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How do i help a crack addict get clean?
he's already been to rehab more times than i can count. I am beginning to think that this friend is lost forever. What do you think?

if rehab doesn't help, there's not much else you can do..

dont give up hope, make sure he knows that u still believe in him. U should go to the police and ask if they can give u pics of ppl that have died of overdoses, they did this at my school once and it is truely and eye opener. if you cant get any pics that start telling him that its time to plan his funeral because he is goina die b/c a drugs. mabey it'll scare him clean. And if nothin else get him interested in something like a sport or sumthing he can put time into and keep his mind off of the drug

...until your "friend" is absolutely ready to be helped...not just get "well" for a while, your friend is just being manipulative... The best way to support your friend is put the phone number of a "quality" place of help in their hands and hand "them" the phone... let them "dial" the number and ask for help.... You can't do a thing other then "point the way" (and pray)...

He's (she) not lost forever, but it does take a lot of time and patience to get someone off crack. First, try to eliminate the source where your friend is getting it. I don't know to what extent your friend is addicted, but once they recover, there is always that feeling of wanting it. They just have to be strong enough to walk away. I, myself, was once a crack addict. I was fortunate and strong enough to quit on my own. I got rid of my source and met a wonderful person and have never done it since. However, I have had it offered. I did not have to go to rehab, my body had had enough and I looked in the mirror one night and thought of my kids, that was it. It may help if you move to another part of town or a new town all together. Just get rid of the source!!!

There's not much u can do, crack addiction is a disease that takes complete control on ones life. The person don't eat, sleep, or bathe at times. They live for the drug only until the completely hit rock bottom and is sick and tired of living that way. It can happen by overdose that almost kills them, becoming homeless, don't have no more assess to people that will give them money, or face with jail time. They have to really be ready for a life change and then someone professional can help. When this happens u can be there for your friend and that friend can appreciate then

There is nothing that can be done unless he/she WANTS help and WANTS to get clean. That is obviously not the case. The best thing you can do is to tell him/her that you can no longer be around him/her; that you won't watch them kill themselves. Then leave - don't call, visit, etc. It sounds cold, but you need to live your life & they have chosen to destroy theirs.

If he has been in rehab and that hasnt worked for him, I would believe he has to hit rock bottom on his own to discover he has a bad habit. For most part, they have to want it for themselves. This is a very addiction drug. Now for you to help him, I would just support him in letting him know that you are here for when he needs you, but not to help him buy or sell anything for him to get his drug. They do have some real good rehabs out there that can make him clean with standing in for months at a time, now the ones for 30 day treatments to me arent going to work unless he has his mind up he will quit.... and not go back into the same direction he was with, friends, local areas and such.. Prayers out to him,,, and you for being there as a friend and caring,,,,, ya might want to call the drug addiction 800 # in ur area (look in phonebook, or you can call this # to get a referal in ur area.....1800-861-1768.

♪ Pamela ♫
He needs the help of professionals. In the end, he cannot get clean until he decides to.

Derrick *
If you have the time, then never leave their side. Otherwise, there's nothing that YOU personally as a person can do to guarantee they will get clean. They have to want to get clean, and even wanting doesn't mean it will necessarily happen. They need a bonafide, 24 hour a day partner to keep them from even having the smallest chance of smoking.

sadly u can't. it's a diesease just like alcoholics. i tried to help my dad but he just doesn't wanna. they have to hit rock bottom before they can get help. so for my uncle who's addicted to crack and my dad who's an alcoholic screw em' both for now. but thumbs up for trying to help him!

There are ways that you can help, but it's true you can't help someone unless they want to be helped.
At least you are willing to try to help.

You could try an intervention

Round up a small but very dedicated group of family members and/or close friends with the common goal of getting the concerned party into treatment

Interview and then hire a professional interventionist to help facilitate this very sensitive process
Once on board, the professional interventionist helps the group find the right treatment center for the individual

Make the necessary arrangements for having the person admitted to the chosen treatment program

Plan the place and time to do the intervention

Discuss and then script what each participating person will say during the intervention

Outline what consequences will be leveled against the concerned person should they refuse to agree to go to rehab

Make arrangements for the concerned person to go to drug abuse treatment immediately upon their agreeing to get help

For more information about interventions and how to find the right professional interventionist, you can call this toll-free helpline,
1- 800 567 5986

You say that he has been to rehab several times, and it has not seemed to work so I don't know if an intervention will work, but it will give you, and whom ever else is involved the chance to say how you guys feel.
You can say how much this is hurting you guys, and you hate watching him ruin his life.
You will need to make a plan to perhaps tell him if this behavior continues that you will have to cut all strings, and you must follow through with what you say.
Sometimes it will take for the addict to hit rock bottom before he changes.
He has all these people who care and are there for him so why bother changing?
All you can do is try, and pray it will work.

I wish you the best of luck in your efforts.

You can't help him, you can try to...but people won't change their ways unless they really want to and sometimes they may really want to and it's too hard but they have to be the one willing to make that change. All you can really do is be there for him and maybe hang out with him and do things with him to keep his mind off the drugs.

Well he needs to strengthen his will power. Make him feel better about him self, and throw away the crack so he can't get it. If you want to make him feel complete without the crack, then hang out a lot and show him you really care about him, because it sounds like you do =D


orange jucie /sleep/small healthy meals/obey you/no 2nd chance.

alec c
I think this is a big problem. Russell Brand the stand up comedian has been treated. I would suggest you read up on the web about his situation, I went to hear him talk in person. He has a really honest approach to the subject.

Unfortunately you can not help them unless they are 100% committed to stop. Perhaps get a Tony Robbins tape about addiction would help.

Good luck

Sorry to say it, but recovery from crack cocaine or methaphetamines is extremely low. The cure is all too often death. The solutions are rehab and moving to a new location where sources for obtaining drugs are unfamiliar. That would most likely be a small town, remote from anything large. And still, they will really want and be committed to getting clean. There is really nothing you can do or say that will change them.

Jail, prison or even a hospital will not necessarily seperate an addict from drugs. Their friends will smuggle things in.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Try hot water and a strong detergent

Heather B
People have to want to change for themselves. Nothing you do or say is going to make your friend want to clean himself up if he doesnt want to. Some people have to hit rock bottom before they make a change in there lifestyle....and some people will continue to hit rock bottom and not change anything. Crack/Meth is a horrible problem, if he is a repeat rehab-er, there isnt much more YOU can do to help them.

bring them to australia! its very hard to get here

You may be right. Have you gone to see a psychological counselor for yourself? Have you talked with any of the doctors who have seen him in rehab? These people are professionals who can help you decide what the best course of action to take for you both.

U cant help a crack addict unless they want to be helped and its going to take a lot more people then just u to help them.

an addict has to WANT to
get help. otherwise nothing is
going to work.
my dad is an alcoholic and he wont
stop for anyone or anything and my
mom just accepts it now. its sad.

Lost forever, they have to want to stop and only they can stop it.
Hard for us to sit bye and watch someone throw their life away for that, but sounds like you done what you can.
I would walk away..if that is what they want for their life not much you can do for them when it comes to that stuff.

cant help him send him to jail that seems to work only if his in there for more then a month other wise he will keep useing drugs.

raw and smackdown!!
betta plan funeral crack can kill you instanly tell him good luck in heaven

My brother was also addicted to crack and went into rehab several times. Now he is serving 12 to 25. The usual case is that the addict has to hit rock bottom and survive before they are able to recover. I am not sure about my brother until he gets out. It's a wait and see. If I learned anything, don't believe a word they say. Action speaks louder than just words. Good luck to you and your friend.

I don't recommend you doing this without professional help as the stress and physical risks on both of you is enormous.

mata hari
rehibilation is all i know.

Unfortunately, YOU cannot help him...he needs to help "himself" and to do that, HE has to acknowledge he has a problem....until he does, he will never get help...or be successful at getting, and staying clean....
The best thing you can do...begin to withdraw from this unhealthy person (by that, I mean his lifestyle)...and NOT enabling him...
When an addicted person sees that the people that mean the most to him will no longer put up with him...and are no longer available to him while he's high....he will eventually see that HIS behavior is causing the problem...and hopefully, he will want to change that...
The hardest thing you'll ever do is withdraw and cut-off contact with an addict...but, if you love and/or care for them, you have to...for him, but also, for yourself...you have pull yourself out of their web of lies and deceit..and excuses...sometimes, loving someone means saying goodbye...and letting them fall on their own face...
Wish as you might...you CANNOT save them, fix them, or "talk" sense in to them....
I wish you well...I've been there-done that (with an alcoholic..) and I WISH someone had told me what I just told you....

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