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Brown Eyed Susan
Do You Believe "what goes around - comes around" ?

Not really. I cheated on every single boyfriend I have and thus far haven't got cheated on...

in one way or another, yeah... but basically its just sayin, be nice, and people'll be nice to you, which is true, btw

Funniest Person on Here
Nope. There's no such thing as karma

I have seen it happen once, and it didn't feel as good as good as I thought it would. My ex broke up with me and left me with a crap load of bills. A few years later when I was doing excellent, he called to tell me that the girl he left me for and married left him in the same way - but with with way more debt. He called to apologize and say he was sorry and he knew how I must have felt. It was bittersweet. (I didnt get back with him... by the way)

"Teh" Leester
Definitely. There's no argument.

maybe not right away, but eventually, it will come around.

oooooh! karma! yes, i believe it. it's only fair you know

Yes I do. It's called Karma. An eye for an eye, and an arm for an arm.

I used to believe that and I still hear a lot of people say it, but as I get older, I believe it less and less. I know a lot of terrible people and they seem to just keep on doing what they are doing and nothing happens to them. I had a boss who was stealing from her clients and when I said something about it, I got fired and she is still in business and still spending other peoples money. My husband tells me she will get whats coming to her sooner or later, but I don't think she will. Unless the IRS catches her, she will retire and spend her bootie. Same with my daughters old boyfriend who was abusive, He is still out there doing the same thing to other women. When is his going to come around? Seems like the good people of the world get no respect and the bad ones just keep on keeping on.


It doesn't always come around in the same form though.
i.e.- If I were to make fun of someone really bad at school I typically end up falling down the stairs or something. Or I "mysteriously" loose a paper.

I have yet to have a time where someone else has not had karma come around to them after they have done something to me.

Yes, I'll use an example that happens to me when I'm mean. I'm driving to work, the freeway is packed and traffic is moving at slow pace and a car needs to get through to get to his exit. So he waves to you to let him over and I pretend not to see him, instead of stopping and letting him into my lane, I continue on. I usually look in my rearview mirror and I see another car does stop and waves him through. Then it's my turn, I have to almost cause an accident by bulling through, essentially daring drivers to hit me. However the next day I am driving to work again, another driver waves showing that he needs to move over to get to his exit ramp, then I stop to create a space so he can change lanes. Sure enough in ten minutes it's my turn, I turn on my right turn signal and I don't even have to wave at another driver, the driver beside and behind me stops for a second so I can change lanes without playing "rush-hour" chicken.

There is another case I have seen. To get to the freeway from our neighbourhood, we have to use a small parkway that goes from our neighbourhood and through a large park. Without the parkway we would have to drive about ten miles through heavy street traffic which hardly moves at all to get to the next entrance ramp, so the city built the parkway to help traffic move from our neighborhood to ease traffic congestion on the streets running along outside the park.. The parkway has a slow speed limit of 30 miles an hour, but it is never jammed, so most of us don't mind the 30 mile limit. Also on the parkway there is a stop sign on it where it crosses a bicycle path and there is a sign that says that it is a two way stop and bicycles have the right of way.. Almost every morning the same woman would go speeding through the stop sign almost hitting cyclists numerous times . Well one morning I saw she bought a new BMW. I'm behind her dong 30 mph and she passes me as she always does doing her usual 70 mph. Sure enough, people on bicycles are crossing, but as she reaches the cross walk, this little girls chain broke and the bike went out of control and dumped the little girl in front of this driver. Her mom was just behind her, dropped her bicycle on the bike path and ran to help her daughter. The driver slamed on her brakes, but there was no way she could stop in time to avoid the little girl. So she wrenched her steering wheel over to the right. The car went flying through the air and hit while still in the air this huge maple tree. I stopped to see if anyone was hurt. The little girl and her mother were unhurt so I picked up girls bike and led her and her mother who was hysterical to the sidewalk. Then I went to see the BMW, the engine was ripped off it's mounts and pushed out about a 45 degree angle and the beemer had a U shaped dent in the front that was about four feet wide and four feet deep, the tree looked like it was growing through the car. Anyway, thank God for airbags, the lady was okay. When the police came (someone called 911), the driver behind me suggested that I stay there with her and the girl's mother to be witnesses to the accident. So this lady who had been endangering cyclists for about two years not only wrecked her brand new beemer, but the policeman gave her three tickets in total and because the Mom was there, she insisted that the policeman arrest the beemer driver for reckless endangerment, which he did. He must have been a father because you could see steam coming out of his ears when we told him what happened. I don't know what happened to the people in the accident, but the tree lived and is still there today.

of course, that must be the truest saying ever

Absolutely , It is a law of nature .

erick j
certainly, clockwise or other, just as what goes up must come down. Physically or emotionally you get back what effort(s) you have put in.

robert b
during your life many things will happen both good and bad. It would be nice to say yes to your question but it is not true. When people do bad things to you or those you care about it is nice to believe that they get paid back. The fact is that bad things also happen to these people and you can think this is for what they did to others. Sadly they are just getting their share of bad. A good way for you is to always try to be true to yourself so when others talk bad about you at least you know these things are not true. There is some comfort in this. Good luck in your life. The fact you asked shows you think.

char g
Yes I truly believe that what comes around goes around.

If someone does something rotten to you it will come back to you twice fold.

My father has always told me that you reap what you sew...meaning that if you do something to someone it will come back to you .

So in answer to your question what comes around goes around. Good Luck and God Bless

no cause nothing happens for a reason


Daniel L
Yes, it is true to a point.

yes, it's true. a lot of people say these words when speaking of retaliation or revenge or just anger. i prefer to think of it in a more positive realm.....treat others as you would like to be treated. some will call it karma, others, the golden rule. what goes around, (you are a good person), comes around, (you will attract good people)

i have dpf
of course it may not come back around for years but when it does it will be way worse thats my belief

Yes without a doubt, don;t we call that revenge? LOL

Hell yeah 'cause i have experienced it first hand.

oh yuh. that's why i get scared when i do something wrong :(

dark angel
no dude above me thats not true u must be a dreamer

Absolutely I do 100%. Sooner or later what goes around will come around.


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