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 How do you get water out of your ears that's been in there for over a day?
I went swimming yesterday and I got water into both of my ears. When I fell asleep and laid on my left side, it took like 4 hours for the water to come out of my left ear, but it hasn't come ...

 What is the awkwardest position you fell asleep and woke up in?
I want to know. What kind of stories we all have to tell?

I fell asleep standing up in the shower once, i think thats as interesting as it gets for me.
Additional Details

 Ice vs Heat for injury?
I have recently developed shin splits. I know ice is good right away, but what is the time limit to ice? I work out in the am and them go to work. Can I still ice when I get home at night or ...

 I had an accident in my car and got whiplash last monday.?
it seems to be getting worse. should i go back to the doctor to request physio or leave it a bit longer?...

 I need to break my bone and its not for a stupid reason?
hey well iam in basketball,danceing,badminton ,and curling and i hate all these sports not to mention they leave me tired with no sleep cause there all in season right now and my parents wont let me ...

 I just burned my knee with a straightening iron, what do i do?
it only touched my leg for 3 seconds or so, and i put ice on it right away. but theres a big red spot around where i burned it. is there anything else i can do to make the redness go down or heal it ...

 I punched a door and may have broke my hand.?
I punched a door with the outside of my right hand (pinky side) a few months ago and it bruised really badly and was really sore I soon noticed a bump/growth on the bone, but never went to get xrayed....

 Help!!! did my sister break her rist ?????????????????????
she was riding her bike and her bike fell down on her rist and now it hurts when she move it up.do you think she broke it??...

 How do bones heal?

 If u cut the wrist,making not a very deep cut,how much tym does da mark go?
if u cut the wrist wid a blade..... not very deep....in how much time will the mark go completely???does it become permenanty????how can u r emove it....or ligthen it????...

 Really sore?
ok i wake up at 5:30 every day to go to basketball practice! we run alot and i am really sore can someone tell me how to make the soreness go away or atleast help it??? PLEASE!!


 My Foot!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP!?
OK so i was walking my dog and she just started to take off and i fell on top of her and managed to do something to my bad foot, the one i bruised severley a few weeks ago. My parents are out at my ...

 How long does it take for a bruise to go away?

 Am I slowly killing myself?
im 20 y/o and smoke about 15 ciggarettes and share 5ish spliffs a aday, all i eat is instant noodles, asda ready meals, e.g maccaroni cheese or bread, i add salt to everything, even toast, in a meal ...

 OUCHIE !!! PLease help?
Last week i gave birth to a turd the size of a soda can and I tore.
I feel it rip back open every time I go to take a dump.
Im worried it wont heal and Im also worried about bacteria....

 Help my mom hurt herself?
my mom was on one of those inversion tables and she slid out of it, fell on her neck and upper part of her back, and compressed a disk in her back, what should she do?...

 Relieve aching muscles?
for PE, we ran and did A LOT of lunges. WITHOUT stretching afterward [and i was having the flu, so i was still weak] and now my thighs and butt ache SO BADLY! i cant even move without wincing.

 Medical question??
k i just got home from this beach and i was there with my friend and i cut my toe on this sharp *** rock and it blead a lot and so i put a band aid on it and washed it out and i just got home and ...

 Weight lifting for teens?
how old do you have to be to start lifting weights? i heard somewhere that if you lift weights and other things you could damage your body. im going to be 13 in january will i be old enough to lift ...

 What can be done to speed up the healing of a broken bone?
diet? ultrasonic machine? exercise?...

Will staring at the microwave really make me go blind?
You all know what your mom always told you

If you stare into the microwave, you'll go blind!

Truth, or just a mother's bull?

Fleur de Lis

It makes your eyes hurt alot don't know if you'll go blind but it hurts like all get out

mothers bull moms always say that i don't think that is true i totally agree if they were dangerous they so wouldn't be for sale

No if you be careful!

Just stare at the other end. A microwave is actually shortened radio signals that vibrate water molecules in the food. Unless they're sparking going on in the oven due to a electrical arcing, it shouldn't bother your vision at all. However I would not sit too close. Studies of electromagnetic activity are ongoing in terms of their health effects on human beings. Stay a safe distance away from the oven just like staying away from your television set a little bit.


There is a chance it may leak microwaves, so there could be some truth in it.

It doesnt make u blind. But i heard thats its not good to do it though, beacuse you can get cancer of something...

Mother's bull. It's also not true that you have to stand 10 meters away or you'll get fried by micro waves.

If they were that dangerous, they wouldn't be for sale.

only if the door is open and it's on.

Well for one...is it on or off? I would say either on or off it wouldnt make you go blind. It might make you jump when the timer goes off when your food or when it just done. But i dont think it will....

I don't know but don't EVER put tinfoil in the microwave or metallic painted cups. Sparks real purdy like a firework and then bursts into flame. Don't try that at home kiddies ;) .

Paul G
I heard in guys it could make the guy's balls dry up and turn to ash
and on women there breasts to drop off...

ok just kiding that is all non sence but it is safe to stare at a microwave but not if the door to the microwave does not fit right or the door id damaged and the unit still works if so please unplug it and throw away and replace it or repair it.

Staring at it will not make you go blind but standing too close to it all day long, day after day ay make you at a larer risk for other things. Anyway, why stare at anything while you wait? Go clean your room while you wait. At least you will be doing something useful. Stare away. If you dare.....

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