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Carolyn B
How Do You Sleep if Your Brain Won't Shut Up?
And does anyone else experience this? I lie in bed, trying hard to sleep but my brain kicks into high gear and it's almost impossible. When I do fall asleep, it's nightmare city.

It's so annoying.

2-4 generic benadrills immediately before lying down.

Many people suffer from this. A little exercise during the day can help... if you cant sleep - see a doc - i find alcohol helps but is no better than a prescription drug

Have a beer then...

Grilled Cheese Please
Tickle the kitty until it purrs ;)

Jane Sweeney
No-one teaches us to sleep properly when we are young and thats the problem.

Sleeping is all to do with the brain, and sometimes people brains need retraining to go into "deep sleep" so you feel like you haven't been awake all night.

There is a free seven part guide to sleep and sleep help without drugs on the website below and they also sell a guide on it. No hypnosis, no drugs or herbs, it really quite amazing and it works.

Have a look at http://www.insomniafreedom.com/free.html and see if it helps

I go through the same thing, it's a form of insomnia.. Try honey. About a spoonful should help..

I've had that problem tons of times. What I usually do when I can't sleep is put on the Eagles or some other kind of relatively slow music and take out a book I've been planning on reading and read it. It seems to calm me down and puts my mind in one place.

Big Jordan

Its the only thing that works for me....
And drink some "sleepy time tea," you can get it from raleys for like 2 bucks. Hope that helps. Goodnight!

I suppose this is a beginning of being insomniac..just a mere suspicion...what you have to do before you go to bed is........drink some milk..juist a light meal..dont exercise at night they will just activate your cells and will not let you sleep..try to start reading a book, a novel where it can entetain and put you to sleep, or watch films , or do some extra hobby like writing journals..and when you egt tired, you will fall asleep...if it doesnt work.then you need to see a doctor really, get some medicine, tranquilizer maybe, then it will comfort you and put you to sleep, ok?

I KNOW! same problem here omg ='( i jus cant stop thinking.

hyper anxious
well, i deal with this every night same thing and i go through this because of my anxiey thinking about what i did and what i'll do what i'll say to so and so when such and such happens and analizing every aspect of my life i toss and turn about every third night i sleep good cause im so exhausted but i have lucid dreams all night long it is annoying but i have learned that this is who i am this is what i do having a good attitude about it helps to cut down the extra anxiety that stems from the initial anxiety that caused the whole not sleeping thing to begin with follow me ? i am a firm beleiver that people can help themselves through these kind of problems with time and patience and a very good attitude torwards the problem with a positive outlook to the solution

Play music on the radio so quietly you can barely hear it. You will try so hard to listen you will become exhausted and fall asleep.

Mike H
Pretty much answered.I have this problem also but if I excercise during the day it helps.As stated avoid caffiene b4 bed and make a routine.
Sometimes I do have sleeping pills.
See your doctor

Sacha R
Address your anxiety during the day, and it should carry over into the dream state, at night. My standard post follows: See anxiety treatments, at http://www.ezy-build.net.nz/~shaneris in section 6. Set yourself a fixed limit for worrying about any particular subject, (say; 15 minutes) after which, resolve firmly to refuse to even consider that subject again on that day: realise and accept that to do otherwise would be counterproductive to your mental health, and enjoyment of life. Use the technique for reprogramming negative thoughts and internal monologue (self talk), on pages 2, and 2L, to help you in this, and consider carrying a wide rubber band in your pocket: put it on your wrist; stretch, and release, as a means of reinforcing it, and speeding up the process, re-pocketing it afterwards. Practise one of the relaxation methods on pages 2, 11, 2c, or 2i, daily, and when needed. Also, give the EFT version for use in public places, a good tryout, to see if it helps you (if you like, you can claim to have a headache, as you massage/lightly tap your temples) . Section 53, and pages 2, 2.q and 2.o also refer. There is advice on nightmares, in section 3, but if you work on that anxiety, and use the tips on insomnia, it should be sufficient. Also, don't try so hard to sleep: practise either the EFT (Even though I have anxiety related insomnia sometimes, I deeply and completely accept myself"), or one of the relaxation techniques in bed, after lights out. Try them during daylight hours, and use whichever works best for you. Consult a therapist, if the above doesn't help.

You could try counting your breaths. It's what they teach people when they're meditating. If you focus on one thing, your mind should calm down.

A Friend
Leave your, computer on, itunes, Radio, religious, K-love, 20 mbps. soothing, and relaxing, I sleep to it every night, my son turns it off when he knows I'm asleep. Also, anytime I get nightmares, (none, lately whatsoever) I just do the K-love thing or turn on the T.V. to TBN, all nite while I sleep nightmare free, just dim the contrast, to black.

the hump
it's not really your brain that is the problem. it is your brain processing a problem, and trying to make sense out of something you feel. try to make peace with the issues in your life before you go to bed. if you find yourself thinking of a problem, while lying there, envision the solution to that problem. it will calm your mind.

Yes. I have heard a regular sleeping time, avoiding caffeine, exercising early in the day as oppose to later, and avoiding alcohol.

yeah. it sux!

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