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 How can you get super gule off skin?
i've tried nail polish remover..didn't ...

 Crutches please help easy 10 points!!?
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 Is it possible for tonsilitus to go away with out a docs treatment???
okay so I swear that I had tonsilitiis but like it was werid I only had like one sore on my tonsil and so I have been eating soup, gurgling with salt water, and taking medicines (over the counter) A...

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 Knee Problem?
Quick History all on same knee: 1990 Cartilage Repair 1996 ACL reconstruct w/ Patella Tendon 2000 Microfracture 2007 Microfracture 2007 ACL Revision Allograph. 10 weeks post Op and have trouble with ...

 What's the most you,ve hurt yourself by doing something stupid?
for example
when i was in my teens, a friend thought he was cool by jumping over a hedge onto the road.
he landed on top of a traveling car and ended up in hospital with
2 broken legs ...

 If you went to a new Doctor and he refused to treat you because you have HIV, what would you do?
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 What do i do about my nose?
last year i tried to cut the tip of my nose off which was really stupid and now its worse there a big scare on the tip and the tips sticking out and looks really stupid from the side i cant afford ...

 My middle finger got really swollen after 50 lbs of weights got dropped on it. is it broken?
i am experiencing no pain but the finger is super swollen and cant move ...

 As I was crossing the road this afternoon, I got hit by a car..?
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 If someone has a concussion should they go to sleep? asap?
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 What's the difference between a brat and an ankle biter?
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 Ear piercing emergency! urgent! infection?!?
okay im kind of panicked right now ok i had my ears pierced probably 5 months ago and i've been switching them up since about a month ago and just now, i took it out because it was hurting and ...

 If you clap with one hand, does it still make a noise?

 My knee came out of socket. I popped it back it, but today, it still hurts like the devil. any advice???

topez r
Would you die if your tounge was cut off?
my friend told me that you would die because its a main orgin in your bodyor something soo just checking if its true

No, your friend is wrong, you would not die, you wouldn't be able to talk, though.

You could possibly bleed to death if you did not get help.

Your tongue goes into your body a further than you can see. My guess would be that it's just the visible part being cut off.

And the answer is no.

T Leeves
you would need a feeding tube from that point on to survive

Purple L
i dnt think so!! no,,,i saw many movies with tongueless characters ,,u know those action movies :P

No, people live with tongue.

no but not gonna be able to speak.

I don't think you'll die when your tongue is cut off, but I'm not sure. I think there are people living that has their tongue cut off and they probably can't talk.

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