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 I forgot my question. I was going to ask a very profound question. Why do I forget my questions?

 Have you ever thought about suicide?
Like that was the only way to get rid of your problems, like when you are extremely stressed out. And you ask yourself, why am I here, why am I alive, and can I handle real life, and what to do....

 Would u consider this normal?
I got this new job and it's very boring. 2day was my 8th day. As soon as I get into the small store (where I work) I start looking at the clock to see how many hrs more I have 2 work.


 What is the best way of getting rid of tension?

 I quit smoking cannabis 2 years ago?
but over the last month i've been smoking it daily again.
now i'm trying to stop again and have not had any since last tuesday, but since then i've been feeling a bit grotty & ...

 How many hours of sleep do you need for a good night rest.?

 If I jump in front of a moving truck and died, would that be considered suicide, or just an accident?

Additional Details
Okay guys, this was just a pathetic cry for help. I do want to kill myself; I just figured I'd ask since ...

 How much does it annoy you when you get told to cheer up?
This Is More Annoying When The Person Telling You To Cheer Up Knows Your Severly Depressed. It's Bad Enough When It Comes From A Stranger
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 I suffer severe depression,so does my brother and sister,do u think depression is genetic?

 Do you ever wonder what's the point of going to sleep?
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 How should I fight depression?
I would prefer to find out a method that doesn't implies pills!...

 I am a gay.But I cant live with it .I need cure or death?

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 Is it normal?
is it normal to start crying/getting upset for no reason as i have this problem plz ...

 Does God want us to live in fear?
Growing up, my mother raised me to believe that I should never be happy with what I have, because then God will take it away. So I'm always fearful something horrible will happen in life. It...

 What made you happy today?

if u cut urself then does that mean ur emo??
Additional Details
im not askingthis question becuase i wanna be emo for gosh sake!!!!!...

 Can unhappiness or broken heart kill you ?
If you are emotionally upset and very unhappy can it shorten your life or eventually kill you ? Like a heart attack ?

Can you die of a broken heart ?

I think you can .....

 How do I explain to my grandma why I tried to kill myself?

I'm 17, live with my grandma

 I cant allow myself to eat?
I'm 17... i use to have a eating disorder... or at least the doctor was worried about how thin i was.. that was when i was 12..... i put on weight and weighed 140 lb when I'm 5'7.. ...

How do you react when someone knocks on your door or rings the door bell?
Are you like me and act all suspicious and creep up to it as if it's an axe murderer, or do get all excited or expectant about who it might be?
Additional Details
Which category should that have been in. I thought for me it was appropriate.

depending on the time of day or night, if its day time then i get excited if its in the evening or late at night i get a little worried, my family just rap the door and walk on in so if they dont do that then i wonder who it is.

I live in a flat and when someone buzzes y door i jump right out of my seat! The buzzer's so loud it scares me! And my intercom doesn't work so i creep down the stairs to see who is it before I let them in, which is a nusence. Sometimes, when i know i'm not expecting a visit from someone, i just leave whoever it is outside!

susan will of the wisp
I just answer the door

Courtney T
if its late at night i tend to freak out alot. but my friends all know to call before they come or their not coming into my house(especially my bf since he has a key)

It doesn't bother me, just look out the window first to see who it is.

if im on a up day i will answer if im on a down day i have the tendency to hibernate so i ignore it

I leap out of my skin because i can't get used to the interfering loud noise it makes, i almost can't stand it. I love peace and quiet, sharp sounds really are not agreeable with me. I peer in my hole in my front door and look at them before i answer , then i unlock my double locking system lol

If I'm at home alone with my kids, I'll be very cautious and very surreptitiously peek out to see who it is before I'll open the door. If my hubby's at home I'll whip the curtain back to see who it is, and I don't care if the visitor catches sight of me (like my hubby is any deterrent if it's an axe murderer). If I'm expecting someone, I just open the door.

The best is yet 2 come.........
i'm like you all suspicous and wary i put a intercom in to avoid feeling like this.

Whatever or whoever it is...
If an evil: Woow my life's gonna be a little funnier...more action.
If an angel: Gee I've got the nice person to come to me.

I live alone, so sometimes don't answer it if I don't know whose calling. They can call me on the phone first. Usually it's double glazing people anyway.

I think: 'why won't the bells stop ringing in my head'?! Then I realise it's actually the door bell so I answer it :)

Huggles [mozzafan]
oh god yes, i'm soo scared becuase its normally some fit lad, of my brothers friends

god i cant even go near the door lol

yeah i get all suspicious, thinking "oh god who is this? do i owe someone money? (avon or betterware!) (uk) hope not ive got none!" and yeah i usually think its an axe murderer or something!

oh c'mon
It's heavy footsteps that get me. I figure an axe murderer isn't going to knock. My friend and I solved this anxiety problem by putting a big ole dummy in my window with a can of beer in his hand.

I cringe. Oh God, what neighbor do I have to talk to now.

Neither...I just feel annoyed
I worry that if I open the door I will find another person asking for money or selling stuff that I don't want!
It is hardly ever a present for me or a flower delivery :(

Think Dodger Blue
"Oh great another Jehovas"

I get scared if I don't know who it is. Very often I am upstairs in my bedroom and ignore it.

I am suffering with PTSD which is causing me to have depression & anxiety so I find it very stressful and I know I shouldn't.


suspicious sounds right but an axe murderer nah. just a who are you and what do you want seems the im suspicious about you knocking at my door way to greet someone.

I get nervous and paranoid and my mind starts racing and I start wondering who is at the door and why they are bothering me. Stay away from me! *Swings a torch around*

I ignore it.. I am ususally upstairs anyways.. if they didn't say they were coming, I have no obligation to answer the door at all .. if it is the mailman.. he can leave a note. If it is important enough, I figure they can just come in and make themselves a sandwich or yell my name. I haven't locked the door once in the 5 years I have lived here. All my family/friends know my dogs.. the dogs will stay quiet and get really mad if a stranger stumbles in.

willie 57
Who the bloody hell is that!!?

For whatever reason I don't like unexpected visitors. I hate when the door bell rings and I didn't know someone was coming over.

I always think it is going to be something bad.

Bom Chicka Wa Wa
i think, oh bollox now i have to get up!

depends what mood i'm in. Mind you its always someone wanting my children to come out

lilian c
no i think who the bloody hell is this knocking now!!

Jacuzzi Lover
Everytime the doorbell rings, I think it is the police because for the last 10 years my husband's ex wife would alway call the police for stupid a** reasons.

windy miller
8 stone german shepherd usually gets to the door before me

I just get up and answer it politely, unless it them bloody Jehovah's witnesses again!!! and then I answer and tell them about the devil.

scott m
i think who wants my body now

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