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i go 2 sleep @ 2ish........

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My secret? I live near a happy gas factory, works like a ...

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Tell me the pro's and con's of suicide both religious and health-wise tell me why is it so bad to end my pain my sorrow, why should I live in pain so others can be happy?
Additional D...

 Self harm and cleaning blades?
Whats the best things to use to clean your things. i.e boiling water..................................
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Its not like i can just hop down the docs all there do is tell ...

Does anyone know if theres life after death?
does anyone know if there is really life after death?

No one knows. There are only guesses, but of course that's only a guess. My guess since I don't really believe in any religion, is that you wonder the Earth as a ghost until you are reincarnated. But who knows that is just what I believe as of now. Maybe there is a God and a religion that your supposed to follow. Or maybe you die and that's it. But I sure hope that there is life after death. I would hate to live for however long I'm going to live, and just die and be non-existing. With no conscious or control. Your guess as to what happens when we die as is good as mine or anyone's elses for that matter. And since I don't know what'll happen when I die, I try to live life to my fullest extent. I want to enjoy it as much as I can. After all life is a gift or a privilege as I think of it, at any given time my life could be taken away from a heart attack or a simple car crash. Just as yours or anyone elses life could be ended. The only way to know for sure what happens when you die is to wait for death to come and get you. Which will eventually happen sooner or later.

We are beings of limited intelligence, but we are smart enough to sense that something more is going on here. I'm a christian, I have a bias, I believe in the afterlife, Jesus Christ, and the immortal souls of people.
I know this is an answers page, but I suggest that you personally go out there and look for evidence of what is going on in this universe, and don't just use the internet cause the internet is way lame, and few sites (certainly not Wikipedia!) are trustworthy.
"The Case for Christ" by Lee Strobel has solid evidence for Jesus being who he said he was, and at least for me personally that answers your question. (Cause that goes with the whole promise of heaven thing.) Like I said I have a christian bias, so that's just my firm belief, but again...deep question...go find the answer. Good Luck =)

I don't know if there is life after death but definitely there is death after life :-)

i know that there is much more to our existence than this life and this world. i cant' prove it though, it' s something that we realize in our own way

Cathy D
Hi, I am here to tell you that there is life after death. Jesus was the first to rise from the grave as He said He would. He promises eternal life to all who believe in Him. There is one thing though...when He went to the cross, He did so because He loved us...(the world), He said " that who ever shall follow Him will not perish but have everlasting life". However, those who do not follow Him, will be banished from Gods presence into eternal death. (Hell)...He does not send people there...they "choose" to go there. No where in Gods word does it say that hell will be a party. It "will" be a place of darkness, and torment...lonliness and a constant reminder of all the opportunities God gave you to accept His Son Jesus.
No other spiritual, or religious leader has showed thier love for the world...none ever proclaimed what Jesus promised us.
The choice is yours...God has already chosen you...now it is your turn to receive all the blessings He has for you.
Jesus said "For I know the plans that I have for you...plans not to harm you, but to give you a hope and a future"

May the peace of God which passes all understanding be with you in Christ Jesus our Lord...


yeah i do

"Where No Man Has Gone Before" You will just have to wait around and see for yourself. Many people ,including myself,have had a "near death experience",and have A tale,or two, about this.Some have had their entire lives "altered" by this event,and are no longer afraid of death,and are at ease at dying. They know in their soul that "heaven awaits", and this brings on a inner peace, Jesus is the one and only "man" to have really beat death,according to the bible. He was dead! Really dead!--and yet he rose again from the grave on the 3rd day -- to be lifted up to heaven and join the Father.No other person has ever done this before,or since.The bible has been descriped as "The greatest story ever told"; If you start at the front and read it all the way to the end-- one can not refuke that statement. I have a problem through,with the King James version of the bible -- not all the "books" have been included in this version,and some of the translation is not exactly correct.One that comes to mind is:Thou Shall Not Kill. I think this should really be:Thou Shall Not Murder. It"s all in translating the true meanings over into our lanuage.Makes a huge difference --one little word. All in all,the bible is a good place to start in answering your question,but I would not stop there --there are other "bibles" out there that you may want to read and study through.These bibles pre-date our King James version,but contain certain identical "stories",plus more. Good luck in your quest to this answer. Use any and all "tools" to aid you in your journey.At the end of it all -- I think you may come to the conclusion that it is a personal belief issue that only you can feel right about.

Yes, there is life after death. I am sure of this because the Bible is clear about the after life. If you accept Jesus Christ, you will be assured of your place there.

Yes there is life after death because I have to deal with these people. Some of them that I had dealt with had passed away more than 25 years ago. You just have to take my word for it.

yes there is... reencarnation dear

Insufficient evidence at this time

There is no solid proof of anything...so with out sharing my opinion, think deep into it yourself. What do you believe?

yes I died two times and yet my body didn't work that small little voice inside me still there

regina g
Anyone that believes in God knows that their is eternal life after death and when you die you go to heaven

Absolutely, been there , came back..Met Jesus, got saved, got filled with the Holy Spirit. And, now I am on my way back to Him . My body will die but my spirit will live forever.So also will your spirit-- Will you choose to have that life with Jesus? It is up to you.

yes. if you`re a christian you`ll go to heaven :))

Dr who
I haven't be there and done that yet,so I really can't say one way or another,sorry

I believe there is.

Absolutely there's is life after death. I know this with an assurance. With our knowledge from the Bible and other scripture, there are many proofs of life after death. God is an eternal God, and therefore, since we are children of God in Spirit we too, are eternal. Our spirit bodies inside our physical bodies will never die. To learn more please visit www.mormon.org.

Well you gotta ask a dead man. . .

I'm still alive so I dunno.

I do not know if a dead man has written on his/ her post-death events.
However, we do hear of young persons who talk of their previous life; most times they are able to give details that enable one to verify the authenticity of their past lives.

Well, Im not sure. But it must not be too bad...I don't see anyone comming back and complaining! You'll have to wait your turn though.

To live is to die...to die is to live.

Yes there is life after death. My best friend has been clinically dead twice and was on her way/in heaven when she was brought back to life because it "wasn't her time". She can't wait to go back to heaven for life after death.

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