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 How much paracetamol do you need to take to kill yourself?

Additional Details
Ok thanks for all the useless answers. Dont worry about it. Already taken 3000mg plus 6 prozacs probably too late then....

 Am I weird?
Am I weird? I feel like I don't hate people. Also, I am not jealous. i am actually a well wisher. I have noticed a lot of people are opposite of me. It makes me depressed. I don't mean to ...

 I can't think straight!?

 Have you ever reached a point in your life....? HELP?
In which you didn't want to live anymore
. where you were alone and angry and mad at yourself for not being able to express on paper what you were going through. as an artist i am going in ...

 Ok is sleep walking normal?
once i was sleep walking i ended up driving my car and went to the gas station that is 7 blocks away i woke up and i was standing in the gas station buying coffee is this normal im getting scard!!!<...

 Help! I'm sooo nervous I can't sleep!?
I'm going skydiving tomorrow, and instead of resting up so that I can enjoy it I am freaking out! I keep imagining myself standing there about to fall out, and I get this feeling in the pit of ...

 Italy is invading England... God Save The Queeeeeeen!!!?

 All of you people are RETARDED !?
Take your zyprexa, lithium and effexor.

Go get diagnosed by the all knowing psychiatrists.

You all have "Borderline Personality Disorder" because you are disagreeable. ...

 Who here has had their heart broken?
i have, it hurts like heck.. </3...

 How scared (1-10 with 10 very scared)would you be around a person with multiple personalities?
In any setting-on average....

 Why would anyone commit suicide?
In my experience I have known three and also know of a few others, only one made a slight bit of sense....

 Help! Thoughts of suicide. Too many things going on in life!?
I need help. My mind is running wild with thoughts of suicide but i am afraid to go seek the proper help. i am scared alone and confused. my life has just been a chaotic mess right now. i dont know ...

 Why is there so much hate when it is easier to love and be kind?
People seem to judge and show no compassion for ...

 Why am i not eating?
i have recently reduced my intake of food! i have eaten one meal every two days. i know this is unhealthy but i just cannot eat. i feel hunger but i feel emocinally better when i starve myself. i ...

 How can I tell my psycologist I'm suicidal?
I've been planning to kill myself for months now. I wrote out a suicide letter to my brother, the only family member I'm close to. I enclosed a CD I made for him of songs I thought he'...

 I am addict to yahoo answer but i need to go to bed, what can i do?
somebody help!!!!...

 Why arent you asleep like most "normal" people,its late!!?

 Okay, my friend keeps self-harming, how do i get her to stop?
She keeps cutting herself and she's done it for ages now. She won't get help and I want to help her, what should she do?
She is also bulimic (throws up her food.)

Please, ...

 What would you do if you felt like going insane any minute now?
What would you do?

Have you ever felt like your going insane in your mind and thought?

How do you control yourself from going insane?
Additional Details
Have you ...

 Dont like myself...trying to change that....?
i was emo for awhile ( i STOPPED cutting) but am still insecure with myself.
i cannot find anything that i like about myself...
and i think im horribly ugly (no pic, srry)
whenever im ...

How long does it take for you to get ready in the morning from out of the bed to out the door?

I usually take anything from half an hour to an hour. However if i am in a rush i know i can get ready and exit the house within 5 minutes!

Though it is important to have some personal time in the morning. For many people the early hours of the day are the only time they have to themselves as they might be rushed off their feet for the rest of the day.

Listen to music, read the paper, dance to the morning radio tunes, watch some television, perhaps surf the internet, take time over getting ready or anything that tickles your fancy.

Though not forgetting to make time for that all important meal of the day - BREAKFAST!!

As a student mental health nurse i would advise that you enjoy the time between being in bed and rushing out of the door, as this is a major determinant as to whether your spirits will be high or low :)

Jo xx

not more than 1 min to get ready and get out of my bed door

20 minutes if Im not washing my hair, less if I showered the night before.

60 min

one hour, more if I'm tired and groggy.

one hour usually.but it varies.

About a half an hour sometimes less just depends on how long I decide to stay under the hot water

5 minutes, I'm a Marine!

depends, if I'm in a hurry - 20 minutes, if not, up to one hour...

45 mins MAX

40 minutes

25 minutes

well it meant to take bout half an hour but i never get up in time so 15 mins the rest on the bus

Depends if I got up late. About 45 min.

Half an hour if I shower in the morning and 15 minutes if I shower the night before!

15 minutes.

London Lady
an hour - have to wait for bath, feed the kids, the cats the hamster and the fish.........and get dressed and a little makeup ...phew - exhausted already !!!

about an hour...... but I always leave with wet hair..... now if I have no plans for the day im OCD-ing, and take many many hours, just nursing a cup of coffee, and putting off a shower

50 minutes. I am getting myself ready. Helping my husband off to work and getting my two daughter ready for school. I don this less than an hour!

Usually takes me an hour but since I started answering questions on yahoo while I eat my breakfast it takes a lot longer.

Girls can do it faster..

Shave in 4 mins
shower with hair do...15 mins...
dress w/o care...2-3 mins

nature call! As per god's wishes....

30 minutes

In a hurry 20 minutes.
Taking my usual time, 60 minutes.
Allowing myself 2 hours, priceless.

2 mins flat

♥ valerie ♥
It depends. But I think its really hard 2 wake up on monday morning. Actually, I hate monday so much! Monday morning is always a BIG BURDEN 4 me.

Godson.......here and after
20 mins.

2 hours

20 mins

depends on what day it is for me, sometimes I take forever because i know I have time, other days it takes about 20 mins.

In a real hurry, just 10 minutes, but if I have more time I get up 1.5 hours before , have breakfast, check e-mails, meditate..

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