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How long does weed stay in your system?

Jamie G
55 yrs

jit bag
a loooooooong time

it stay in your system in variations of time...like it stays in your hair for as long as it takes you to cut it out, thats probably the longest. It doesnt stay in your blood and your pee that long...only about a week or so

how much weed?

It stays in your system for about a month but it stays in your hair until you cut that portion off.


About a month or so but you can buy a detox kit from boots to get it out of your system quicker. !!

30 days

about a month, depending on fat ration and size and metabolism. Plus whether u were actually high or not. U might have just inhaled and thought u were high, to grab attention, or something like that.

Nursing Student Ed
anywhere between 7 days and 30 days

Lady Cosmo
5 da-wa pwease.

Cant Getit RiGhT
for about 30 days

Campbell Gramma
usually the " norm " is approx 28 days...give or take a day.....

if you're a heavy smoker.....maybe longer....

a light ( once in a while ) smoker......may test clean in a shorter period of time.....

but...the standard is that it takes 28 or so days, to flush your system clean naturally......

Depends on how often you smoke but about 45 days.

Obviously if you are a more heavy smoker it is going to stay in there longer because the THC has stored in your fat cells. If you have maybe smoked once or twice in your life it should leave your system in under a week.

It depends...if you are a heavy smoker it could take at least 30 days or so. If you smoked just once, and provided there it wasn't premium marijuana (the kind that cost more than average and has more THC), it could exit your system in just a few days.

Hopefully you haven't been smoking Indica (premium weed) for the last few months...

As long as a month to 6 weeks!


about 30 days. It will come up in a urine test for 30 days but will come up for a year in a hair test, if they cut off a few strands of hair and test it they can go back that far. Also if you use things to mask it - stuff you buy at the DNC for example, it raises other levels in your body so they have a good suspicion of what you are doing. It depends on how elaborately they test.

If you just smoked once, maybe 3 weeks, if you are heavy pot head it could take 4 months!

Well if ur fat it will stay longer then a skinner person and it all depends on how much u smoke if u only smoke a joint about a week

A week or less. Try drinking nothing but cranberry juice for a couple days. I was stupid enough to smoke in my naive years a few days before a drug test for a company.

I realized it the next day and was told to try this. I passed the test 3 days later.

That all depends on the way your body metabolizes the drug. How often you smoke it. If you are overweight. Fat stores a lot of things Esp THC

Honey Beats
1 month

:: Coast.al
First there are multiple types and qualities of drug tests and these can greatly effect the amount of time the marijuana will stay in your system. Urine tests. This depends greatly on how much you smoke and the quality of the test. If you don't smoke often, say about once a week, are skinny, because the marijuana residue is stored in fat cells, have a fast metabolism, this determines how quickly you use your fat cells, and stop smoking (this is important)it will take about 3 or 4 weeks. But if you have a urine test to get a job, drink a lot of water a few hours before you go, I'm talking about liters, and your urine will be so dilluted that it will be impossible for the test to pick anything up.

Blood tests. This takes six months. Period.

Hair follicle tests. Well, since the residue will stay in your blood system approximately six months, and new hair growth in that time will have traces of marijuana. But, if you don't cut your hair after that, it will still be there. I have long hair. If you were to do a test on my hair follicles you have my drug history for the last 2 years.

If you do it rarely (once a month or less) it takes a very short time to come out of your system, around three days. If you do it more than once a month the time gets longer and longer depending on how often you do it.

2-5 weeks depending on the fat in your body. It gets stored in fat from what I understand.

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