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Am I depressed?
Constant breakdowns. Afraid i'll never find happiness. I'm the lonliest person, super sensitive. Mother is bi-bolar unaware of how much she hurts me. parents are super strict.divorced. Not allowed tp hangout with boys (I'm going to be a senior in hs) i can never stay out late they always need to talk to my "friends" parents. I can never go out. My sister, we're close. And she is going away for a year to travel the world. I don't know how I will manage without her. She helps me with the situation with my mom. I need her. I don't have a real true best friend that i can always count on. I want one more than anything. My "friends" never call me they know i can never stay out late enough. My parents won't let me drive until i'm 18 i hate it. No one knows this is how i feel. My parents would freak if they knew i wanted a therapist. I've liked the same boy for 4 years who doesn't want me. My body even feeIs tired, weak. have absolutely no one. I FEEL HOPELESS, POWERLESS. EVERYTHING HURTS...

abby normal
Yes, you are definitely depressed. Ignore those who tell you to "snap out of it" because you can't just turn it off.

I saw a couple suggestions that sounded good.......call your doctor and tell them about it. They can help you talk to your parents about what you need.......BLOGS are a good way to stay in touch with your friends, but DO NOT add people to your list that you do not know, as this could be dangerous.......and here's my input: check out www.teenline.org .....it's teens talking to other teens about normal teenage problems

hmmm would have to say yes an hope ya feel better soon maybe ya need a lil help i guess to goodluck tho..

yes very


Check out Worry Busters at http://www.wayneburke.com
The site addresses a lot of issues that we worry about, along with suggestions on how to think differently. Lots of quotes, books, resources to help you find happiness. Good Luck!

i can honestly relate with you. as time goes on you will only realize that its now your moms fault, but the fault of your own fears. take the leap, find something to focus on like a project or something

I'm very sorry about everything hurts.

im hurt too...for a lotta reasons pretty much similar to yours....hay u can email me at cristyn_arena@hotmail.com if u want

have you tried seeing a counselor

Eighteen years of prison will make freedom that much sweeter

Yes, your definitly depressed. Try to talk to a school couselor or teacher to see if they can help you. You really need someone to talk to and maybe an antidepressent med. Good Luck.

who cares if your parents freak you need help- go now.

my guess is absolutely....YES.....See your dr. to talk about your symptoms. It is treatable.

sameh s
you should change your life .live without your parent

wow, stick it through. believe it or not, it gets better...it might have something to do with your environment as well. but like i said, it does get better, just know that you'll get through it all in one piece.

mason p
yes...seek help soon....you need someone to talk to and even if it is a professional and not a friend, it will help...most therapists will not inform your parents if there is not imminent danger

your parents sound very controlling because maybe they think you don't know any better. Thats okay most parents are because they have much more life experience and they care about you very much. I would approach them and tell them how you feel. Suggest a compromise. What do you want to do with your life. Tell them some of your life goals......college, career, relationships. Tell them how much you appreciate them, but that they are making you feel unloved and controlled like a pet. Let them know how it feels and how it makes you feel. I can guarantee together you guys can come up with something that will work best for everyone.

S h o k ? l a d
There HAS to be something good in your life. Think about that and be strong! If you hang in there things will transform to the better. I know this just sounds like "talk" but life's a bunch of different phases are you're in ONE of them. Cheer up, please :)

Ashley D
you might not be depressed, It sounds like might need some attention from the ones you love (family and friends). Your close to your sister and she is going away and that scares you so your freaking out. just calm down and talk to your parents about how you feel about everything!

Why the hell are you relying on other people to make you happy? you need to be your self and no matter what you need to understand that nothing is forever. Not the punishments, the days without friends and such. You need to realize how beautiful life is. Regardless of where you're at. except if you're here in iraq with me, then yeah you should have a reson to be depressed. Other than , realize that you're healthy, you ahve your whole life ahead of you. You're not missing much, and i'm sure that when you're 18 and you get more freedom you will enjoy it because you will be able to do alot more and for the first time....... just be yourself and strive for tomorrow. have you tried "myspace" you can meet alot of people there..... hope this helps.... and don't do anything stupid !!!

You should go to the Dr. tell them everything. Even if you don't need medication, it may help you to talk to a therapist or a counselor. Just don't be afraid and be honest. There is help out there. I have over come it and you can too. Be strong and never ever give up.

First Lady
Sounds like it....schedule an appt. with your doctor who can refer you to a therapist or prescribe something.

Being depressed 4 me has always been a state of mind, sure a therapist would help or a perscription but the latter can mess with ur head after a while (anti-depressants). If anything ur young and have the rest of ur life, maybe try to look for positives and not negatives but most importantly be happy even if all hell is breaking loose.

Patti C
Honey, you do sound depressed. I hope there is someone you can find to talk to. Do you think your parents would let you see a physician? There very well could be a physical reason for this. I know that you are unhappy with your parents, but this would not account for all that you are feeling. Please keep trying to find someone to help you. Can your sister talk to your parents for you before she leaves? I hope so.

Good luck to you sweetie.

♥ ☆ StarLiteGrl~98☼1 ☆ ♥
I'm sorry you're going through this.
It definitely sounds like you may be depressed!
Maybe you could talk to a teacher, a doctor, the school counselor, an adult friend....
You should definitely reach out to someone!

Best of luck to you.

sticky fingers
things will get better,forget about the boy,check out other guys is there a service like the samaritans you can phone,in your area if so ring them.

Talk to your school therapist. Because you are 18, your parents don't have to know about it.

denise s
Women have this problem all the time including myself,you have to find something to focus on in life and that's hard for a teen,but you can talk to your counselor at school and they will not tell anyone if you ask them not to,you just need someone to confide in and talk to,you may not always like the answers you get but at least you have someone to talk to about things and generally a friend is better than a family member.Parents can be rough at times when you want to do things like go out or stay out late,but it's because they worry and want the best for their kid.As far as the boy you like don't be afraid to at least make conversation,you never know,he may like you as well and don't know how to approach you.Pick yourself up,don't be so down on yourself.
Good Luck!
Denise...........P.S. if all else fails talk to god at least he listens and ask him to help you find peace and happiness in your life.

Life is always alone. No matter how close your friends and family is to you. Everyone is still an island on his own.

I was depressed in the past because of the uncertainty that holds for me in future. Sad. Totally hopeless. I almost even die in an illness.

Now I have changed. Depression is a waste of my time. There are many things to do and see while I am alive. Same for you. Life is bad when you feel down, and life is bright when you feel great. Therefore life is nothing except what you see it.

Here are some ways I used to get out of my depression:
- Take tyrosine (a component of amino). Take vitamin B & C to fuel your brain and combat stress.
- Get plenty of sun.
- Get plenty of exercise to weat it out and pump oxygen into your brain. If you jog, run as fast as you can until you are out of breath before you stop.
- Analyze your diet. Not enough water or too much acid.
- Meditate by focusing your thoughts on your breathing. Meditate will strengthen your mind.
- Pray alot. Have faith in the religion of your choice. Believing that someone powerful is willing to help you, strengthen your belief you will recover.
- Use auto suggestion first and last thing in the day : "Everyday in every way, I am getting better and better." Repeat the sentence any time your are free like travelling or waiting. Record and play it to yourself. Say it with positive feeling.
- Don't take anti-depression pills because the pills makes you sleepy but it does not help.

Try yoga with realxing music in the morning and night. Your body is linked to your mind. Once your body feel great, our mind will improve.

Wish you the best in everything you do.

I understand how you feel; I've been there. Depression hurts. You can overcome depression. There is online support groups and people there you can talk with. If you listen and talk, you will feel better. There are some exercises and vitamins and possibly foods to eat that will help you feel better. The support group listed below is free. You can e-mail me also at sos@lighthouseofhalo.com

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