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Can depression make you lose your memory?
i forget things easily and even things about my past, is this due to depression?ive had depression on and off since age of 19, im only 32 so i know its not old age lol

chez .
dont know-cant remember :(

Yes and smoking makes you loose your short term memory as well.

Now what was I going to say..........................?

Depression causes stress, stress kills brain cells.

allason s
yes it can

my memory is shocking and has been since i had a nervous breakdown

It's not just the depression it's the anti depressants as well.

Yes it can dear, Just as depression can also heighten your awareness by emphasising your problems and failures.

Yes. I have depression and I forget things all the time.

But it's hard to say as depression also "makes" me drink.

robert m
It could.

yes it can.
Things like cod liver oil. fish oils, green veg can improve your memory. Keeping your brain active can help i.e like solving puzzles. But maybe its better to forget the past and enjoy the future. As maybe its the past that depresses you.

I think so. I have that problem too. I forget things and it's embarrassing cuz I'm not all that old either. I find when I have a lot on my mind or If I worry a lot, even stress is a factor. I forget things. I guess your family doctor can really answer the question. I should go soon and find out.

Daisy the cow
Yes, a side effect of depression can be that your memory and concentration levels are diminished. Also some of the anti depressant medications can have an effect on memory too.

short answer is yes, clinical depression actually depresses bodily functions, and as your memory is a brain activity it can be affected

Stress & depression can make you lose your memory & ability to concentrate. Medication is very helpful in this respect.

I have come to the conclusion that it's not depression or old age which affects ones memory these days.
Everyone seems to have a memory problem. My 9 year old grand daughter is no better than her mum who is in her 20s...and her mum's memory is no better than mine.

In-fact, my memory seems to be worst than my parents memories...and they are in their late 70s-80s

My theory is that something within the last 40 years has contributed to my generation and our children plus now their children to be suffering from this premature losing of our memories.

It definitely can affect your memory

Yes, Kuz It Can Make You Delusional & All That Stuff

Mu husband has depression (and has had for years) and he forgets certain stuff. He is only 49 so it isnt dementia. I believe its his way of coping sometimes - he just blots out stuff from his memory (though sometimes I swear it actually selective memory - a bit like his selective hearing when I ask him to do something ) xxxxxxxxxx

sideshow bob
i...think..maybe it can and also....oh ive fogotten sorry

Joanne W
Same age!!! I go through spurs of depression, & you do seem to lose your memory. xxx

yes i got post natal depression my partner of six years left me and been honest all my my son brrn a baby i dont remember or remember him leaving so it can happen

Memory can be affected by the depression and by meds used to treat depression.

Do you recall that is the third time that you posted that question?

Just kidding.

Good luck.

Yes, very much so. You'll get it back as the brain rewires itself. I had depression a few years ago and I forgot how to boil rice! (I'm a chef!!!) I also forgot my wife's name -thank goodness that she is a psychologist and thus understands these things. I forgot the name of our cat - all simple, everyday thoughts.

Yet at the time, I could recall at an instant the bowling and batting statistics for the England cricket team. I did not lose the ability to read music. But when you call your wife "Boycott, 217 not out", life seems somewhat bizarre. (My wife is called Louise, and Boycott hit 217* against SA Forces 1st XI at Louis Trichaud Air Force Base, South Africa, in a warm up match.)

i don't know about loosing your memory, but it certainly can make you forget simple things and have a hard time concentrating, you feel like your really out of it, like your on mars. and recent studies show that depression is caused by a restriction of blood and oxygen to the brain and when that restriction is released the depression goes away.

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