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How can i help someone who wants to kill themselves?

Additional Details
he lost his girlfriend a couple of years ago after she had his baby he says he cant cope at all iv told him he needs to be strong for her what else can i do?

Get in plenty of kitchen towels and some warm water.
Or, get them a nice big chocolate Easter egg.

you can go to prison for doing that so i suggest you dont if they want to kill themselves let them do it alone

just call the authorities and advise them of what is going on

Seek medical advice from your gp or ring police or ambulance. There is nitrhing you can do on your own, this person needs proffessional help!

Madam O
they need professional help, but in the meantime maybe you could find out what is bothering the person and just be there for them if they need a friend or someone to talk to

not enough information for me to give you my advice. So Sorry.

Convince them to go and see a doctor.

Get the # for the suicide prevention hotline (should be in the front of the phone book). Tell a trusted adult, and maybe try to figure out why they want to kill themself.

I can stress this enough, you need to take them in for help. The way it seems they cant make a true decision on their own. At this point you basically need to take over for them. Knowing somebody needs help and you didnt help is the worst feeling in the world. You dont want to regret not doing anything. You just need to think what is right for them. Just put it as death is not an option. Good luck and all the best to you. Be strong for you and for that person!!!

By staying with them (or them with you if you have a family)by keeping them calm. occuppied by doing things..The fact that they have reached that low means they want/need your help (you may never hold judgement or cross them).plus you sound a strong person which they need in their life/s.try to appoint (self help groups)Iknow its not easy for anyone as depression is one of the high est on the list for people to do things.there is light at the end of the tunnel..be strong and keep positive..
I wish you well !!!!

He should immediately review his medication, possibly changing amount, or type, or even get a second opinion. You could try to get him to join you in the simple relaxation exercise of silently gazing at a burning candle in a quiet, darkened room for 20 minutes, acknowledging any passing thoughts, and then gently redirecting mental focus to the gazing. Leave some candles there. This should be done daily, and best results are achieved if done 3 times daily. Daily exercise is important, too: 30 minutes is good. Vitamin B complex, and 4 fish oil supplements, daily, can also help, and there should be little time for introspection, by keeping occupied. Give him the following resources: 1800 life net & http://www.suicidehotlines.com/ (.com/national.htm) Ph: (800) 442-HOPE & http://www.suicidepreventionhptline.org/ There is a forum and I have just done some more comprehensive posts on depression & relaxation exercises (in the first one on meditation). Has he approached the local social service groups about help? Keep being supportive: look in on them regularly.

This is not good you need to seek help for them NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

not sure just talk to him i guess.

Truth is you can't really do anything. You can let the person know you are allways there for them and give them all the support you can. At the end of the day, if your friend wants to take his life it really has nothing to do with you and you can't stop him.

Rachael H
You really can't do a lot. It's a positive sign if they tell you that's what they want to do. My brother didn't say a word to anyone before he did it.

The only thing you can give them is your time, care and advice. Oh-also most importantly, your prayers

crack ho barbie
tell him
-his family and friends especially his kid need him alive
-his girlfriend wouldn't want him to resort to suicide
-he needs help to cope with his grief
-if he stays alive he could find more happiness in his life (even though he may not feel like it at the moment)
-he needs to try his best to avoid resorting to suicide as his death will cause great pain in people who care about him and he will never be happy again if he dies
-if he learns to cope and survive he will experience happiness again and he won't leave griving relatives and a fatherless child

Tacit Rainbow
Provide them with whatever they need, pills, rope, ammunition. but why would you want to help them kill themselves.

make sure he is never on his own and please get him into a unit where he can be assessed and treated.

call 911

or you will be in big trouble with the law

Aunt Bee
Call 911.Don't tell them you made the call.Wait until the fire department knocks on the door and you let them in.Then tell your friend that you only did this because you love him/her.He/she needs to go with them to the hospital.

Samaritans 24 hr. Helpline. 0845 7909090.
MIND Mind Helpline 0845 766 0163 Open Monday to Friday 9.15am to 5.15pm SANE (http://www.sane.org.uk) SANELINE - 0845 767 8000 Open 1pm-11pm 365 days a year ...

First talk to the Samaritans yourself, then see if the person you're worried for will talk to them , or saneline.

When he's feeling stronger watch "Jack and Sarah" with him. A film about a father who loses his wife in childbirth, and then brings up their daughter( with a lot of help from a wide support network of family and friends)

M : (

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