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Are you ashamed of your mental illness...?
I am and only have discussed it with a professional or asked questions here on yahoo answers... I have ocd ... any1 else hate themselves b/c of their illness ...
Thanks for your time ... =)

hip lady wants YA fixed
i am not so much ashamed as misunderstood by people

No.Mental illness is like any other disease.

I recently answered a similar question to yours. Here is my response:

I have never been ashamed of my mental conditions. I have bipolar, PTSD, panic attacks, anxiety attacks, agoraphobia, and a bunch of other phobias and conditions also. The people who know me, care about my condition and do all they can to assist me in living a "normal" life. The people who don't know me, I don't care about.

The support I get from family and friends is amazing. They all understand that normal for me is not necessarily normal for anyone else. I have been at a movie with friends and my wife when all of a sudden I had a PTSD attack. It was 20 minutes into the film. Everyone got up and helped me out of the theater and got me home. I see that I have a disease, nothing more, nothing less. If I can understand that why can't anyone else.


I've been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, severe depression and an ED. I feel so ashamed and weak that I can't seem to function like most people do. I wish that not I could be normal, but I wouldnt feel so constrained and such a misfit with these stupid illnesses. I wouldnt dare tell anyone (family know about BPD), not even my closet friends.

Simple Minded
I have suffered depression and I seldom discuss it, except with close friends who saw me through the period of depression.

I have learned to empathise with others with the onset of this illness. It makes me more humble and more compassionate.

There are actually benefits to depression. After depression, I appreciate life more.

I keep my problem to myself, I don't disclose to my colleagues.

I was diagnosed with severe depression and then later manic bipolar disorder. I have been on seven different antidepressants. I went to counseling for eight months. I stayed in a psych ward for four days. I am a recovering cutter. I had a plan to kill myself, but by the grace of God I'm alive.

No, I am not ashamed. I won't go telling this whole story to random people on the street, but whenever someone asks, I will tell, because this whole experience has brought me closer to God and is part of my testimony.

Good luck to you and take care!

Im not sure if shame is the word i would use-in a sense yes ,as far as my close family -they only know the bare minium i have borderline personality disorder,im kind of embarassed for them to know all the details,the only people that know everything is my counsellor,pysch-most stuff, and boyfriend ,and since im in a dif country from him for the last 9 months he doesnt know i have taken 2 overdoses,im ashamed that i cant tell him that yet,i have times when im ok with my illness i forget i have it then know as im depressed i want it ripped out, im trying to learn its part of me but its hard to get my head around-i wish it was gone ,counselling helps a lot,and i dont think hating ourselves is going to help in the long term-time is a good healer take care

UHHHHH. FOR SURE! Most of us hate ourselves for these illnesses, but hate ourselves even more for how it affects our family. Lots of guilt!!

As you know I have PTSD, Chronic Grief & Chronic Depression.

I wouldn't say I am ashamed of having them, but I do feel ashamed at some of the traumas I have to deal with. I do experience a lot of emotions and I definitely hate myself for everything that has happened and the way I am unable to cope with it all now.


I'm not so much ashamed just more frustrated with the illness. I don't hate myself either I know I have issues which I try deal with a postive mind set everytime they arise. I am kind of secretive about it becuase I only share with my mom, grandmas, some friends, thats about it. You shouldn't be ashamed it is out of your control. If you were one of those people that makes this stuff up just to get attention then I would understand for someone to be ashamed....... but your not!

Tired of Everything
No. I hate when it causes me difficulties in my life--job, school, etc. and I don't particularly enjoy having to explain to people what's going on, but it's a part of my life and part of who I am, the same as if I had a heart condition or diabetes. If one of those conditions flared up and I had to take time off from work or school because of it, it would be no different. That's the thing to keep in mind. It's also something that you kind of get used to over time. Acceptance doesn't happen overnight. Don't get me wrong, I still don't go running down the street yelling, "Hey everybody!!! I have bipolar disorder and I love it and it loves me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" But if it comes up I don't hang my head in shame, mumble, or try to change the subject. People these days are far more educated and accepting (for the most part) than they used to be, so there is nowhere near the stigma attached to a mental health diagnosis as there used to be. Also, there are far more aspects of your personality--things that make you who you are--than your diagnosis. It's only a small part of your life, though I know at times it can seem huge. You fill a lot of roles, I'm sure: daughter, granddaughter, sister, cousin, friend, best friend, student, leader, helper......I don't know if all of those apply, but I'll be plenty of them do, as well as many I didn't think of. Don't lose sight of who you REALLY are because you're blinded by such a tiny part of yourself. You're a beautiful person that many people love and count on. That's what matters.

I would not say that I am ashamed, I'm just afraid that people will not understand you know. When people hear the words like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder they automatically assume that you must be crazy. The thing is I don't want people to judge me because of an illness. I didn't ask for this, but I am not going to let it take over my life you know. My family does not understand and does not care too. They have called me crazy and treated me like I was crazy. When I was in the hospital I had a family member tell my little brother that I was locked and chained to a bed. But you see what I mean.

Sometimes I am hard on myself because I think that maybe if I try hard enough or think hard enough that I can beat this. But I can't without the medicine you know. I just wish that I could be my normal again. I wish that my family would treat me how they treated me before they found out you know. I just want to be better and do better. I just want to be able to live a normal life.

gotta luv da Li
I hate that my brain can be hijacked. I'm horrified by the depressions that I've survived. I'm scared that I may relive these again despite meds. It really bothers me that my cognition is less than what it once was and whether that's due to meds or the illness doesn't matter. That does embarrass me. Am I embarrassed by the illness itself? On some levels, yes. I can be embarrassed by the swings, they are not me. Also, it is a "mental illness" and I like most grew up thinking such a thing would be horrible. Yet, for the most part, I'm not. Bipolar is a biological disease. I didn't choose it and there isn't anything I can do to make it go away. I can just choose to manage it to the best of my abilities. The swinging I do now is mild, which is a big relief and a very good thing. So... embarrassed by some of the symptoms, yes. Embarrassed by having the illness, no. Mostly I see it as an illness like any other chronic illness that requires care and treatment in order to live a normal life. So I try to not get hung up on the label.

vaughn favrua
i dont becsue of my illness it just makes me stronger to fight it and not let it control my life. you are a good person. be a fighter as well and dont be ashamed. i still have scras on my arms from cutting but i am not ashamed of it becaue it was my past and they remind me of how far i have come

i am not ashamed of it at all. i bothers me and makes me sad that i or anyone else has to deal with this crap but i am not ashamed. I have been able to help so many people with their depression because of my own experiences. It isn't something to be ashamed of. you didn't choice to have an illness, and it is an illness just like cancer....would you be ashamed to have cancer?

I used to be bulimic and i am not ashamed of that either..if anyone asks i will tell them, you never know who you can help.

When things first started going bad for me, I was very ashamed. So ashamed that I didn't tell anybody. Not even a doctor. I had to make everyone think I was perfectly fine.That lasted about 3 1/2 years. Finally I went to a doctor and told them I heard voices and how depressed I was. And hearing for the first time that you have psychosis,clinical depression and the start of an eating disorder is something that is hard to handle. For the past year in my recovery I have learned that I'm not alone in this fight and that has made it a lot easier on me. My family and a few friends now know. They try to make me feel that it's OK and there always there and try to be as understanding as possible. That in turn has made me less ashamed. My Therapist helps in ways that most people would never understand. Just to have someone listen and validate what your going through also has kept me from feeling so ashamed. But yet there are so many people I would never tell because of being so embarrassed if they knew. Maybe one day I will look back at all this and say to myself who cares what anyone thinks. Maybe someday.

Take care and don't give up!

I don't hate myself for my illness...personally I was glad when I was told what was wrong. I was so scared that there was something wrong with me (in a sense) that was my fault. I now know that I didn't cause what's wrong with me...that it just happened.
I do hate talking about it with people face to face...I get the impression from some people that they think I'm making it up or I'm playing the "sick card" to get sympathy from people...which I have never done.

ya i am deffintly. i hate it and i dont get why me. the only people that know about it is my mom, dad, and counsler..not even my brother knows. i have one best friend, but she knows nothing about it. no one does.. i put on the fakest life ever. i act like everything is so great. i really just dont want people to know about it because i feel weird. i dont want it and i think thats why im ashamed of it. i feel dumb and weird for having depression and all the thoughts in my head. at times i wish i wasnt ashamed of it..me hiding it from my close friends has deffintly ruined our relationship because were not that close anymore. but whatever im ashamed of it and thats how im going to stay

Here to help
I have suffered with Mental Illness for over 20 years. No, I am not ashamed. Sometimes I think, "why me?" But then again I have been able to help others, because I have been there and know what it's like. I wish our society, would treat others better. I am not saying everyone. What really still hurts me the most, is seeing "overweight" people being treated so
mean and cruel. Because I have been there too. And if only
people would realize the pain they cause and the long term affect it really does have on others, especially when they already have low-self esteem and are trying to battle mental illness along with it. I am glad to have people on yahoo, that really do care, and are willing to tell there stories and life with others, it does make me feel better to know I am not alone with this disease, and that my feelings are real. Thank-you all for your stories and wiliness to help us all, especially through tough times.

ive suffered from depression for 6months now,
and ive recently been diagnosed with a eating disorder, im bulimic.
to be honest im not ashamed,
but im not going to go ranting on about it

Not at all. I didn't ask to be this way. It isn't a punishment. It is a challenge.

Ren Therapy
I'm a young adult--if that. I've been diagnosed with several mental illnesses but I've managed to work with them. None of them are gone but some have somewhat subsided.

The first "illness" I was diagnosed with was dyslexia. I was diagnosed at the age of five. I had to double up on schooling for a while. Now, they think I might be over it. I'm not sure. I honestly just think I'm careful. In other words, I go slowly and I take my time. However this slowness may be a part of my other "illnesses".

I have ADD so I've had to take medication since I started school. I hate that. It deprives my from sleep and caused my to develop an eating disorder.

For the eating disorder, I had to drink this poop called a "ScandiShake", which is really good in the first month but it becomes torture drinking the same thing everyday for over three years. Its shameful.

I have been diagnosed with autism. My mom is ashamed of me and won't let me tell anyone, even the rest of my family. She is relentless in keeping my in private schools which are challenging in the first place, but if you put a slow child in there its hell. They have no system for autistic kids and I'm not allowed to even explain it to my teachers. My autism is called Asperger's Syndrome, or AS. My mom jokes with me by adding on another "s". She thinks thats funny. I laugh because I don't know what else to do, but it hurts.

Asperger's Syndrome has isolated my from people. I don't know how to explain myself and I have troubles choosing words. This simple post will take me twice as long as you.

The depression I developed from my isolation during my pre-teen and teen years caused me to comtemplate suicide. I won't tell you how many times. I couldn't if I thought about it. This is so cliche but I've lost count. If I ever do, I know the perfect way.

My mom also brought my to a psychiatrist because I suffered from OCD. She called me a "germ-o-phobe". She thought I was weird. I'm pretty sure she would have disowned me if that was even relatively acceptable in our culture.

The most recent diagnosis was some kind of Word and Language Processing Disorder ... or something like that. It doesn't even have a good name. Maybe thats because they think people with it need a simple name to it. This works great with my dyslexia and my autism... not.

Basically I'm screwed up. My mom hates me. I've struggled for all my friendships. My family feels isolated. My best friend ever was my dog, who happened to pass away this August.

On the bright side, since I was diagnosed with autism, I managed to truly understand what my huge social issues are. I can use the definition of the symptoms to make sure I do the opposite. Now I'm aware of all my flaws so I can hide them or change them. I have some good friends, much more than before. And I have less enemies. =] I have actually managed to flip my life around. My biggest problem now is my mother's hate.

I hope you feel better about yourself now.

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