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Haven't slept in four days, why?
Well, for the past 4 nights I haven't been sleeping, I am literally awake from 11PM right up to 7AM when I need to get up for high school.

My eyes are closed almost for the entire duration of the 'sleep', but i just roll in the bed having daydreams, but not really sleeping.

It's never happened before, I never miss a night of sleeping.
What could be causing this?
Additional Details
I'm not stressed more than I am regularly, I eat like I always do.

Hhh H
to bad

maybe take a sleeping aid.
when u just plain have a lot on your mind,this can happen.also,when u stimulate the mind before bed,its hard to drift off.
like watching tv,useing the computer,excerciseing,this is all stimulation.

go to wal-mart or somewhere,and buy a sleep aid,there like less thna 2 dollars,and i think pretty safe.
good luck.

Emilia H
dont drink coffee but if u feel sick or cant sleep for a really long time u shude see a doctor

.:music makes world go round:.
sleep insomia

Robynn C
i have been like this recently. are you jetlagged, have u just come back from a different time zone? hm, maybe you are stressed but you just dont know it. try having hot milk and night (sounds a bit chilidish) or read a book until you get tired. i ususally find that staying on the computer for too long, and then going straight to bed, makes me less tired because ur brain has been focusing hard and its not ready to shut down yet. i hope i helped.

ur screwed, ur about to die

Drink less caffeine

Rita M
Melatonin is a supplement from a vitamin store. your body may not produce enough of it to help you shut down. that can help. Also i recommend no Chocolate and no food or tv 2 hours before bed. Sometimes when i dont eat all day and have a meal late, i have so much energy that i can't sleep. And I always sleep best when i didn't just watch tv. Reading helps me fall asleep, too.

you are worried about getting up, have milk before sleep and hot bath

3 main things:

1) This can be a sleeping disorder where you have something going on in your brain which won't let you sleep. (If you think this is the case, go see your doctor).

2) It can be linked to not stress but if there is a problem and you keep thinking about it, it's going to keep you off sleeping - your daydreams may also link to this.

3) It can finally be linked to your diet, if you have a high intake of caffeine this will put you off sleeping, especially if you have drinks like boost, red bull and coca cola before sleep.

Try fixing any of these problems, if there is no problem you can see I advise you to go doctors.

Hawkens The Great
This has happened to me before, Theres something different in your life now thats causing this to happen most likely. My problem was a girl I liked.

Jay S
This could be causes by hormonal changes. Try eating a white cracker and a slice of turkey an hour before bed time. The turkey contains tryptophan, the compound that makes us sleepy. It's the reason we all want to sleep after Thanksgiving dinner. Also, drink a glass of wam water 3 hours before bedtime or a cup of chamomile tea. It helps.

joe S
maybe the climate is affecting you...change the temperature in your house

u may have a sleeping disorder. i do and i take herbs, that make me fall asleep

B Robs
I have been having the same problem for a month, i go to bed at 12 and stay up till like 4 am, my mind is just racing and thinking about everything, it just wont rest. You could go to the doctor and try to get some sleeping pills, im actually going next week i can't even stand it anymore. Actually i think they have sleeping aids that you can buy at any drug store I think they are made by Tylenol.

mr. toothpick
I started having this a few weeks ago, and it has ceased now.
I am not sure what causes it. I just know that I couldn't really get any rest. So, what I did (even though this almost made me even more restless) was to change the room I was sleeping in every time I woke up at night. I found that it helped me some. And something else I started trying to do was to watch my caffeine intake before bed. For me, it wasn't stress, and I wasn't eating differently (just like you). It was just something about the room or the atmosphere of the room.

Milla E
something is on ur mind that u need to deal with

That is so strange, as usually its caused by stress and you say your not, so i looked it up for you and here is what i found

There are many reasons behind restless sleep. Our bodies are easily agitated, especially during a time when complete and utter serenity is essential.

Sleeping disorders are becoming a more common and frequent problem for people from all walks of life. The fact that you have trouble getting asleep or staying asleep each night is not unusual; the problem is that sleep disorders have a wide variety of causes and the real "cure" here is finding out what's causing your problem and the doing your best to eliminate that cause. A lack of proper restful sleep can have a wide range of negative effects on the body and can also drastically reduce your brain function over time. Sleep disorders can affect anyone at any point in their lives without warning.
A major cause for people having trouble sleeping is stress. When your mind has been put under a certain level of stress it basically has trouble shutting itseld down at the end of the day and you can't sleep. Even for those who can fall asleep they usually find themselves waking up in the middle of the night because whatever they're worrying about has woken then up again.
One of the other common causes for sleep disorders and people having trouble sleeping is that many people are unable to full relax when bedtime comes around. People with very busy lives tend to have trouble winding down at the end of the day. Why? Because they've spent years training their bodies to move at an unnatural pace during the day and to work without breaks and without rest to stay competitive. The problem here is that your mind won't know when to switch off and assume rest mode. Relaxation techniques and some type of bedtime routine is very important for people who work with this kind of mindset.
If you look at the daily habits of most people the day starts with a coffee and a snack, then lunch with more coffee and then maybe 3 or 4 more coffees during the day and at least one more when they get home. Anyone who has ever had the coffee shakes can tell you just how difficult it is to sleep or rest in any way after consuming this much caffeine. A friend of mine regularly drinks 6 - 8 espressos each day and he finally wound up taking sleeping tablets to cure his "problem". He just needs to cut down on his coffee intake - caffeine is a very, very powerful stimulant. If you've overdone it with caffeine during the day then sip 2 litres of water a few hours before bed. You can use water to flush all the caffeine from your system to allow you to sleep.
There are also medications which can affect your ability to sleep or the quality of sleep you might normally have. Stimulants such as amphetamines and anti-depressants can have this affect. These medications affect the chemical balance in the brain and one of the side effects of this chemical manipulation can be changed sleeping habits or an inability to get to sleep when tired. Often, stopping the medication or changing the dosage is enough for the person to return to their regular sleeping pattern.
Having trouble sleeping over a period of weeks can have really harmful effects on the body but especially on the mind. Your mind needs 3 hours of unbroken sleep each night for it to at least function the next day. One of the most dangerous aspects of lack of sleep is the brains inability to react to external and internal stimuli. Simple daily chores can become dangerous because your once you've not slept for long enough it's worse than being drunk. Even driving can become dangerous with many fatalities each year because of drivers falling asleep at the wheel.
Now for all the doom and gloom it's important to remember that you can treat your sleeping disorder. The key, as we said earlier, is to try and identify what exactly is causing your problem in the first place. For example if you drink an excessive amount of coffee before you go to bed then cut that out or switch to decaf. If you read stimulating books or watch action packed movies before you go to bed then try listening to some calming music instead.
If you can't get your head around that concept then at least create a relaxing sleeping environment. Use some scented candles in the room or put a few drops of an essential oil like rose or lavender on your pillow before you sleep. Try slowing your breathing down or focusing on relaxing thoughts. Even counting sheep can work if you actually try it properly.

Hope something helps here

ask your doctor or see a specialist

Brandon S
I think you should see a doctor. Sleepless nights like this can take a very bad toll on the body. Are you on any new medicine? Taking caffeine? There are sleep centers where doctors can monitor your sleep to see what is wrong.

On another note, I know that a lot of people exaggerate their lack of sleep, so be sure when you talk to the doctor you are telling the whole truth.

Doris L
You have a sleep disorder, they are common.
Unfortunately, your body needs sleep to repair itself, and stay alive.
The longest anyone has ever gone without sleeping is about 7 days, and they suffered hullucinations, and almost died.

You are probably getting some "rest" but not deep REM sleep.
Read this info below about sleeping, and call your Dr soon, you may need to take some anxiety reducing meds temporarily, or some prescription sleeping pills.

You shouldn't "self-help" this disorder, you need to talk to a professional in medical community, and I'm not that.
Good sleeping ahead, hopefully, for you.

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