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How do you ask your doctor to cure your anxiety & depression?
"I have anxiety that causes me depression. Can you cure me?"??? Is that what I should say to my doctor? Is that how you should start off? WHAT DO YOU SAY???


Jenny G
I don't bother with fancy doctors. I just pray for courage and strength. It has never failed me.

Your doctor cannot cure you, but he can prescribe medication for you. It depends on if you want a particular drug or if you really want help.

If you want xannax or adderal the you should just ask for it. You can say that someone you know has taken the drug successfully and you think it will work for you.

Shinichi Kudo
You shouldn't think about something very hard because it isn't very well. You should do sport and listen to music or do something. You should relax when you finish your homework because you need a relax time after you do your homework. You should relax after you think about very hard. For example: listen to music, watch television, play sport with your father or play chess. Don't worry your anxiety and depression because my idea is very good for you becaue I've ever spent it. ^^

I would just tell them that "I've been pretty depressed lately and have felt very overwhelmed and have bad anxiety. I was wondering if there's something you could do that would help me?"

dionne m
Doctor, I think I may need some anxiety pills.

I actually had an anxiety attack and I described the symptoms to my doctor and he prescribed a medication for anxiety. That might be all you need - you say that your anxiety leads to depression then if you deal with the anxiety - your depression should go away. Although, my friend takes an anxiety med along with an anti-depressant and she is a happier person since she has been taking those meds. Good Luck with your situation.

Alexis R
Go to your regular doctor first. Call and schedule an appointment. When the receptionist asks the reason for the appt, just say for anxiety and depression. That way your dr will have a heads up as to why you're coming in. Explain to your doctor that you have anxiety that is leading to depression. He'll probably ask you for examples so he can really narrow down your diagnosis. Just go in there and be totally honest with your dr. Thats what I did. My dr prescribed me meds and then gave me a referral to a psychiatrist.

Just tell your doctor. I was diagnosed with GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) years ago, but I never had depression, I got very nervous. It can go either way, just depends on how your brain handles it.

You doctor will most likely have you talk to a Physciatrist. Not because he thinks you are a wack job, but because Physciatrist are Medical Doctors that specialize in the brain. Psycologist dont go to medical school and cant give you a perscription.

I was on a light perscription for a few years, but I grew out of it. It can trigger during puberty or times of new stress. Its normally a chemical inbalance in the brain. The physciatrist will try and figure out what it is that is making the chemical changes happen. They most likely will give you some medication why they work it out.

Just tell you doctor you are having anxiety which is causing depression. It wont be the first time he has heard it, and there is nothing wrong with you because you feel it. The physciatrist might have you try Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Its just something to help you try and figure out what is your trigger. You can usually find out what your trigger is, which over time will help you control it.

There is nothing wrong with you, and its an easy question to ask. Its nothing to be ashamed of, after you talk to your doctor you might want the doctor to explain it to your parents, your spouse, significant others whatever. Its hard to explain it to people that have never had it. The doctor does a better job. Its actually pretty common.

If you want any links or good things to read about it, just send me an email. I have tons of paperwork.

Good Luck

Go to your doctor and tell him/her that you think you are depressed. She'll know what to ask and answer her questions honestly. Based on your answers she can diagnose you properly.

The first step is telling her, not asking her to treat you for something you think you have.

exactly that, that you think you have anxiety and depression

I would be honest with the doc. Say you are experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression. Explain the symptoms and how they are effecting your life. Be honest. Hopefully you and your doc can discuss a plan for you to get better. Both are treatable and should not be taken lightly.

When I first talked to my doctor. I was very straight and said I have been feeling down alot lately. I think I even said I think I have depression. She asked me some questions and ran a few blood tests to make sure it was not a thyroid or other problem. She prescribed me antidepressants. Unfortunately after several trials of different drugs she was not able to get the right mix. She then refered me to a psychiatrist who has since been able to find the right combo and I have been doing well for almost 2 yrs now. If you have any questions drop me an email.

I dont think u should ask him to cure u. I think ur better off tellin him how ur feelin and askin him how he thinks u can b helped. The most common treatments r therapy and/or medication. Wat u r describin is very normal though n u should not fear askin him for help at all.

Tell your doctor all of your symptoms. Only a doctor can make a proper diagnosis. After you have the right diagnosis, you can begin the right treatment.

And usually, depression is treated, not "cured." Medication and talk-therapy can be very effective in helping people return to a normal, productive life. But don't be discouraged if you sometimes have short depressive episodes even with treatment. This is normal and temporary.

But you are right to talk to your doctor and begin treatment. Good for you.

Well, there actually is no "cure" for anxiety or depression. The good news is, it's totally managable. There are a lot of meds out there in different groupings that could help you. Also, some antidepressants go together really well with some anti-anxiety meds. Some meds even work for both.

I would start out just by describing your symptoms as honestly and as detailed as possible to your doctor. I'm sure he/she will assess the situation and try whatever med(s) are the best for you.

*october girl*
Yes, say that, but know that you will not be "cured" even if you take the medicine, if you are not doing actions that will help you too.

You tell your doc that you think you may be depressed and would like some help.

During my divorce, i went through this and when i told my doctor how i was feeling, he prescribed paxil and arranged time with a councillor.

I have anxiety that is so extreme, I get panic attacks from time to time. I agree with praying as I am a Christian. However, I am a Christian who has worked in the mental health field and have seen medication work wonders for people. So don't feel ashamed if you need to ask your Dr for help. About seven years ago I had gone through a really rough patch and was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I started out by being honest with my Dr. and she suggested a mental health expert for me to talk to. It worked wonders. Within a couple of months I was back to my old self. She tried me on different types of anti-depression drugs but I didn't really need them. She also placed me on an anti-anxiety medication for when I felt anxious etc. That helped alot. The depression is gone but I still have anxiety from time to time. Just be honest with your doctor and tell him/her whats going on. That's what their there for. If that doesn't work then see someone else. Take Care.

whatever you do, take it from me, stay away from xanax! that will control your mind & control the way you act. very adicting. i waz on it 4 20 yrs for RLS, getten off of it is a *****, withdraws like you would never imagine. i did it though, it took me to hell & back. ther r newr meds out there to take now. for depression & anxiaity. whatever you take, read the sideafects, & warnings

I would simply say - I think I'm suffering from anxiety and depression. He/she will take it from there and ask you questions.

Jennifer m
I would just tell your doctor all of your symptoms that you are having and tell them that it is affecting your daily life, and ask them if they can help you or suggest someone else who can. Such as a counselor, or another physician.

Army mom
I don't think I'd ask if they could "cure" me.
I would tell the doctor that "I am have been feeling very anxious and depressed lately and need to discuss what kind of treatment you would recommend."

Well I have the same and what I did was just explain what I have been feeling and then they usually will let you know what you have even though you know and then they will offer you some options like medication which I am on and helps a bunch or they will ask about doing therapy which I also have and helps a bunch or they will ask if you want to do both which I do and the combo works wounders. Good luck.

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