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Loss of blood,
Child birth, or
Passing out?...

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Can diabetics in the uk
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 If you have a family member with diabetes, how can you come with it knowing they have a virus from food?
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 Can a person die if they are injected with a lot of insulin?

Additional Details
much do they have to get injected with to die right away?...

 Can blood sugar levels change a lot in less than a minute?
I am type 2 and I try controlling my blood sugar level with diet and weight loss. I use a freestyle flash meter and I check it morning and night but last night I checked it and it was a whopping 234 ...

Is a blood sugar reading of 11 too high for a 2 year old and an 8 year old? what is the normal range ?

Additional Details
In Canada we mostly go by mmol, so it would be about 198 the other way. 11 is not almost dead here lol.

11 is deadly. Im diabetic. My doc is happy if I keep it 140 or lower.

You have two diabetic kids? Holy crap, good luck to you. One is tough enough.

‚ô• Lisa‚ô•
198 seems high ..

i would contact their doctor, have them do blood work, just to be safe ..their your babies take care of them and make sure to limit candy and soda's high in sugars

Sith Lord
Sounds too low. I think the average reading is 110 +-. I live with a diabetic. she is 42, a blood sugar of 11 and she'd be dead quick.

yes its too high. we dont like for it to go over 130 here

Is this figure fasting? Make sure their finger is free from alcohol prior to the finger stick. Actually do not use alcohol at all. A clean dry hand after being washed with soap and water will be best. Alcohol will alter the reading, usually making it higher. Hopefully this is your case. If not, education and commitment at an early age will make their life much easier. I'll never forget the day my husband offered a piece of candy to a three year old acquaintance of ours, not knowing he was diabetic, he replied no thanks, I'm diabetic. Good luck to you and your family.

yes!!!! That is way too high!

Call your doc ASAP and have them checked.

OK...that scared me!
that is a little high,it should be around 100-150
good luck!!!

Did you do their blood sugar levels or did a Doctor?

If you did them, wash their hands, dry them and do them again as 11mmol/L is way too high for any child and high for a diabetic. They should be around 4-5mmol/L unless they've just eaten a bag of sugar in one sitting!

if your talking about american ranges that would be almost dead.. too low not too high. blood sugar range in the us should be from aout 80-120. i know that eruope has a different measure system that is in metric but i do not know much about it.. talk to a doctor dont ask health questions here.. too many game players.

On a world-wide, standard-case scale, a human's blood stream should consist of roughly 10% glucose (or a bgl of 100). But this is if everyone were the same - it's a much better idea to talk to an endochronologist with a familiarty with your children's medical history. Best of luck! (I too am a diabetic.)

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