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elfkin, attention whore
How can you help a depressed and suicidal man who doesn't want help?
he hasn't said the words "i'm going to kill myself" but has called and said things like "l'm just calling to say 'I love you' and i'm sorry for everything." trying to scare me.
it's my husband, we're separated, he's lost his job, and is depressed. he's one of those macho guys who won't go to a doctor. I've tried to make him an appointment to talk to someone, but beyond that, i don't know how to deal with him

Just pray for him and hopefully god will answer your prayers.

Just don't deal with him. There is nothing you can do for him.

tell the police

Being someone who goes through deep depression, I tried to committ suicide about 5 months, by trying to hang myself, but my sister pulled my down. After these last five months, I have realized maybe it was a call for help to anyone who wants to help.

I guess one of the problems I have always delt with is feeling like i am a burden to others.

Based on some of the responses here today, I see many of you want nothing to do with a depressed, suicidal person, But the truth of the matter, is some times, we just need someone to be there for us and talk to us and try to want to be in our lives.

You will find that many people who have mental illness don't really want to hurt themselves, they just feel this world would be better off without them. Its unfortunate that people who have a cold heart and are jaded make a person like me not want to be live.

Of course many of us have familys to be there, but sometimes thats not what we need or want. Some times we need a peer, a significant other in our lives.

I hope see by my resonse, you will see that a depressed and suicidal man may be scarey, but truthfully we are just looking to feel like we are apart of this world and that we matter.

In your friends case, just be there for him, I know emotionally it will be hard to witness his behavior , but in the long run he will either get better because of himself or with your help. Worst case, he will committ suicide and just leave a cloud of guilt of you and his family for not be there more for him in his time of need

hes tryin to mke u feel guilty more than likely i think he needs to get a job something to tke his mind off things. he wants u to look after him and be with him thats why hes sayin things just try to be there but dont become over attached

Rhonda & Cats
I agree. Let law enforcement officials know, they can take him in for mandatory observation. Better that than just waiting for something bad to happen & you did nothing. After that, it's really out of your hands.

it's a difficult time in his life and he needs your friendship, companionship and love and support.

he won't ask for it, we don't. Just be there, try to make sure he eats, try to take him for walks to avoid isolation and the vitamin D from the sun will help his depression.

I recommend a small animal as companionship, it gives a depressed person a reason to get up in the morning and is great unconditional love and companionship to a depressed person.


Linda R
Sounds like mega manipulation to me. I would bet that when you were married you often thought, "If I just understand him, am patient, encourage him, guide him, make him feel good about himself, give him a chance............................he will be wonderful and reach his full potential."

It is not now, nor was it ever, your job to fix him or make his appointments. He is an adult.

If you honestly think he will off himself, get him to promise to call your before he does it. This will give him an escape route and he will probably use it. Then take him to the ER and let them deal with him.

You can't fix him. You can't control what he does. It's not your job. He is an adult. It's his job. Let go.

have the men in white with the straight-jackets come get him. let him think about it for a while as a conseler helps him deal

Contact the nearest hospital and see if they have any sort of outreach nurse. Depending on the state, region, and their levels of service, they may be able to send someone out to do an assessment in the home who can then either put him under an observational hold in the hospital (under police order).

Well, he's reaching ou for help so pay attention...even if you've had it with him & you think it's for attention. Be a better person & contact a hospital or somewhere that can help him!

Understand you cannot control the outcome.

kay of solvingproblems((TALKING)))
TOLK to him.let him express her sensations. bocome relax and spend more of time with him/
notice:persons will change to their groups/freinds/partners...
if the problem exist he must admit in hospital.

Your caring behavior towards him might help some, It's hard to help some-one who doesn't want help. Often, and especially men, they don't know how to ask for help. He sounds depressed, and that affects the thinking and logic necessary to tackle ones problems. Consult with his family and friends and figure out what is best to do. This should not be taken lightly and knowing others care for him may help. Contact a mental health professional and you may get suggestions that will help.

You can't call the police unless you actually heard him say the words that he is planning to kill himself. And even if you did and the police went over there, they cant take him to the hospital unless they really believe he is a threat to himself. It sounds like your ex is having a pity party and you are the guest.

Krazy K
The worst thing you can do is act like you don't care. But 1st you need to decide if this is something that you did or something about him. Maybe an unconfessed secret? Maybe an unforgiving attitude? Maybe its fatigue? Depression is like a rock in your shoe. You must get it out to ease the pain. Maybe he just needs someone to listen to him. Pray for him and love him. Never give up.... Find out the cause of this and then seek answers.

Cutie Pie
try to do things with him to show that your still his friend and your there for him maybe he just need to know you and anyone still cares

You cant force him to get help
If he harms himself and he
seeks medical help they
will put him on a 72 hour
hold in a metal facility.

Maybe you should call the suicide hotline and ask for their advice. Other than that, I wouldn't really know how to deal with the situation. I'm a big proponent of antidepressants, so if you can somehow get him to start taking them, it would probably take the edge off.

Guilt tripping you.

It is not your responsiblility

what the police going to do, they may clean up the mess later, you can have him committed. . .

Most towns/cities have a community organization that you can call that will go and talk with people who are suicidal/severe mental health disorders. They will then use their professional judgment to decide whether it's ok to leave him alone or not. It can be anonymous. Do it sooner rather than later. Even just call your closest mental health facility and ask them for community resources. They will guide you in the right direction.

you can't he has to want to get help for himself, really can't call the police cause they ain't gonna come unless it seems he's bieng threat to himself and others around him

An EX husbannd or wife, is not beyond head games like this.

Also, no one can help in any way, untill that person is ready to except it.

Only alternitive way, is to prove some how, that he is dangerious to him self and others, then police and doctors can move in.

tell him that it's ok and that you forgive him for whatever he's done. and that you love it when he's happy and that you're glad you two are talking. don't make him feel guilty or worthless.

Rachel M
nobody can help him unless he threatens to harm himself or others. There is nothing you can do. Do not get caught up in his crap either. Say to him when he calls you, I want to help you get help but I do not want you to keep calling me and saying these things. If you want help, I will help you. Otherwise, you need to stop calling.

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