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How do you get over your hate for someone?
Have you ever hated someone so badly that no matter what, all you can do is think about them and how much you hate them everyday? How do you get over that? How do you let go of a grudge?

just say im sorry

say "im sorry"

brandon p
Yell at them.

1. Get over yourself - You should never hate a person that badly.

2. Pray

3. Join a gym

Get revenge on them.

Don't apoligize. Just stop thinking about it. Think about cute little bunnies or something. Don't let them get to you.

Think about why you hate them in the first place, if it is that this person is bringing so much negativity into your life, get yourself away from that environment. It is not healthy for you to have all that pent up hate against someone who probably doesn't give a **** that you hate them in the first place.

So, instead of wasting your time and energy on negative people who bring negativity to your life, move on..and just leave them and the hate behind.

The best thing I can tell you is that you need to be able to forgive them. I also have someone that has done some things to me in the past that have hurt me very much. I have realized that by holding on to that I am not hurting them only myself. You need to realize that too. Once you are able to forgive them then you will be able to let go of the grudge and not before then.

I know how you feel especially if you see there sorry a** just about everyday. The best thing I can think of is distance yourself and try not to be around them or see them ever again.

Veteran Garfield
Probably one of the most difficult things you will ever have to do in your life. Forgive if you can, you will never forget. Simply do the best you know how with your own life and you will be rewarded.

Forgive them, it doesn't hurt them that you are hanging onto the grudge. It is hard and just because you forgive them does not mean you approve of what they did to you. Good luck-keep on truckin'

i know how it feels. But u just have to let go. The hate is only gonna consume you and your life will be gone forever. Either make peace with the person or make peace with yourself and that hate has to go away. Just know that the person you hate is probably going on with their lives without caring that you hate them. Dont deal with unneccessary pain and heart ache. You deserve to be happy and if you let go of the hate it will turn out great for you. If you can achieve this, you won.

well just move on with life is too short to waste your time on those little things you should about good things not the bad ones that will get you to no way because all you think about is bad things. just get over it you can forgive but you can not forget. be happy don't worry. good luck

hate is heavy

When you realize that you're wasting time over someone who isn't giving a moment's thought to you. He's moved on doing whatever it is that he's doing, and you're allowing yourself to be bludgeoned by this person again and again and he isn't even lifting a finger. Is he really worth your time?

☼Jims Brain☼
When u learn that life is too short to hold a grudge!

Georgia Girl
Just let it go or it'll eat you up..surround yourself with pleasant people and beautiful things.

I am happy to note that you have realised that to hate is injurious to your own health, mental health, nerves and affects you so much that day in and day out that thought is upper most affecting your concentration on other routine work.I am really sorry for you and what had happened.
May the hate is due to some thing that person did you , said, or did not do, cheated you, etc.We do not know what it is. It may not be just one instance but a continuos sequence of events leading to such an extreme hate and now it has burst out.You may go to any extreme extent even as a revenge.
Please do not get worked up. Some people 's face itself we do not like. May be they look nice outside but are rotten inside. How can you find out from outward appearance a rotten apple.But something inside us tell us dont look at them even.
The best thing is to avoid their company. Keep a distamnce. Even if you happen to meet dont even smile and dont talk, If forced to speak just say hello and move off quickly.
Dont even think about them.Never get excited or worked up.
Try to forget all incidents as a bad dream.Start afresh.
If hate or anger comes dont burst out but get over it by keeping
silent and just pray to LORD , for giving you strength to be calm.
It takes time but you would do it.

Paxil always helps me with my obsessions.

Pray for them and ask that God brings happiness into their lives. Do this for a while and be as sincere as you can be. Your heart and soul will be purged of the hate and anger that is in it now. You must free yourself from these feelings of hate as they will destroy you and the person you are hating will never even know how you feel.

Forgive, forgive, forgive. Daily. As long as you are angry, you are their slave.

I understand all about the hate thing, the answer is it depends on WHY you hate the person, did they sleep with your spouse, then no you probably will NEVER get over that, did they forget your birthday, I dunno maybe. But the thing is you hate this person because you care, hate is not the opposite of love or like, hate is a VERY pasionate feeling that you put time and energy into, so if you truly hate this person the best way to "get over it" is learn not to care. Because INDIFFERENCE is the opposite of love and like, and requires no energy, no time, no effort. Also it's hard to let go of a grudge if you are exposed to the person, or the reason for the hate everyday, so if possible get away from it/them. I hated a friend in high school because she REALLY stabbed me in the back, I hated her a lot, I got over it by telling her boyfriend (who was my lab partner) exactly what kind of a person she was (I called her shallow, which she was) and she confronted me and asked me if I had said it (very loudly and in front of a LOT of people) and I said (in a matter of fact ton, no anger involved) yes as a matter of fact I did, and I (just as loudly) said why... which since she couldn't very well deny what she did made her look shallow to a LOT of people, a year later none of her "new" friends liked her anymore and she was basically friendless, so maybe it was revenge that made me feel better. But I think it had more to do with the fact that I moved on found better friends and was happy with my life without her (and then it was just icing on the cake she ended up alone and miserable). If it's family that has you pissed off, well then I suggest therapy! But if not you will eventually get over it, just find other things to dwell on, everytime you catch yourself thinking about it purposely think of something else that makes you happy (like ice cream, or a certain actor you have the hots for). If it's a friend you have class with or work with, kill them with kindness, it makes you look like a superstar to everyone else AND it just pisses the other person off completely (and you come out the bigger person for it).

I know exactly what you are going through, I had my best friend stolen from me from someone who I thought I could trust and I've had a burning hatred for them ever since, but you just need to let go. Forgive and forget. By staying angry you are letting them win, but by forgiving and forgetting you have the upper hand. Don't let hate consume you, next time you see this person, smile. They won't expect it and seeing the confusion will make you feel better, trust me lol Best of luck to you :)

It's hard. I still hold a grudge over a job I lost years ago, even though I'm waaaaay better off now. I pray that I can be bigger than that, and i resist the temptation to get even with them.

Good luck - wanting to do the right thing is half the battle.

Remind yourself constantly of how much power this person has over you by you obsessing over the hatred. Pray that God will give you love for this person and pray for them everyday. It will get better I promise

ms . BK 030
Think about the fact that you're hurting yourself because actually, they will seriously not end up not caring that you hate them.

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