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Can you believe anything a heroin addict says?
what kind of support is it exactly that would be beneficial in a relationship where one partner repeatedly relapses on heroin. is the non drug partners support expected to tolerate extreme patterns of mental abuse,basically refered to as nothin more than a piece of s**t with addict justifying thier behaviour by saying 'you made them be like that and that it's you messing thier head and makin them go back to the drug'?
Additional Details
yes it is a partner.and no i do not use heroin and never have. so how do u support someone who degrades you to the max because i find it very difficult to not hurt and get close. almost impossible to forget my pride and accept it as part of the proccess because the proccess is repeated over and over again in the relapses. everyday practically my head and heart is blown away. out of nowhere he turns my world upside down simply because he is my world. but i feel in my heart its time to leave the one that he can't get out of.

Happy Man
No get rid of the junkie if you want any sort of life.

If this is the sort of thing which you are willing to put up with then I wish you all the luck in the world, but if you want some sort of life for yourself, you need to break away and your partner has to sort out his/her life without your support, because while you are around you will only be used as a crutch and a target for abuse.

Zach H
I don't say very little when they are on the drug or in need of a fix

Ade C
Having worked with many addicts on the rehab ward at my work (am a stand in nursing assistant), heroin addicts sadly can (not all though) be challenging. Their bodies have grown so dependant to the substance that they are in pain all the time, the withdrawal symptoms are terrible. When addicts first come into the ward, they display aggressive behaviour and the other health workers and I can be subjected to a tirade of abuse. This of course, isnt necessarily their fault, they just want "one more" fix of heroin to chill them.

You dont say if it is your own partner who is on heroin or not. If they are, they MUST get seen asap by a doctor who could refer them to a rehab ward like where I work. They are not all private- I work in the NHS.

Support them as much as you can, but dont put up with their persistant abuse, and let them call you a piece of ****. They will be looking for someone to blame. If they do start being abusive, dont be afraid to challenge them on this, but at the same time, let them know that you care and will support them.

Best of luck

yes the price of drugs


**** I feel for you...addicts, especially heroin, will always look for someone to transfer the blame onto....don't fall for it, be strong and remember the type of person you was before you got involved with this ill person!

Living with a substance misuser is never going to be easy. The substance will always come first. I think you should take stock of your situation and ask yourself 'Where do I want to be in one years time?' If the answer is 'Not with some junkie who treats me like sh*t'. The time has come to move on.

You should believe them just as much as you would believe anyone else, except for the phrase "i'll pay you back".

I'm not joking. They have no reason to lie to you unless it will get them another bag.

Grace K
You can

its sad but sometimes you just cant help someone who doesn't want to help themselves, try asking their family for support or put them in rehab and get on with your life while you still have one

You can believe some things they say, like the sky is blue.

Not much else though.

------ -
Depends what it is. Sometimes you can

miss sunshine ;; x
no you can't

It's best to be careful with what they say.

If he keeps relapsing and promising he will give up, he is taking you for granted. He knows that you'll keep forgiving him and so he does it again. He needs to know that you want him clean and you have to be prepared to stick to what you say and end it if it goes wrong. Otherwise he will never stop. Everyone will have relapses, it's just part of giving up - but not this many. Try taking some time away from him while he gets help and then support him when he's gotten past the first few steps.

Yes you can

Proud Navy Wife
I personally wouldn't stay with a person who continues to abuse - drugs and the person they are supposed to care about. They have support groups for family members of addicts. You need to take care of yourself and remember that you are responsible for your actions and they are responsible for their own. Unless you're handing them the drug and delivery method, it's pretty hard for it to be even a little bit your fault when they relapse.

Nasty Void
time for a holiday to the azores.when it comes to heroin you'll always be second place

The heroin addict is only interested in his/her next fix and will use a partner.

Don't believe a single word uttered by a self destructive heroin addict.

Why would someone stay in that sort of relationship? I mean, the addict is killing themself and deflecting the blame by dumping it on the partner. If you're the partner, get out. If not, encourage the person to get out. This is a no-win scenario until the addict is ready to change. You can't change anyone but yourself. Staying in that sort of relationship suggests that the non-addict has some issues they need to work out

This is unbelieveable! You're being blamed for their downfall and lack of willpower. If I wereyou, I would let them deal with this problem themselves, whether you love them or not. No one deserves this kind of treatment.

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