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 Can you relate (understand) those who take their lives?
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 I cant live like this ?
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 If you have a mental illness, do you openly talk about it with friends and family?
I am bipolar and I never know who I can tell. I'm afraid of what they will think....

 How do I distract myself so I don't self-harm?
It's been around 2 months since I last hurt myself, but I'm having a tough time lately, and I'm really tempted to get the razor blades out.

So, what can I do instead?

 What should i do?
im under alot of stress at the moment, such as moving, boyf lost his job, money probs and feeling really depressed. Should i move back to my mums and get things sorted or try and work things out!!!...

 I wonder why I'm a loser??????????
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 Have you ever attempted suicide on yourself?
Have you ever tried to kill/murder yourself.

What did you do?
What was the reasons?
How did you overcome it?...

 What are YOUR habits?
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 How do you overcome shyness?

 Do u ever get the feeling ur psychotic when u know ur not?
i don't, i was just wondering if anyone does....

I have suffered from depression on and off for the past 5 years. Only as of right now things have got so bad for me that all I seem to do is cry. The smallest thing will set me off and I will cry for ...

 How do I deal with strangers lookin at my scars?
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 My ex has text to say he OD..............?
He has just text me saying he has overdosed i can't get hold of him now or my mum, what do i do? I still love him n i don't want him do die do i call the police i don't know where he ...

Once in a while I feel depressed....is something wrong with me?I didn't have a breakup or getting together with anybody.
Anybody know why I'm having that kind of feeling?...

Does anyone else feel depressed at a certain time of the day like I do?
I really get depressed in the late afternoon. It doesn't matter if I am going to work, my days off, or when I spend time with my child that time of day makes me want to cry. On the work days it makes me feel that my day is over and the rest of the day I will be working, on my off days, I am in for the rest of day having finished my errands and i feel shut it, and on the days with my child, it means my visit with here is almost over. I could hardly keep myself from crying when I was going to work today. I am ok now as I seem to feel better when it gets to be late at night but i just hate the afternoons and get to feeling really lonely and hopeless. DOes anyone else have a time of the day that they feel sad?

Lisa C
I really depressed aroun 2-3 in da afternoon

I hate mornings... Seriously hate them... I don't want to move when my alarm goes off, no matter how much sleep I get. But, that same thing happens to alot of people... It has to do with the lack of light... Try keeping on lots of lights in the room ...

^v^ aka Obama Biden Laden 08!
yeah about an hour to 30 minutes before I know I have to go to bed.

enigma q
it souds like for one ur not happy
with custody arrangement for ur child,,,,,ppl often
get depressd when they dont feel they'r in control

i get sad in late afternoon like you do maybe its because i done with everything for the day until dinner, i don,t know why but i get depressed more on weekends at that time.

Yeah, the time between when I wake and sleep.

Magic Hands
I can't answer this question right here, so IM me and I can explain a whole lot, and maybe I can shed some light on you. But just a little thing when you are feeling that way, try to keep smiling, and everything will work itself out. I have many questions to ask you so please get in contact with me.

sometimes when i wake up in the mornings i feel depressed i get up and i don,t feel like starting the day. so don,t feel bad your not alone.

i feel particularly irritable on Sundays. I don't know why, but the feeling of the day makes me crabby. However, I don't get sad, so I'm probably a waste of your time...:X.

It's a tough time for us. We have dinner, laundry, housework, homework, spouses, etc to deal with. THere is just too much going on.

We feel as though time is passing us by and and we haven't accomplished the things that are important to us.

Later in the day, it's getting dark. There is seasonal affective disorder. Perhaps you need more sunlight to function well. Lamps and lights are made for this purpose.

I cannot recommend strongly enough to see a good Psychiatrist in case you need a very mild antidepressant. If could also be the change? I'm sorry, I don't know your age.

You may try taking a walk or doing something JUST FOR YOU during those times. That may assist your mood.

Good luck, I know how you feel.

You're at the low point of your "circadian rhythm". We all have a 24-hour biological energy cycle. If you have a regular day (like getting up 7-ish), your low time is usually between 3-5. This is normal.

Sometimes a fruit drink helps.

More info:

You may be having a low-energy moment. Your energy from lunch has worn off, you've been on the go for a long time, and now the blood sugar is low. Maybe that's the cause of the timing. For me it's 3 am when I wake up in the middle of the night. Fortunately many such problems can be solved with good coffee.

I get depressed in the afternoons too! Don't know why but when night falls and it gets dark, I perk up.

no, actually I feel sad all day
but I don't know if I could be diagnosed with depression
I haven't seen a dr. and I don't want happy pills
but yeah i'm sad

yes when my parental units tell me that my dreams arent going to come true or when my friends and family call me fat and a stupid lazy person. i feel sad for a week adfter that.

I have since I was about 13 every afternoon get a mild depressed feeling and sometimes feel like crying. I know my grandmother does it also and until now thought we were the only ones. Must be normal tho since others do it.. Maybe we get tired and stressed and in the evenings we come undone.

lorrene m

Yes, I do to. I tend to feel anxious in the mornings and more depressed as the day goes along, up until about late afternoon or early evening. I don't know why.

praveen g
dont feel depressed.....do all sorts of things that make you really feel happy and excited at the time you get depressed..........

The best time of day for me is at night, that is when I come alive. I am more of a night person. I hate the afternoons as that is when I feel down. I do get down at nights but don't get me wrong it is not as bad as the afternoons by far. I sleep my mornings away as I am up so late at night.

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