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Brandye C
Are there things I can do to stop my spouse from emotionally and mentally abusing me?

AS IF.....................
If he doesn't think anything is wrong with him and won't get help - leave. Easier said than done, but in this world we all live in is hard enough much less have a spouse like that. Been there , done that! It's not going to get any better if he won't go seek help. It's your life and you must take control of it. It is up to you to save yourself, for your sanity. Nothing is worth putting up with this type of abuse. It will wear you down faster than ever. Get help for yourself, if he won't go.

I can tihnk of 1 major thing. How about leaving him. If he abuses you in any kind of way, he is showing that he does not love you. You are way more valuable than he is noticing. you are letting him take you for granted. You may be saying that you can't leave him because you love him. You don't love him you feel like you will be lonely without him, you won't be. You can do way better than him. There is someone out there willing to treat you the way that you deserve to be treated. All you have to do is get him out of your life and find someone else. An abusive relationship is not worth staying in. He probably has brainwashed you into thinking that you are noy beautiful but I guarantee that you are. He should be emotionally and mentally helping you. He should be supportive and willing to treat you like a human being. You shouldn't be belittled by any man. Your worth is priceless.

robert s
only if both of you are willig to except counseling not beind forced but for each other. then maybe if not get some assertive training for yourself and leave

Yes there are many organizations out there to help. Women against abuse are very good,Look in the phone book in the blue section and you will find many resources.I hope that you seek out any and all to resolve the situation.

I have a suggestion, that you carefully read the following online articles:

Help for Battered Women! :
- "Maybe This Time He'll Change"
- Why Do Men Batter Women?
- Help for Battered Women
- Machismo--A Global Problem
- Correcting Misconceptions
- "Sometimes I Think I Am Dreaming!" < a successful outcome

No. Leave him. Worst case scenerio, I believe theres shelters out there for battered women.

I just got out of a relationship like this... I was with the person for four years and we would break up and get back together every year. It was horrible... I even took them to the doctor and they gave them meds... but after all this I finally realized nothing would change and cut my losses... was very hard for the first 3 months but now I am happier than I have ever been...

leave him asap. get help from a close friend or shelter and dont go back honey he will never stop no matter how much he says he will and you are better than that you dont have to live with it


laura k
Yes sit him down and tell him how you feel and tell him to shut up and let you do the talking lay it out ask for respect and you should receive it. maybe he you should look into your back ground for similar behaviors and check into a new life, it is a never ending cycle when it has been the norm all your life. just another way to look at it!

I thought there were things I could do to fix my ex's emotional and mental abuse problems. I learned the hard way over 5 years of mental and emotional abuse that you can't change them. I think that they honestly believe if they mentally/emotionally abuse you enough that they can mold you into whatever they want you to be. And you will change things in your life so that your spouse will not abuse you. Don't try to fix something you didn't break in the first place. The best thing to do is walk away from the relationship. Now. Don't wait. It does NOT get better. Your life will get better when you leave and you will realize just how much you have changed your life to make your spouse happy. How about you make you happy? Good Luck!

PS--Don't go back when your spouse comes crawling back begging you for forgiveness. If you go back, he's just showing more control over you which leads to more emotional and physical abuse.

Mike M.
Emotional. Mental. Psychological. Verbal. Abuse is abuse, and no one, I repeat, no one should have to put up with it. The only thing you can do is pack up all your things and get out of there. Afterwards, you might want to pursue legal action against the bloke who treated you so badly. Just make sure you have sufficient concrete evidence to use at the trial. Good Luck.

No. Find support with family and friends, and leave him. If he is an apologizer, don't fall for it. Best luck.

if i was you i wouldint put up with his ****. have him try to beat on me and see what happens. id knee him in his ****** up skull. then break his adems apple.

First off, get to a safe place. Then, pray for them. God can soften their heart, but there is no reason to keep yourself in harm's way.

You can tell him to stop or get a respected elder involved. Or, you can leave for some time and tell him that if starts abusing you again you will leave permanently.

There is only one answer....your going to have to get away from him and stay away....and i can not stress the point that do it and do it now today....please...dont waste your life thinking or hoping it will get better....I am too old to star a new family now....and I am not the same happy person than the person i was before i married my absere...you dont want to end up like me.....please leave as fast as you can...and i hope you live a long happy healthy life..


Having been there, the first thing I would suggest is to get YOURSELF into counseling. Second, tell him/her that you will no longer stand for it and that if he/she continues you will either pack his/her bags and they will leave or you will be leaving. Third, follow through with number two!!!

I was in your same position once. I thought that I wouldn't find anyone that would love me or take care of me, but what I didn't realize was that person was there all along. It was ME!!! You have to take care of yourself first!!! Allowing someone to do this TO you is not taking care of yourself. There are all sorts of support systems out there if you don't have the financial means to leave, there are also support groups if you don't have the EMOTIONAL means to leave.

Try to find a counselor and they can also help you greatly. You CANNOT change him, only HE can do that. You can ask him to go to counseling with you to work on communication, but only if he will do that. But if he is doing what you say, I'm not sure he will. But, like people say, it doesn't hurt to try.

Good luck!!

you need to leave the relationship...for your own safety.....

yes ..leave

The only person you can control is you. So no. You have got to leave and get into counceling to sort out how you came to be with a person like this. A bully is a bully and it's up to your spouse to sort out why--not you.

Good luck. You deserve so much better.

Walkint out with at least 1/2 of the community property would be a good start.

get out of the relationship

Yes, leave him. Document it first, and then leave him. You shouldn't take that stuff from anyone, least of all your spouse.

you need to break up with your spouse or you could call the police on him.

Can't do anything if you aren't there. Leave him.


Leave his ***.

been there
Once they start abuse you and let them get away with it, they'll think it's okay and continue. I walked out on an abusive wife 10 years ago. She was not only emotionally and mentally abusive, but she eventually became physically abusive, and that could happen to you. Now that I look back, I realize I should have left years sooner.

Tell her that i you r going to divorce him.......

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