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Can Diabetics donate organs?
I know they can't donate blood, but can they donate their organs?

My mom is a diabetic and when she was at the dr she had asked. They told her that she can't because diabeties affect different peoples bodies in different ways. so no one knows if the organ would help or harm someone. I hope this helps you.

I'll donate my pancreas.

Yes you can donate your organs & your blood. I donate my blood all the time.

Yes, diabetics can donate organs if you consider that there are many uses for parts of the body that are not the major organs such as the heart and lungs. For example, there is a part of the eye that can be used to repair damaged or torn eardrums. They can also use the various tissues, bones, cartilage, skin, etc. Some of the uses are more temporary, such as helping burn victims recover, while others are actually used for long term transplants.

Just be sure to complete the organ donor card AND ensure that all immediate family members are aware of the person's wishes. If the family will not consent to organ donation then the doctors/hospitals cannot fulfill the person's wishes even though they are otherwise recorded.

http://www.donatelife.net/ is a link that has specific information regarding organ donation by state as well as how to become a donor and other related information.

Thank you for considering organ donation.

Doris D
NO, for the same reason you cannot donate blood.

I've always planned on selling my pancreas on the black market...no one has to know it doesn't work!

But seriously, since they drain the blood out of the organs before they implant them in someone else, as long as the organ is not damaged as a result of the diabetes, I wouldn't see why it would be a problem.

Gent Of Style
Yes. Even if they can't use the organs for transplant purposes they can use them for research.

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