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Debate Assassin
Can depression lead to insanity?

Casey K
Nope. Depressions is insanity.

Cookie is a Wabbit
NO it cant

for sure...only the insane doesn't know about it, so he doesn't bother I believe...imho

there's a disorder caller Bi-Polar meaning you're back and forth between highs and lows

yes it can, be very careful, I try to keep my self busy so that I don`t think too much about what makes me so sad, even in here answering questions, some are funny so it helps.. I have a relative who`s husband past away and soon after she developed Schizophrenia. take care...

yea it can

Depression can definitely lead to more than just feeling down. I've had depression for probably about 10 years. I've never seen a psychologist (I was diagnosed by my family doctor), and I never regularly took any of my prescriptions. Recently it's become really difficult for me to feel normal and live a normal life anymore. I have trouble just getting out of bed. I don't trust anyone. I even developed memory lapses. I just wish I would have accepted it and tried to work on my depression from the beginning instead of letting it get out of hand. I hope you try to figure out what's best for you and get a handle on things. Good luck!


Catherine B
Yes. Severe cases of depression can lead to hallucinations and/or delusions. When the depression lifts, so do the psychotic symptoms.

I would have to say yes in some ppl

Yes Deep-Depression evoles to...
(dun dun dunnnN!!!!!)

Yep. Did for me. :)

Boo Boo[Rainbow Love]
yes..u need to get help if ur suffering from it..its not fun..and if u get help now..u culd really save urself alot of trouble later on!!!

It really depends on the severity of the depression and how deeply it affects the person. Its less likely if the person is very interactive with people and active on a daily basis- but theres still a chance yes unfortunately. Some people can get depressed for no reason at all, the same as some people can be insane for no reason at all.

you are all in my heart forever
yes i think it can

xxxHaunted lifexxx
yes it can

yeah i think it does..get sum help b4 u go insane..

Adam P
not really ...a mental breakdown perhaps

Yes it can. It can lead to all sorts of problems, health problems. You can also have a stroke.

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