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Does cutting yourself really work?
im not going to, but one of my friends might soon. and i need some good reasons to get her not to. i dont think it would...
Additional Details
no. shes wont kill herself. i wont let her. but just to 'get rid of pain' does it work?

does cutting really work?


No, cutting is an immature cry for attention. it hurts, looks lame, and can give infections.

If your friend wants attention, they should use youtube.

leave the cutting alone, it is for tards. unless they identify with idiots I would avoid it, and them if they go ahead with it.

Cutting doesn't get rid of the pain, it only releases endorphins that take your mind off of the pain. It's not even a band-aid. It is a problem that only compounds and compounds either into substance abuse or suicide. Your friend needs to talk to and adult who can help, such as a school counselor, clergy, parent, etc. that they can trust.

deborah s
people who cut themselves are usually poisoning the body in some way eg smoking ,street drugs ,prescription drugs,alcohol whatever the substance is the body is driving a basic urge to free itself from the perceived poison .of course the cutting wont work .to overcome these urges free your body from substance abuse and feed it with good food ,vitamin tonics ,fresh air,and exercise

It only helps in their minds. It is not a good thing to start doing. Can become addictive as doing drugs might want to let her parents know because that might mean she really need some help. She might be upset with you and she might not want to be your friend anymore but this is a life we are talking about and is more important to get her some help then be selfish and not tell her parents. She will get over it eventually but if not then she would lose a very good friend who obvious cares a lot about her.

work for what? it does not make you feel better but does make you bleed. it depends on what your reason for doing it is.

Cutting, as you know, can be very dangerous. It is a major sign of a problem. Your friend needs to seek advice from a counselor or a psychiatrist asap.

a-non flip
it doesn't get rid of anything it just bottles everything up in the pit of your stomach which makes you feel worse

i used to think so, but i got help and know i know there are better ways to release my anger and such then cutting. Now all I have are the scars to remind me of how stupid i was as a kid

i hope u dont mea suicide. u should tell a school counselor or another close friend of her's - or even someones parents. nothing is worth losing ur life over!!

no it doesn't . do your friend a favor and get her some mental help. alot of people go through this type of mental condition and there are ways to treat it (therapy, medication etc)

Mz Bree
Cutting doesn't do anything but cause scars and pain. I used to be a cutter myself for about 3 years and now when I look at the scars I remember the pain and realize cutting only caused more. When you think about it, your only cutting because your too afraid to commit suidice. If you really wanted "the pain to be gone" you'd push harder and wouldn't stop til you were dead. You wouldn't keep cutting just to cut. Its proving to yourself that you don't really want to die and it stupid. Tell your friend to try something else. Cry, write, scream, etc. If you take all that emotional and put that energy into something else possibly your friend would feel better. Be there for him/her during this time. Let them take your anger out on you be there to comfort and console. That's all you really can do.

Cutting has to do with expression of anger, hurt, shame, frustration. Cutting may be a type of "waking up" from a sense of numbness after a traumatic event. It provides a temporary relief from a terrible feeling. Or she may want to do it because it is seen as taboo or forbidden.

It doesn't work "to get rid of the pain."

It works to "de-stress." That is, to relax. Sounds odd, doesn't it? Cutting yourself, harming yourself, making yourself HURT to feel better? But, by cutting, your actually letting the STRESS out, kind of like some people lean over and shake out their arms and back and stand up feeling better. THIS WON'T WORK FOR A CUTTER. They need the drama and pain to let go of the stress. Why? Think of it like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or something like that, where they were perhaps traumatized in an accident or molested or perhaps they just got used to leading a very stressful life as a child, never knowing if their parent(s) would come home in a good mood, etc.

Now they have stress constantly, not from something necessarily in their lives, but from the events that happened BEFORE when they were younger or in years past. They're traumatized. So, they need to shake off the stress and cutting is they way to let go.

janie a
in some people it does relieve pain. it releases some chemical in your brain to feel better. when i do it it feels better. if she knows the consequences in doing it just let her. its her own descion and i know you are trying to help her but by telling her no, shes just going to do it anyway

i was a cutter for a few months and very few people knew...personally it did help me and luckily i stopped on my own and didnt need to go get professional help. but it depends on the person and situations. i would suggest ur friend not do it, im going to have to live with all the scars from it which is a constant reminder of what i've done...so encourage her not too. some reasons are it causes scars, if they cut deep enough, it can cause nerve damage, and also infection...so along with the physical reasons not too, there are also the emotional and pysicological reasons...good luck and your'e a true friend

This is not good at all. Your friend will really hurt herself or himself. They need some counseling if they feel this badly.

no it dont my girlfriend did this and she almost died you could be laying there asleep 1 night and the scab rips open and then u bleed to death please dont let her do this to her self or him

I don't recommend to cut your self because you´ll get scars and if you get really bad...to the point of suicide

when I'm angry or something that makes me feel rage i think of it until i need to do do something the I punch a bag or run super fast until i get tired in order to get rid of my pain frustration and rage or u could try writing those things. That´s what i do

Ya know....SOME peeps win the lottery...& there are MANY more who find happieness LATE in life,,there is ALWAYS a chance....remind them of that!

Well first off the scars are hideous there is a girl at work who used to do it to herself when she was younger. She needs to get help for her depression why don't you suggest taking her to a therapist! Be a good friend and help her through this step by step.

The First Dragon
Cutting is reported to give a brief moment of relief from mental pain. But if she is actually planning it, it probably won't even do that. She is in serious emotional pain and needs help; tell her parents.
My daughter used to cut, and she was helped by counseling and, surprisingly to me, by friends who made her promise not to do it anymore.

Pseudo Obscure
It momentarily distracts you from your emotional pain .

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