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How do you deal with people who talk behind your back?
i don't mind them talking behind my back but i don't want them in my life. thanks.

one more thing. if you have such nasty people at work where they could be a threat to your "existence" what do you do. you want to keep them at a distance but they'll just keep pushing just to be mean.

just ignore them if they talking bout u then they must think ur important to waste their to talk about u

david j
I'd ignore them.let them say what they want.

ignor them act like they don't exist.show that they don't bother you and they will leave you alone.

I guess just think of it like this. You are so important to them that they have to talk about you. I guess that makes you a somebody to them.

kimberly k
i try to avoid them if possible. but get me in the right mood, and watch out, my claws come out.

ignore them

if you pay attention to them, you are just as bad as they are

The secret to happiness? Do not worry about what people think about you. Just live as good a life as possible, do as good a job as possible, and all that will take care of itself.

If they make your workplace intolerable, then file a complaint or leave.

don't engage....

does Robin B work with you? Sounds like her....

confront them

Ignore them. When people talk behind you back it has everything to do with them and absolutely nothing to do with you.

its doesnt matter if they are talking bad
they are just jealous
and dont deserve to talk to you anyway

Distance yourself from these kind of people and do not react until you get home. Then try primal scream therapy.

just ignore em, o bust a cap in they a$$

kevin s
well i would comfront them and call them out and they probley scared to tell you in front of your face that's y they talk behind your back

Eliminate them from your life...you should only surround yourself with those who bring you higher. You are like the 5people you hang out. Life is too short to be around negative people. If you see them you dont have to be mean or anything just kill them with kindness but do not let them into your life!

Just avoid them Work is the worst place because everyone is out to get your job by any means possible. Just do your job and good things will happen.

There will always be some one who talk behind your talk.The golden strategy is to IGNORE them.No people at work who really are busy working rather than broadcasting info about co-workers.

finger chi blast
well, sad to say, people like these cannot be avoided. Its up to you if you want to get affected.

3 things you could possibly do: ignore them (if its not worth wasting your time to confront them), or you can confront them( but they'll probably deny it), befriend them(but be sarcastic as hell).
talk to them and befriend them that way since you konw it or even if your paraniod you ll be the bigger person, dont give them anything to talk about. If that doesnt work da' hell wit' em. Kill them with kindness but dont be too kind....like opening up to them.. or dont give them anything to talk about.....just conversate on their side not yours (if you know what i mean), be sarcastic.

in the bible it says to be friends with enemies (dont know the exact scripture but you can look it up if you want)
theres also another thing that i believe which is there is no such thing as a "true" enemy cuz sooner or later your enemies can be your friends and your friends as enemies

or you can attack them back by looking for dirt cuz everyones got dirt. Then you can start rumors.

Tiffany G
Confront them. Its always worked for me. If it doesnt stop either call HR or quit. Or maybe asked to be transfered if possible or change shifts if possible.

You shouldn't have to put up with bullies in your workplace. You can't always avoid them and you can't always ignore them. Depending on the situation and who is involved you may need to have a meeting with yourself and the aggrivator as well as your boss to clarify the situation.

You'd think in the grownup world people would stop acting like 13 year olds but sometimes you still need someone bigger, stronger (and with control over their paychecks) to make them play nice.

Strange Ball
kick them in the nuts

i laugh in their faces n give them something else to talk about...i dont like to feel threaten so i would confront them ppl n if i have to i would show them whos the threat but ur not like me...im aggressive n i dont like nasty ppl like that...i would lose my job n go to jail.i would recommend u too look around for another job before thing get out of hand...it doesnt seem like a good atmosphere or enviroment to work in.

I'd be wary of being so confident "they" are talking behind your back. If your feeling especially paranoid obtain some evidence, keep it to yourself, (and possibly obtainees!) then use this carefully to your advantage.

If they even remotely give a *)*( you'll be able to turn the situation around.

here's the deal Sheri....people talk, you do it too. we may not always like it and there is no controlling it.

just think about the fact that yes... you do it too. it does not make us bad just communicators.

I try to give people good things to talk about. Hey but I am by no means a saint or perfect. It is just much more fun to be outside the norm. and people will have something to say to someone. oh well.

You have no control over what they say or where they say it -- you only have control over how you react to it. Ignore them and when they realize that you aren't reacting to their taunts and teases, they will probably give up. If their actions are a problem in the workplace you need to speak with your supervisor because they are, in effect, bullying and harrassing you.

You just ignore it. Even if you don't do anything worth gossiping about, some people will make stuff up about you. The reason is because they're idiots.

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