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 Hit elbow, now it is painfull and tingly?
My co-worker hit his elbow a few hours ago and now it is still tingly, and quite painful. what did he do, and how can he fix it?
Additional Details
sorry mom... you snooze you loose! lol ...

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please dont tell us that oh thats a ...

Would having nausea after a minor car accident be normal?
It's been 5 hours since the accident, i'm having nausea. is this normal?

could be a delayed shock response.
do something to relax yourself

Dr.Varun indiafivestar@yahoo.com
yes . It will go on its own or else get' Cocculus 30 'Single Dose A Homoeopathic Medicine

That depends, if you hit your head or trunk. It could be from anxiety. I would go to the hospital to be safe. You could have a concussion, and that is a symptom of one. DO NOT WAIT !!!
If it is, you can have major problems from it. Always have a Doctor look you over after any type of accident... Take care, and go to the Hospital, now....

you might have a concussion

ive had them in football wich is similar to a 10-20 mph crash...sometimes.

usually you will be nausious and you might have some throbbing around your temples and you will feel tired. You should go get checked out if it seems really bad.

Like one time i hit a teammate so hard he couldn't read or do homework for 3 days b/c some brain damage occured. plus really had concussions can make you black out especially while you're sleeping, which is bad b/c you might not ever wake up.

It could be from the stress of the accident or an injury. Don't know enough details to give you an accurate answer, but if you are injured and feeling nauseous I would probably call the hospital and talk to the triage nurse.

Accidents I have been in it is usually the next morning for me that I realize I am injured and the pain sets in. You go into shock and that is why you don't feel it right away.

Sorry to hear that you were in an accident. Hope all ends up well!!! Best of Luck to You!!! Take care of yourself.

Go to the hospital and get checked out. You may have something wrong internally.

yeah i think so when i got hit by a taxi when i was younger i couln't remember anything i was in hospital the nurses said that i was vomting so it lasted like 3 months for me used to get a headache then vomting

Did you lose consciousness? You may have a concussion. I urge you to go to the ER or a doctor and have them thoroughly examine you. They will need to take xrays to see if you are ok. I wish you all the best.

P.S. The day after my car accident, I had a lot of pain from whiplash and bruises. It was a good thing I went to the ER.

Yes, you may have a mild concussion. You should contact your doctor or the clinic you normally go to and talk to them about your nausea.

it could be did you bump ur head

Yes, I believe it is. Your body has suffered from shock. Your body has been pumping with adrenaline from the accident.

Try to calm yourself.....take a hot bath...drink some tea...

Hope you didn't get hurt....take care

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