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b's wife
Do you believe there is a correlation between a full moon and behavior issues?
I work as a healthcare provider and it's obivious to me that the people I take care of are zanier when there is a full moon. Anyone else notice this?

Yes of course. When we see a full moon, the moon's gravity is in full force towards us, the place where a full moon is occuring. And with this, all the liquid portion or part of the planet will experience the pull attraction of the moon's gravity like the oceans,thats what we are calling this event a high tide.And b'coz the brain of ev'ry human being is mainly composed of liquid, it is also susceptible to the said attraction that will cause the human behavior to be usually erratic.

prada guy

nope...studies have actually proven that it doesn't effect someones mood.

I work in the developmentally disabled field and we have actually tracked the increase in behaviors and issues when this occurs so I am saying "yes"

Oh yes. Unbelievably yes. Has the same effect on the brain as it does the tides. Tides are always much higher at a full moon.

With out a doubt. full moon this week. No way I'm I going out tonight

old lady
Absolutely. And the effects aren't limited to the zanies. A good many 'normal' people go slightly dotty when there's a full moon. But then, if the full moon can generate huge tides, manipulating a little brain fluid shouldn't present a problem.

I to am a health care provider I work on an alzheimers unit. I believe there is a connection but even outside the work place the crime rate is higher during a full moon.

I think there is.

Go hang out in a school when there is a full moon. I swear the kids go batty!!!

There is a definite correlation. People get c r a z y during full moons!

Working as a firefighter, yes i have noticed the weirdos come out when theres a full moon....LOL....

Ofcourse every doctor knows this
the Moon influences all of the water on this planet ,it reverses tides ,and currents in the rivers and oceans

at full moon the currents in the river spread outwards
,any logger will tell you that the trees then bump into the sides ,with the new moon the trees float nicely downstream ,staying in the middle of the river .

In Our bodies 99 molecules out of a hundred are water .
a cosmic force that can turn the tides will have an enourmous effect on the water in our bodies

Go to any Hospital at full moon and ask the nurses if things are different from other nights,the answers will always be the same .-

Madness rages.

um well lets take a little look shall we--moon affects tides and water---human body is composed of water---i would think so

te quiero tanto
oh yea baby

Spiritual but not religious
Yes, absolutely. I don't care what the other people say about it being rubbish. I can't prove it by quoting a book. I can talk about this from two different jobs. This is empirical data.

1. I worked as a bookstore clerk at a retail bookstore both part-time and full time for over 12 years. The "crazies" come out on full moons. The incidents of conflict between employee and customer increased.

2. I worked as head doorman (in other words, head bouncer) at a bar for four years. We hated full moons especially when they fell on a Friday. Customer's behavior on a full moon night was bad enough but added onto the usual amateurish Friday night behavior, it became hell.

3. My wife is/was a RN and a nurse practitioner for almost 20 years. She says that every health professional she ever worked with would agree with you. It's a night to pray you are not scheduled to work and then stay home and hide.


Humans are the same amount of liquid as the Earth. Do the math.

There's a reason they call them "Luna"tics!

YES!!! When I worked midnight shift in healthcare, you could definitely see the differences among the residents. Lunar madness

No, it's all rubbish.


baby j
I am also a nurse and i am a mother. Yes i do believe the moon and its changes has a direct relationship to the behaviors of many. And the moon isnt the only culprit, just look at sundowners

Yes, I believe so.
Check the log for the emergency room at any hospital and you will find more patients brought in on the days of the full moon, more arrests on the police logs, and more births.
Yhere was a study done and published in Omni magazine in 1988, but those criteria were considered small sample and should probably be re-investigated.


The human body IS made up of about 60% water and the brain is around 75% water, so if the moon affects the tide it could probably affect people in some ways.

oh yeah!ask any bartender,cop,e.r. worker,waitress,cook,etc.

Absolutely. If it can effects the tides, how can mere humans escape?

Oh, yes. As you, I have seen it. Ask any hospital or nursing home employee (especially those who have worked night shift) and the response will probably be about 100%.

Shark Sandwich
Full Moons are traditionally associated with temporal insomnia, insanity (hence the terms lunacy and lunatic) and various magical phenomena such as lycanthropy. On a full moon, the moon is in opposition to the sun, thus indicating that one's inner world of feelings and outer persona and expression may be in conflict with each other.

Psychologists have found that there is no strong evidence for effects on behaviour around Full Moon [1]. They find that studies are not consistent, with some showing a positive effect, while others will show a negative effect. In one instance, the December 23, 2000 issue of the British Medical Journal published two studies on dog bite admission to hospitals in England and Australia. The study of the Bradford Royal Infirmary found that dog bites were twice as common at Full Moon, while the study of public hospitals in Australia found they were less likely at Full Moon. Psychologists point out that there is a difference between correlation and causation. The mere fact that two events happen at the same time doesn't mean that there is a cause and effect relationship between the two.

Neopagans hold a monthly ritual called an Esbat at each Full Moon.

Many people practicing traditional Chinese religions prepare their ritual offerings to their ancestors and deities on every Full Moon and New Moon.

Strawberry Pony
Health care here also. Yes I have noticed for years that on full moons, generally there is more activity in all areas of the hospital, from the Emergency Room, to The Labor and Delivery Rooms, and all areas in between the two. Lord knows it's beyond my comprehension as to why? I've heard it said that the moon controls ocean tides, if this is true, looks to me like the moon could impact so many things Very philosophical question. I've even noticed changes in my own mood on full moons.

Sharon H
YES! I used to work in a LTC facility (nursing home) and the behaviors really escalate during a full moon.

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