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Whats a good way to get emotional help without talking to your parents or friends or a psychiatrist??
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Emotional Abuse v. Verbal Abuse
What's the difference between verbal abuse and emotional abuse? What's an example of both? Which one is more detrimental?

You can hear someone verbally abuse another person. When you have it done to you, then it is emotional abuse.

umm these are just opinions..want facts? google it.

They both can be the same in a sense. When you verbally abuse someone, it hurts them emotionally. Emotional abuse is generally caused by saying derogatory/hurtful things, or by treatment. Saying which one is more detrimental depends on the person, some people get hurt easily by actions and words, some don't. But me, emotional abuse by treatment has been hardest for me.

Well, they both pretty much go hand-in-hand. You're not really going to have one without the other.

Verbal just means that words are said: "You f^#*ng stupid b*#ch!"

Of course you could feel emotionally abused by that as well.

You can't really be verbally abused without being emotionally abused, but you could be emotionally abused without any verbal abuse. What if your partner goes out and cheats on you and doesn't say a word? He or she hasn't touched you, hasn't said anything to you, but you could easily feel emotionally abused in that situation.

Abuse is abuse. Also, it's up to the receiver whether they're going to be victimized by it or not.

Both are detrimental.

What exactly are you looking for anyway? Are you writing a term paper?

Omniscient Observer
When I think of emotion , I usually think of something very deep and penetrating.

Like when a parent constantly verbally abuses a child, this can contribute to emotional abuse.

Verbal abuse can be from anyone, but it can't really run very deep.

emotional abuse is verbally administered. they are one and the same
verbal is vocal
emotional is a feeling
so when someone says something that hurts your feelings that is an emotional response

They can be one and the same, but emotional abuse is more detrimental and the effects are more far reaching.

Flower Child
verbal abuse is like..cursing somebody out for example. usaully this happens in a fight and dosent have a lasting affect on the person. emotional abuse is saying things to people that will scar them emotionally. for example, when i was a little kid my father would tell me he was going to kill my whole family. so yeah, you could see how thats scarring to a little child even though its just words. hope i could help.

tara :]
Emotional is playing and relating to your feelings. Verbal is relating to you in words. Make sense?

They are a lot alike...I don't have very good examples.

emotional abuse is worse and will be more personal such as "you are terrible at life" "nobody loves you" "it's your fault"

verbal abuse would be less personal more observational like "you're fat/ugly"

well to me
verbal abuse doesn't always effect the person because they can just blow it off
but emotional abuse is when someone does or says something that does effect or hurt the other person emotionaly

I agree with lots of the answers down below. But who is the idiotic clown who has been giving thumbs down to people's very upsetting and emotional accounts of their experiences with any kind of abuse or mistreatment. Shame on them.

Jiffy S
So many have it wrong...

Sandra J... how strong of you to be able to explain all that in such detail. Did that just ruin your day?

So far, Sandra is the only I've seen that got it right, and so many after her have still said they are the same. They ARE NOT. Verbal abuse, like she said, is obvious.

He said: You are a worthless piece of crap, and a waste of air. <<< This is obvious verbal abuse.

However, there are people who can have a conversation with you and never say anything that at a glance seems too awfully hurtful. Sometimes that is the hardest part. You start a discussion feeling angry and hurt because of what someone did or said. You end the conversation feeling guilty for how you felt to start. You FEEL worthless, and terrible for the way you felt. The strangest thing is, however, that the abuser never actually said that. They simply manipulate what you say to mean something else, and they actually control the way your mind thinks.

That's what makes it so difficult to identify and fight against. It's not until much later when you look back and realize that you have allowed yourself to be taken on a rollercoaster ride of your own thoughts, controlled by someone else. In addition, to admit to being emotionally abused seems that you are giving something up. It feels like you are telling the world that you are weak enough to allow someone to hurt you without ever saying or doing anything to cause direct pain. Then you feel that it's your fault.

That is their goal. To make you feel so worthless and so weak that there's nothing you can do to escape their grasp.

Lisa D
Emotional abuse and verbal abuse go hand in hand. Think about it. If someone is calling you a fat pig, worthless, ugly good for nothing, then how would it make you feel? Like you ARE worthless, right? Verbal abuse causes emotions like fear, and low self-esteem, and anger. It's a viscious circle.

Verbal abuse is more obvious and out there, example "you pathetic piece of human", emotional is more subtle and sneaky, example manipulation and twisting words as to make the other person feel guilty. I think that emotional is slightly worse, just because sneaky under the table things tend to be. There's the frustration of not only the action, but of the fact that no one would be able to know it's going on except the one it's being done to. Verbal abuse other people are able to hear or over hear. Like, a husband who's always yelling at his wife, other people tend to eventually find out about or see for themselves. Husbands who emotionally abuse their wives are slick about it, no one suspects it and in severe cases, outta nowhere the wife kills the husband and everyone thinks she's the one with the problem because no one was able to tell anything had been going on.

ϐabɣ∫oϞiaϞ βaЯbaЯiaϰ
verbal abuse is a type of emotional abuse so there is no difference really

Amy M
Verbal abuse is saying things that are mean, for example, you stupid idiot! Emotional abuse can be done in many ways, with or without words, even using language that can seem nice, for example, you could say something negative about a person in a kind way, saying at the end, "I'm only telling you this because I care", a parent not showing up to see their child, anything that abuses your feelings.

christina f
Both are abuse and therefore equally detrimental to ones well being, verbal abuse is just that...."verbal" or spoken, a example of verbal abuse would be someone insulting or yelling, mostly always degrading words to hurt you, Emotional abuse includes verbal abuse only under a much wider spectrum.

Jerrime Williams
As the names applies: verbal abuse is when you speak of wicked things to someone; emotional abuse, on the other hand, is when your feelings has been severly hampered. Although both are very detrimental, emotional abuse is more detrimental because of the feelings that are being abuse--which could lead to depression (varying states) and possible suicidal effects (depends on how strong the individual is).

Jimmy D
Emotional abuse only happens if you let verbal abuse get to you. I want to think of the ltteral meaning of emotional abuse it's when someone uses their emotions or your emotions to get what they want. But that only works if your unaware that their doing because if you were aware you'd see them as fake.

emotional abuse is where they mess with your head
verbal is the shouting emotional is worse i think although they both could mean the same

Compared to emotional abuse, verbal abuse is nothing.

I don't know how the "experts" use the labels, but to me "verbal" abuse would include blatant insults, yelling, threatening, etc. while emotional abuse is a little more subtle. I had a stepmother once who never yelled at me, but she would always "gently" let me know what a disappointment I was. She seemed to have a consistent goal of making me and her children feel bad about ourselves. (I think she was raised in a similar fashion and failed to break the cycle.) Now THAT is emotional abuse.

Which is more detrimental? What's worse, a punch in the face or a punch in the stomach? It depends on how strong the punch is more than on where it hits.

John Becker
Verbal abuse includes name calling, put downs, and over-the-top teasing.

Examples: You slnt, you are so ugly, why are you so fat, if only you were hotter

Emotional abuse is purposely hurting someone by giving hints or suggesting something.

Examples: yeah I was at his house. we had lots of fun in his room.
Yeah work was good. I had fun with my co worker at lunch.

Nick A

♥HaPpY sInCe 1993♥
i think their both the same because either way your yelling and hurting someone

Verbal abuse is emotional abuse.

Emotional abuse is when someone plays head games with you making you feel like you are worthless without directly saying you are worthless.Emotional abuse would be something like you constantly doing something for someone but it is never good enough. They want more from you each time indicating what you did the last time was not good enough.
Verbal abuse i when someone is constantly putting you down with words. For example telling you that you are worthless; when you do a job like cleaning the kitchen,saying, I don't know why I didn't do it myself, you never can get anything right, what good are you? Of like a parent saying I don't know why God had to give me a child like you, but I deserved a better child than this. Of telling you that you will never grow up to be anything because you are not good at anything,

With emotional abuse they are hurting you without coming right out and saying the hurtful thing but you know they are trying to hurt you.. Verbal abuse is when they come right out and just tell you that you are no good,worthless; at times you feel worse that being hit because the words that they used to hurt you hurt more than it would have if they would have just slapped you because words play over and over again in you head and hurt jut as bad each time you think of them. The sting from a slap goes away with time but words usually just seem to go on and on in your find for a long time;

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