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How can I get my mind off smoking?
I get bored sometimes due to living in a foreign country and having pressures from life in general. I often find myself taking cigarette breaks. I really want to quit smoking for good. I want to do it in a natural way, not having to resort to nicotine patches. I would just like to talk myself out of a cigarette when I get a craving but don't know how. I want to live a good life. Pls suggest. Thanks!

big O
Be Strong!

Sinead G
I just quit for my third time - it's not easy girlie! The thing that keeps me going when I'm craving is the knowledge that a proper physical craving will never last any longer than ten minutes. I chew gum when i get a craving for about ten minutes and then get rid of it, i call gum cigarettes now!! I've just replaced that ten minute smoke with a ten minute chew. It does work. I also find using a little stress ball at this time really helpful as it keeps my hands busy. Good luck - and i hope you manage to stay off them!!

The tagg master
think of some one who has passed away who did not like you smoking and sit down and think well if i do this for them they will look down on me with pride.

another thing if you have some one close who you respected go out side on a clear frosty night and look up at the stars pick one or even a planet then go out the next night if you see the same star or planet focus on it then in your mind you dedicate it to the person and trust me it will work. i did it 28 years ago from smoking 60 a day and i have not looked back and i am not a nutter Regards

I tried all ways for over 30 years, I finally tried the patches, and I have cracked it even if it was too late, what helped me was that if you smoke and use the patch then you will get intoxicated and that is pretty dangerous so as long as the patch was on I sort of scared myself not to smoke, oh and if you are going to pop sweets in your mouth to help out, get some sugar free or you could end up round like me.

I have tried many things to stop. I smoked 3 packs a day. I smoked so much it was more than my car payments every month. The best program I have used is the "quit smoking right now program" http://tinyurl.com/yag6v4
They helped me go cold turkey and never look back. In fact, I can have a cigarette now and not want another one. That's how great it works.
I used the patch as well, and didn't smoked for 2 months but had headaches every day. the mental part is hell, no question. what worked for me is chewing big red gum, (no other flavor helped, kinda strange), and changing your habits. if you normally wake up and smoke while drinking coffee, take a walk instead and have coffee when you get back. you really have to do something totally different at those times when you would normally be smoking. it's hard to do, but someone told me that the mental craving of a cigarette only lasts for 7 minutes, so, if you can get past that 7 minutes, it'll be easier! I suggest you invest in yourself and then put the money you are saving into a jar and watch it grow, then buy yourself a nice reward for quitting. good luck to you!

Kelly H
when me and my partner gave up we didn't use any patches or gum instead we used Polo's every time we wanted to smoke we had a polo. we have not smoked for 4 years now. (my husband smoked for 20 years) every time you want one just say i don't need this. good luck

allen carr sells a book to read, its helped loads of people when they are having cravings

I made myself a goal to get past 3 months. It seemed that every time I quit smoking it was 3 months at a time, then I would be curious about what the cigarette tasted like again. I am now 152 days smoke-free and I don't even think about it anymore. I am really proud of myself and I feel great! I quit cold Turkey! I put a lot of thought into the benefits of smoking and realized...there are no benefits. My nieces, 3 and 5 would mimick me and that made me feel awful. They are already highly allergic to anything and everything anyway. So I wasn't helping the situation either. My mom stopped smoking because of them and her health as well. Just think of all the positives when you quit smoking and you will realize what a gross habit it is to smoke when you smell other people smoking. Good luck sweetie!

All you need is will power I stopped after 15 years of smoking when my gran died of cancer

I think affirmations really work. Simply repeat: I am willing to release the need for smoking. Do this as often as you can & I promise you'll see results.

The only way I know to stop smoking is to replace it with chocolate and cake, which isn't good. A year ago |I gave up smoking but began to put on weight so have now started again. I must admit my skin looked much healthier when I wasn't smoking and I felt better all round. I've decided to stop again and I hope I'll have more willpower this time. The main thing is don't give up if you fail once, twice, or a hundred times. Be determined not to let it beat you and in the end you'll win

I just quit smoking three months ago. This is how I did it. I quit cold turkey, no patches or anything. I started working out. WHne i was having a rough time through initial withdrawal, I worked out like mad. When I had cravings I took deep cleansing breathes, I drank tons of water, and I ate as best I could. The withdrawal part was hard, but it is WELL worth it. I also edicated myself as much as I could about what to expect and what my body was going through. (like you are now) Look up smoking cessation ont he net, you'll find lots of info there. Stay with it! GOOD LUCK!

My friend had the same problem.. And i Heard that chewing alot of gum does work. So when you are bored get some good flavored gum, try to get the stuff that has long lasting flavor, that might help even more because the flavor in the gum That last long will make you keep chewing on it, that will keep your mind on the smoke.
And i know that you will have temptation to smoke but hopefully i gave you some help with that.

Hopefully it works.. It did with my friend. :}

Weimer 1
I stopped one month, four days, 18 hours ago. I went cold turkey, but found sooo much advice and help and support on the www.click2quit.co.uk forum. Its the best.

denise g
i have smoked, smoking is a comfort like drinking and eating too much. god should be your comfort, concentrate on the benefits you are less likely to get cancer and have great hair and skin, keep yourself warm as well, try and make more friends then you will be happier. their are nice people all over the world.

try the patches ..short term

Congratulations! A strong desire to quit smoking is necessary for success! You must replace your "cigarette" craving with a "healthy" alternative to get rid of your boredom. Use the time you might otherwise spend on smoking by exercising, listening to your favorite music, healthy snacking, taking photos, writing, reading, chewing bubble gum, catching up on your "to do" list, brushing your teeth, teach yourself a musical instrument, dancing or ANYTHING besides smoking that you enjoy. Write yourself a long list of reasons why you want to quit smoking and why smoking is bad for you and keep this list in your pocket to remind yourself of these all day. Start a healthy lifestyle by eating right, drinking lots of water, exercising, and taking a multi-vitamin every day. Also get plenty of rest. You must nurture your body and stop abusing it by smoking! You deserve it! Cheers to your health and best wishes quitting.

Get allen carrs book "the easy way to stop smoking"

Read, knit, make a hot drink, do something to keep your hands busy..;

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