice!

get rid of your husband then the drugs

Suicide is never a good idea, your husband may not love you but God does so much that he sent His son to die for you,call on to Jesus in prayer and He will! bring heeling into your life,He will heal you from your drug addiction and help you to become a better mom, just by you asking this question you are crying for help and He can answer your cry for help, I will aslo keep you in prayer ok. When He helps you ,you can be a help to other women in this situation to.Hang in there you are loved, Hope to hear from you when you get better.

If your husband doesnt love you, he is not worth worrying about. Go to your doctors and get help with the drug problem. All children look up to their parents, you can be a good role model for them if you want to be. Suicide is not a good option, what about your kids and the other people that you leave behind? You can make it, and it doesnt have to be on your own, there are many support groups out there that can help.

Carmen S
Suicide is not the answer. Some believe that makes everything better but it only makes things worst. 1. Get off the drugs. 2. If you can't afford to get help, I am sure there are options for those who want help but can't afford it. 3. When you are strong enough leave the idiot that doesn't love you. Life is short enough for you to be thinking of ending it sooner. And talk to a preacher or priest, they counsel also.

Get medical advice, things are never that bad!;

I'm sure you're a very good mum. Leave your husband if he doesn't love you and take your child and go seek help for the drugs. Once you're clean you will see things differently.

London Girl
Suicide is NEVER EVER a good idea. It is the END. Take one day at a time and try to get help to overcome your weaknesses. Focuss on your strengths, and YES you do have them, just look and recogize them.

You can got over drugs,
You are not a crap mum, but you will be if you kill yourself and leave your child without a mum
If you husband cant help you get help from somebody who can

Learn to love yourself so that others will love you too. Not easy, but YOU CAN DO IT>

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