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 I cannot look at anyone in their eyes.... help?
i can't look at anyone in their eyes. i had surgery on my eye a couple of months ago, and it still hasnt healed, so it left me with this unsightly bruising under my eye. i look deformed....

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plz help it hurts so ...

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A student in our school has just had an operation to correct a defect in his lower leg and ankle (he has hemiplegia) and that part is currently wired and bolted into a frame that will be adjusted ...

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My Best friend's sister likes me but im not attracted what so ever..How can you tell her you dont like without pissing her off or my friend?...

 I think i've injured my back, should i go to the doctor???
My back has been hurting very bad lately. I can't lay straight on my back,it makes my legs go numb so i have to lay on my side,even when i sit they go numb. And when i bend over it catches and ...

 How long will my cat live now he's just skin and bones?
My cat is 17/18 years old. Its is skin and bones and weighs only a few pounds. He is healthy and happy, jumps up and makes happy (and unhappy) noises. His last blood test showed healthy results one ...

 I just got told i have a very large herniated disc which compresses the spinal cord, what would you do next?

 How do you know when a cut needs stiches?
I busted the skin above my eyebrow open and it is about a 1" cut along my forehead. How do I know if I should go to the doctor and get stiches?...

 Anti-inflammtories(motrin... aleve etc...?
Generally speaking, do these drugs actually help (heal) whatever problem you are experiencing or simply masking (the symptoms) it?...

 Can smoking cigarrettes hurt/slow the bodies ability to heal broken bones?

 Broken collar bone or just hurt? Soccer injury....?
I'm one of a few girls to play soccer on our team and I'm one of our team captains. I took a pretty hard hit the other day by one of the guys on the other team and landed directly on my ...

 I have a shard of glass in my foot that is deep enough so that I cant see it...what should i do?
Its grown a callus over it!! Help!
Additional Details
See the thing is that when I press it it does not hurt, it only hurts sometimes...so I feel somewhat sillyy because sometimes it ...

 Right, Iv'e had enough of your belly aching, What do you want to do?
I suppose that your going back to your mothers?...

 What should I do about my shoulder?
I have had problems with my shoulder for over a year. Sometimes the pain is so bad that I am sick. Although I have been diagnosed with ulcers because I was being sick with blood (had a gastroscopy ...

 What is the best medicine to take for strained or pulled lower back muscles?
Can you even get muscle relaxants over the counter. Its not serious enough pain to go to the doctor. What are good anti inflammatory medicines?...

 I received a broken ankle in a car accident on Aug. 11. I am wondering if i will be able to wear heels again?
I have been doing what I was told by my doctor to keep my weight off of it but I was in a splint for 8 weeks and I have been in cast for almost 2 weeks and now I am being told that I might have to ...

 A missing finger, or toe..?
which would you rather lose?...

 My ear is not working beacuse water went in it!!?
While i was taking bath!
Please help!I cannot afford a doctor, someone told me it will get well if you use basic ear drops??
Is it possible???
I feel some thing ringing indside the air(...

 Can breaking a bone cause arthritis?

 Is this normal when you get hit on finger.?
I was outside and when I was coming in, i accedently closed the backyard door on my finger hard.
it was painful. But the pain did not bother me.
the finger felt numb, and painful.
But ...

Sean M
Why does a paper cut sting really badly but other cuts don't?

Additional Details
Okay, if it does slice thru nerve endings then why do other cuts not do that? I mean i've had paper cuts then i've had normal cuts on they do not feel the same...

because paper comes from trees the miniscule seeds from the afore mentioned trees become inbeded in your skin an instentaneously start to grow given the perfect growth conditions within the body if not treated you will become half man half tree

it slices thru the nerve endings -the most sensitive areas.

Because the cut is so close to the nerve ending.

the sharper the cutting instrument the less the sting, paper is dull

Because of the added ingredient of extreme irritation.

Its because of the width of the sheet, is like cutting yourself with a extreemly honed razorblade.

blades of grass have the same effect
if they cut you it really stings bad and thumps
like its really badly bruised

Colin J
it's the added humiliation of being cut by a damn piece of paper, thats just pathetic. On the other hand getting cut by a sword while killing communist or fending off ninjas feels awesome (and communist-ninja-inflicted wounds feel like a swedish massage, it's amazing)

Aussie Nurse
these small cuts do not cut very deep but they cut into the dermis which contains a very large number of pain/pressure/touch receptors. touch is felt to different intensities from light touch all the way up to pain. a paper cut is concentrated in the dermis where all these receptors are. deeper cuts often sever these receptor fibres. paper cuts don't damage these nerves enough to destroy - just make them hurt like crazy- this is why grazes can hurt so much. the ratio of nerves to actual damage caused is quite high - its actually a measure of how deep the damage goes. (pain that is)

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