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Isa L
How can i stop my husband from smoking crack cocaine it really hurts my feeling when he smokes it?
when he smokes it, he is a total different person. His attitude changes and he accuses me of seeing other people and he kinda spazes out on me he'll try to make me feel like im the ugly person and all i want for him is to get help. ive even told him that he needs help and then he'll get mad and tell me "oh that's right i have a problem" and of course i do tell him yes you do have a problem and he'll get angry at me and will not talk to me and well get into a big argument and then he just wants to walk out on the marriage to me sometimes i feel that the drugs are more important than i am and it makes me feel like im doing something wrong with the marriage. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME OUT PLEEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEE!!!!!!!!!


just take a drink
and calm down

are you typing this at work?
don't go home
not working?
get a job

Turn him in to the police...find a new man that doesn't mess with drugs....get away now!

you need to leave and tell him you will only be back if he gets off the drugs completely right now those drugs are more important that anything to him or he wouldn't threaten to leave you when you mention to him about getting help

matt a
well, if you can, have him drive in the car with it, when he pulls away call the cops, get him busted hell go to jail for awhile the judge wil probably order rehab if you tell him about it and you get some time away from his dumb ***!

One Sly Look
Check him into a rehad. That is the best thing to do.

Well, you can't unfortunately, BUT, if you see him smoking it, you can always call the police. That will get him started, at least make him THINK about it. Or even call the police if you know where it is in the house!!

first of all i will tell you that there is nothing that you can do for him. If you want him to get better he has to do it himself. I went through this with my husband and fortunatlly he stopped on his own, but it took me leaving him first. crack is so addictive more than you know they have to have it and the withdraws are something horrible. just pray to God for guidence and seek help for yourself, it is not you do you understand that? you are not at fault for this. He has gotten himself into something that you just can not get out of by stopping. I am very sorry that you are going thru this but you are not alone you should try to find a self help group that deals with this kind of situation. Good Luck and remember to pray it really does help ease your mind at least.

Oswald Cobblepot
I am not capable or authorized to asses your situation, however you can find help in your community by calling 211. If 211 is not available call the hospital in your area. If you are concerned about someone 'finding out' about your situation then please use the following website:


Why don't you leave him? The only one to help him is himself. If you don't leave him soon you will wind up being co-dependent on him if you aren't already. That's not a good thing to be.

trade in your husband for a new one

julio n
listen honey the best thing you can do is leave his sorry *** and realize your a beautiful woman and you deserve better than him if you want i real man get back with me if not good luck but i definitely say leave him before you get hurt

put cyanide in it! And the pipe too! wipe your prints!!!!

you need to tell him its either me or that but you know something you really cant change anyone they have to want to themselves good luck hunny God Bless you and your family

Get rid of him!

crack is serious! and usually they don't realize they need help until they hit bottom. This is affecting you not only emotionally but physically. what if you want to have kids you would never want your kids to be around him. And this habit is not cheap. I worked with teenagers that had drug addictions as a intern and its sad. Its easy to say leave him but he's your husband. but when he is not high you need to have a straight forward conversation with him and kinda let him know you mean business.

guzzler 1
On crack he is incapable of rational thought, he is right about one thing you do have a problem, him, and you must get rid of him before he brings you down with him and it is in his own interest to get you hooked too. you have tried to help him and he did not want to know, now run like hell and get the life you deserve. You will not be deserting him, he has long since deserted himself and you. You might try looking up a drugs help clinic for proper professional advice, remember he is probably extremely paranoid so be careful. Good Luck.

can't say
He needs an Intervention... I watch the show Intervention every Sunday, great show. He is addicted to the drug, he can't stop on his own. I'd leave him, drugs ARE more important than your marriage right now.

its definanetly a roller coaster ride and he wont get help until hes ready, its a bad disease. and i know someone going to be pissed of this answer but i would turn him in. tough love is the only thing that works on drug addicts. how do i know. i was one and tough love was the only thing that worked eventually they wake up but its going to hurt you at first. you cant condone a behavior like that. thank god you didnt tell me there was kids. yes turn him in. let him detox for awhile. and then they will get him into a detox program. hopefully long term b/c the only thing that will keep him sober is to detox and time under his belt sober

report him to the police and maybe putting him in jail for a night will change his outlook on life. also, try putting him in a rehab center. there is hope.

I have almost the same problem with my girlfriend O, we have been together for over 9 years, she is sneaking cocaine behind my back. I've caught her at least 3 times but she will deny it. She has a problem and will not listen to anything I suggest. Well i told her that if she does not stop I will leave her, even if it hurts me very bad, Intervention and Rehab sounds great but unless the person wants to stop it is a waste of time. You may have to give him a shot of reality LEAVE HIM let him know you meen business, and i do know how it hurts. Its your choice but if you really love him them make a point. Because if he continues its just going to get worse and alot can happen including you going to jail or if you have children together child services will take the kids and you have to much to say unless you can prove that you are clean. hope this helps Good luck

Okay here goes... 20 years ago i too was addicted to the crack and the demons it came with. No one and nothing was as important to me as the drug. I lost my family, my job, children, and all self worth. I lived for my next hit, nothing else. I lost over 80 pounds in 3 months, becoming a litteral skeleton. I finally got off the crack when i woke up sleeping on the beach, alone and with no home! I can honestly say to this day it is the one time in my life i truly regret, stupidity...weakness...yes to both. This drug is the devil itself! Your husband won't quit because you want him to, he will lose everything important in his life first. He knows it is bad, he knows he has a problem, but he won't stop until he is ready to find help. You are not the Problem! You are not to blame! Walk away, but be there for him when he is ready to find help, if you truly love him. God bless.

When people have a drug addiction, everything is secondary to getting high. The drugs are more important than you, his family, God and anything else. Until he has recovery, any behavior that seems like he has changed, will only be temporary.

Honey, if he won't get help, you need to move on. If he's not willing to go to treatment, he IS making the drug more important than you and your relationship. Suggest rehad and marriage counseling and be FIRM. If he won't go for it, maybe you need to get out before he gets violent. Crack makes people really unstable. Good luck to you!

foroughe n
Dear friend I have your problem when my husband use alcahol.In our country drinking is forbidden but he drinks and it makes him a real dangerous person.I know that no one can help me exept my husband want.

But Inside I'm Screaming
He has a choice...you or crack. Stand up for yourself and give him the ultimatum, either he kicks the habit or you're gone......My husband got that ultimatum from me, and he' s been clean for over 10 years. I think too much of myself to put up with that crap! (And so should you!)

You need some therapy...and a divorce.

the thing is that it's almost impossible to "cure" addict , espessially when he doesn't wish it, the only way out is to leave this person, as if you stay it will be worse. if you try to divorce, then maybe he'll try to follow you and leave cocaine, if he doesn't care, then you will be sure that leaving such person is the best way.

To him, his addiction IS more important than your marriage.

You have 2 choices:

Live like you are now and get yourself some help.

Leave him and get yourself some help.

Erica, AKA Stretch
My husband is in prison due to past drug use. He has been clean for a long time, even before he went back. He knows if he went back to the drugs like he did when he was a teenager, I would leave him. Unless he relapsed and is trying to get the issue resolved, I'll help him through the issues.

I do not need or want to have to deal with the issues with a drug addiction in my life. It is something I would not be able to tolerate. Not only it's damaging to their bodies, it ruins families, jobs, finances and it's against the law.

You are not the one with the problem, but because of his issues, it is problem for you and it is a serious and legitimate issue. If he does not want help, you could try drug intervention program. There should be a few different ones offered in your state.

Remember, you cannot control or change another person. You can change your life and have the right to be happy. Sometimes we have to make a tough decision in order to keep ourselves in line.

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