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How long can you go without sleep before you start going crazy?

Baba Yaga
It would depend to some extent on the individual. I know the US military has done a number of studies on sleep-deprivation on the battlefield. They were hoping to drug up their soldiers to keep them going (during the Gulf War). Apparently, no such wonder-drug was isolated by the US military researchers. The soldiers 'lost it' anyway. You may find some references to this research by searching the internet.

according to professionals,going without sleep for consecutive 35 to 50 hours will make your mind drop into a confused state and you;ll start hallucinating then going crazy.

Being narcoleptic, it can vary for me. Sometimes I desparately need sleep as early as 3 hours after getting up from a 10-hour sleep. When I say 'desparate' I mean I could go crazy and be very moody, agry and unable to think if I don't get that sleep. If I don't take my medication for a while then all this can happen, however, with medication I suppose I could go probably for 24 hours without sleep like any normal person would be able to but I've never tried it. I suppose if I over-medicate I could go for 48hrs. By the way, if you took my medicine you'd probably wouldn't feel the need to sleep for a full 48hrs! LOL!

just ask jo
its 30 hours but not recomeneded that u try it as ur body need to rest while u r awake your mind is on the go all the time & u could get over loaded with info
if you ever did that it would prob take you just as long to get over it you can become very ill through it
so i would never try it

Not Ecky Boy
Well I am in a unique position to answer this because I work with some real macho "American driller" types. Who think they can stay awake on the job for 48 hours at a time.

Once a person has been awake for more than 24 hours their decision making abilities are dramatically reduced. They can handle normal situations, but are unable to rationalise ABnormal situations.

About 24hrs then i go craaazy!

About 42 Hours.
.....Did you ever watch "touch the truck" presented by dale winton?

They had a load of people in a shopping center who had to stay awake and keep touching a truck...the last person left still touching it at the end was the winner.....people started halucinating after about 2 days....the best being the polish guy who started talking about seeing butterflies!

Anymore than four or five nights without any sleep would cause confusion, disorientation, paranoia and hallucinations. You would not become unwell in the sense that people with illnesses such as bi-polar disorder and shcizophrenia do but you would have similar symptoms. It is very rare for this to happen and even when people suffer from insomnia they do not go completely without sleep, they just have varying degrees of reduced sleep.

Well I can tell you this 3 yrs ago I took a bus from ontario to british columbia 3 and a half days Never sleeping when I got to b.c I was actually hallucinating strange stuff and felt really weird

i once stayed awake for 4 whole days and at the end i had no sense of balance and i fell down my stairs and knocked myself out. my speach was a little drunken too. so i guess that if you saw me that day then you would of thought i was crazy!


ive gone 48 and been perfectly fine.... and my friends have too (science mid-term studying)/music practicing... nuthin' happened

Generally three days or more without any sleep at all will bring on auditory and visual hallucinations and sometimes paranoia.

according to my wife it begins before I wake up

Ive done it since I was 9 or 10 and I have actually improved intellectually

I suffer insomnia from time to time and often go 40 hours with little or no sleep, and I've never yet had hallucinations. Currently, I've had no sleep at all in the last 25 hours, and it's only 10am, and I feel fine.

About 30 hours...then I am loopy as all get out!

I was sick once and awake for about 48 hours straight and I started getting really paranoid (my phone rang late at night and my heart starting beating really fast because I thought someone had died!) and I was hearing things. It was crazy!

make your self a cup of cammomile tea and 3 drops of lemon
and sleep

For some people, it's just 10 hours but the majority can last for 30 plus hours because they start behaving aggressively.
Subtract 5 hours for a full moon...seems to happen sooner

40 nights....

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