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Wanda C
How do you cure a cold heart?
How do you cure a cold hearted person and why do they become that way?
Thanks for your answers in advance! :)

Walk around the block four times at 3:00 a.m. without spitting on the sidewalk.

a heating pad[:

put it in the microwave hahaha man i am on a roll today.. yeah sorry i have no idea

put it in the microwave

Don Glarr
Get them a puppy. Let them get to know it for about a week. And then cut its throat in front of them. If that doesn't work, you should just try to show them love, and maybe they will learn from your example.

circa 1980
You cannot change anyone, so don't bother attempting. Especially if someone is really that cold-hearted...what do they care?

fri it lol

C'est Moi
THERE IS NO CURE. SORRY... It's their lack of empathy. Its a flaw.

Jennifer T
Sadly enough it is usually because they were raised that way. Something caused them to be that way. The only was to cure it is for them to go to therapy..

The Troll
By staying away from your mom.

Mrs Wilkins
fried ice cream becuase it doesn't have bones

drink some tea :)

Chris P

Seriously, though, most cold-hearted people are deeply disappointed in some aspect of their life. They still want to be happy, but think that they can't be because of reason X, whatever that is: childhood abuse, divorce, death of a loved one, or that they just don't think they are getting their way.

I don't think there is any way to "cure" a cold-hearted person; it's an inside job. What you can do, though, is try to see how this person expresses himself or herself. They are usually reaching out to people in their own way, and if you can find out what that is you can bring them a lot of joy. The problem is some people are so far gone they won't let anyone in, or what they expect is so demanding or unacceptable to the person they are seeking it from that a relationship cannot be continued.

Give him so much lovin' that he melts from the HEAT!

You can never truly "cure" a person, only aid them when they need help.

Many people who do not love, or are weary of loving become this way from something in their past or in their present. For instance, someone could have been abandoned by their parents, and left to fend for themselves throughout the years...or bad break up could have turned them sour. It all really depends.

If you wish to help someone, you must let them know that it is okay to cry; it is okay to feel. You must let them realize that someone out there loves them, and that is you. Having normal conversation, and eating dinner together is a great way to get insight of this person's life. You never really know a person until you walk a mile in their shoes, as they say. The most you can do is open your heart and hope they walk in. :)

People become like that because they've been hurt or have lost their faith in others...Smother them with love - taking it slow at first, and eventually it will melt!

theres not really any way to cure a cold hearted person . & maybe they became that way becasue someone hurt them in the past ..

Try sticking a platypus down your throat you noob.
P.S. Keep on Lovin'

Whoaa trying to change people. Sounds like a whole lotta rejection to me... many girls make that mistake.

But I suppose this person may just need some hugs and kisses (:

But if you get hurt in the process, just forget about it... it's how my friend got depressed and started loathing herself.


!ale in wonderland !
sometimes its because they have hatred
or they just cant forgive
alot of times a cold hearted person is dieing for someone to help but it never comes along
the best thing i would do is be patient with the person and kind and loving
i think only god can cure a cold heart but thats my opinion

Somebody with a cold heart has usually suffered and something has happened in their life to make them that way. It’s usually something very personal. You just have to shine the light in their life, make them happy.
I guess, “melt the ice”. It takes a lot of work, and a lot of time, but if somebody is willing to stick it out with them then it’ll happen in time.


You keep loving it. Why they become that way covers a multitude of answers. The WHY doesn't matter as much as your question "how do you cure it?" You are very thoughtful and caring to be concerned about this. Many cold hearts have never been loved, or have been treated coldly. You can continue to show your love and concern, no matter what, and show that cold-hearted person that they have found someone who cares.

Special K
You can't cure them, they have to cure themselves and most likely they won't change. It is a defense mechanism. Fear is a terrible thing.

Just give them some love and it'll all work out better. Try to become there friend and let them know they're not in it all alone.The answer is LOVE...

You cannot cure a cold heart in another. It is up to them to cure themselves. And they have to decide that they want to first. They may not think there's anything wrong with them.

i don't know
do nice things for them and wait until being nice rubs off on them

just give they 9.00 dollar or a rose

Hyo Jung K
If the person has a cold heart because of something traumatic that happened in her life, try getting a psychologist or therapist for help. If it's just their personality (like me in Real life:P) than your probably out of luck, cause that's just who they are. If you truly want to cure a cold heart, might as well go to the source and help her with that.

find out what they are passionate about and try to focus on that.

M v
They have been hurt to many times...............you cannot cure how someone feels........but you can show them to trust again.

I have a cold heart... that is a REALLY hard question. I have my girlfriend crying right in front of me and I can't feel a thing. She seriously hurts because of this. I wish I had an answer for you. I have to pretend that I have feelings so that she calms down. Give her a hug and apologize. People who are like me, if they feel like I feel, are perceived as selfish and self loving, when really it feels like there is an emptiness inside all the time. maybe it was that I was hurt a long time ago and now I put up walls because I didn't like the hurt. I think this could be the case. You need to show that person what it is to feel again. Make them vulnerable, it is hard, but everyone is different and everyone has a soft spot. Mine is generally an empty bed haha, I don't like when I sleep alone, so maybe mine are coming down a bit, but in conflict they fly right back up, so it isn't that you aren't taking them down but they are used as a defensive mechanism from letting anyone get too close, or close enough to hurt them.

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