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How do I keep myself from napping?
I've gotten into the bad habit of taking naps at around 4 in the afternoon and want it to stop. I just get really grouchy when I don't and extremely bored. What can I do to occupy that time, usually just about an hour or two, so that I won't take a nap?

wind it up
play the sims2


One sure way is to get out of the house. You have to get up and move around or it will be very difficult not to fall asleep. When I get tired I go for a jog and take a cold shower when I get back. It's counter-intuitive but exercise GIVES you energy.

whatever you do, don't drink more coffee! when taken in large amounts, it can be bad for your health!

Here's what you can do:

Sleep more at night! Be sure to get at least nine hours of sleep each night. When 4:00 rolls around, you won't be grouchy or bored at all. If you still feel sleepy, go outside and excersize, hard. This will make you more sleepy and inclined to drop right off to sleep the next night, which will get you a healthy beauty-sleep.

take some crystal meth. Then you wont sleep for days, even weeks

Example: working out.
Do something that physically tires you out.
Maybe getting a punching bag or something.
You'll probably get tired in about a minute or so.

cena man
whats wrong with sleeping at 4? but if you hate it then you can always do something else like reading, video games, or t.v. but dont watch tv laying down or with a soft and comfty blanket because that always puts me to sleep

Take your nap at 1pm? he he. Why are you not in-titled to your nap? I think it is perfectly fine for you to take a nap if you want. Life is a journey and if you can incorporate it into your day there is no reason why you should not take that time for yourself. If you would rather you could take a bubble bath, light some candles, play some music.

happyday to you
well ypu are tired, and it sounds like you need a nap. i too nap, on my days off,out of boredom and i guess i need the sleep or resting period. if you are that vored, do something about it. do you work?? do you stay home all the time?? if you don't work you should get out more and volunteer, go to the library, see a movie take up a hobby or something to keep you occupied. good luck and merry x mas.

I used to teach school. I would take a nap everyday at 4:00--it was so great.

Now I work 2nd shift --4:00 is tough to get through without my nap. I miss my naps, I really, really do.

But if you don't want to take one, make a daily habit of leaving the house at that time to run errands, go get groceries, etc.

tootsie roll
Stop eating before youire ready for bed

Think Dodger Blue
drink coffee with your lunch
might sound gross but at least it should keep you up

You nap because you probably are not getting enough sleep at night. Your body generally makes you do what you need to do. Why not check out to see if you have sleep problems.

Energy drinks. Kick the sugar though, it's not healthy. Try Sugar-Free RedBull... it gives you wings!

Go for a walk, drink coffee, volunteer anything don't stop moving if you do Nap time LOL!

Exercise more or change your confortable bed for a bed of nails...

Number 3
You could take a bath, watch a movie, go for a walk, phone a friend or have 'relax time'.
I know how easy it is to get in to habits of napping, maybe you could shorten the nap by 5 or 10 minutes a day, and wean yourself off naps?
Good luck x

you have to break the routine and it will be hard at first. your body has to adjust to not taking naps anymore and that takes some time. Take a walk, read a book, clean the house, pick up some sort of hobby. There are thousands of things that you could do, you just need to see what you are interested in and do it.

super woman
do something that you love doing with your family and friends s oyou keep your mind on that suject instead of sleeping

Anything you do in life is a routine - when you eat, sleep etc... You just have to break the habit and it will eventually go away. Try napping every other day at first, or 3 times a week or something. Go shopping during your nap time. I know - get a puppy. Naps will cease.

☼Summer☼ Gurl
Find yourself a hobby that starts at 4:00! I don't know like...yoga or going to the gym or music class,dance class...like a hobby that you do everyday at 4:00! Find something that lasts like an hour

~*Sweet Pea*~
It does not hurt to take naps if you are tired! But if you don't want to go to sleep then get into cross-word puzzles, cross stitch, or different things like that! Just find something you are into that will keep your interested!

hey i had that problem, too. All you can really do is exercise or something, something that will keep you up and moving :)

oo i have that problem too...except its usually at work haha or the second i get home i wanna nap...try finding something to do, like reading a book or chatting online or calling a friend or maybe shopping. you just have to get yourself out of the cycle

It's common to get a lull about that time. You need to eat something before this sets in, especially something with some carbs for your body to use as immediate energy. That should help.

take a walk, do a chore, make a phone call.... :o)

go for a walk

although i hate to, i start cleaning when i get tired. i turn on some music..not slow jams..and start cleaning.

I use to have the same problem what i did was take a walk or i found a game to play or called someone.

Plan on going to the gym at this time. You'll feel a lot better. ~~

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